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Increasing Auto Internet Sales Through Simple Internet Strategies

Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by credit

It is necessary for car dealers now to learn various internet marketing strategies to gain more auto internet sales and keep up with the competition. It may seem overwhelming, especially for starters, but each step doesn’t have to be grand in order to reach the top. If you’re a starter, you can start with simple ways to be visible in the world wide web. Check out the following tips.

Simple SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving a website’s rank in the search engine results pages by driving traffic to it. Its goal can be achieved by employing various SEO techniques such as directory listing, keyword research, and forum marketing.

You can list your website in various web directories for free. Web directories compile different websites of various categories so one could conveniently find what he is looking for. Google Local Business Listing is a place where you can have your website listed. Meanwhile, keyword research is important for you to know what keywords should you use in your content. Your ranking could be higher if you use most searched keywords. You can also promote your website and drive traffic to it by participating in forums and directing the members to visit your website. However, you should first be familiar with the rules of every forum for you to successfully drive more traffic through it and establish the credibility of your brand.


Your website won’t drive traffic if visitors don’t get anything from it. If you want your website, and essentially your brand, to be more visible in the world wide web, provide information that are helpful to your prospects. Your inventory page or virtual showroom must have the price, photos, and specifications or features of each car model. Aside from that, make sure that you also have About Us, Contact Us, Home, and even specialized pages like Services, Promos, Top 100, and the like. Make sure that you also have calls to actions in your website which turn your visitors into leads and eventually into auto internet sales.

Social Media

The social media is a popular lead generation platform now for many industries as it proves to be effective. A large population of the earth are into social networking sites, which implies that many potential auto internet sales are online. Therefore, you should also be online to reach them and interact with them. You can start by creating an account in various social networking sites. Build a page for your dealership and post updates regularly. Keep in mind that social media marketing is not about selling but interacting with prospects. Although your efforts might not quickly translate into sales, it is important that they are sustained.

To Boost Your Internet Car Sales, Handle Your Leads Well

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by credit

Despite the power and effectiveness of the Internet in lead generation, finding and generating more leads are not enough for your dealership to experience a boost in your internet car sales. If you have been hiring the services of a lead provider like Approved Auto Leads, your increase in revenue will not necessarily follow even if your lead provider gives you quality leads. Therefore, handling your leads and converting them into sales are crucial to achieve an increase in your internet car sales. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the leads you have acquired to boost your sales.

Have an excellent lead management system. You can use customer relationship management or CRM software to more effectively interact with your prospects. Create a database also to monitor the behavior and statuses of your leads. Use auto responders so you can always send replies to your prospects’ queries. However, use auto responders only if you are not at your desk. Otherwise, make the replies yourself and make them personal. Moreover, do something great for your lead conversion process by being familiar with its components namely, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and lead distribution.

Keeping in touch with your leads is also a good way of keeping them interested in your dealership and eventually turning them into sales. There are several leads who would not decide right away and these are the ones that you need to follow up. The most cost-efficient way to do it is sending them emails. You can also keep the participation and interaction going in your social media pages by regularly updating the content. Make some calls as well but know when is the right timing to do so and how frequent you should make sales calls to a lead. You can also still employ direct mail campaigns even if your leads were generated through the Internet. In these efforts, always make it your goal to meet up with them or have them come over at your dealership. Keep on doing these things, and even if you receive several turn downs, don’t give up until they convert into sales.

Lastly, double up your marketing efforts, not just to generate more leads, but to more effectively turn these leads into internet car sales. Maximize your email campaign by creating and promoting special offers and irresistible deals. Update your blogs, social media pages, and website regularly and make sure that you always have fresh and quality content. You can also launch a sales event where you could acquire more leads and make your prospects to finally make a purchase from your dealership. Lead providers can also greatly help in hyping up your marketing or lead generation efforts to generate better quality leads.

Creating Auto Internet Sales Through Online Advertising

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers have been used to the traditional lead generation methods that people have known for several years. Studies show that car shoppers have been turning to online resources when they are planning to buy a car. However, many car dealers are still not aware of this shift in consumer behavior, lagging behind others who have already turned online. They still spend so much on newspaper, radio, and TV ads, which belong to traditional advertising methods, not being aware that these do not influence car shoppers that much in their car purchase anymore.

This explains why car dealers today have to maximize the Internet in advertising their dealerships and creating more auto internet sales. In addition, online advertising has developed to be a trend in automotive dealership marketing. Customers are online as well as competitors. Moreover, internet marketing strategies are more cost-effective than traditional strategies which are way more expensive. Through the Internet, it is also convenient for leads to browse options, compare car models, send their queries in, and negotiate with a dealer. It is also easier to target prospects and convert them into leads and then into sales through the help of lead generation companies, like Approved Auto Leads, which work online .

Many car dealers have been reaping good ROI from their internet marketing efforts. Some techniques that have been effective in bringing them more auto internet sales are PPC or pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and online classifieds posting. As its name suggests, PPC advertising requires car dealers to shell out some cash in order to drive more traffic to their website and promote their products and services from there. Car dealers using PPC pay publishers or website owners for the clicks that their ads get.

Meanwhile, social media marketing is an easy, free, and aggressive way to promote a dealership online. Even if a car dealer doesn’t have his own website, he can start establishing the online presence of his dealership by creating accounts or pages in various social networking sites. Car dealers would need to regularly post updates about the latest car models available in their car lot, special offers and promos, and their sales events. They should make it interactive by encouraging participation from users and getting back at their queries.

Lastly, getting listed in online classifieds is another simple online advertising method which could bring car dealers more leads and auto internet sales. While they may sometimes have to pay to be able to post their ads online, there are several classifieds websites where they could post for free.

The Internet has already been proven as an effective medium for dealership marketing and lead generation. As technology gets more and more advanced, it is also possible that traditional advertising will soon totally fade into background. Meanwhile, internet marketing continues to develop.

Internet leads How Dealerships Make Auto Internet Sales

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by credit

Anyone can attest the influence the internet has on society.  No other modern invention has dramatically modified the lifestyle and behavior of individuals the way the World Wide Web did.  It certainly has changed the way people do things.  One of the activities that the internet certainly affected is shopping.  More and more consumers are doing their shopping online for goods such as clothing, shoes, gifts and food, just to name a few.  Surprisingly, the internet has also become the tool of choice for shoppers about to make a major purchase, such as prospective car buyers.  This is why dealerships now also make auto internet sales.

Dealerships—even those offline—are able to make auto internet sales through auto leads.  The leads, which are generated online, are those which bring profit to the dealerships.  Leads are actually potential customers.  These customers are not just window shoppers interested in looking at the newest car models available in the market; rather, the leads are serious shoppers.  They are determined to buy a vehicle, and they have spent a considerable time online educating themselves about the vehicle options available to them.  Each lead contains specific details about the potential customer, including personal information and vehicle preferences.

Finding potential customers on the internet is easy because many buyers are online.  There are studies which show that individuals who are seriously planning to buy a vehicle go online first instead of visiting a dealership.  Because many potential buyers educate themselves about cars on the internet, it is not surprising if many of them make the actual purchase in the same place.

Dealerships usually find their potential customers online with the help of auto lead generating companies.  These companies locate the interested car buyers online and obtain their information using a number of marketing techniques and tools.  Afterward, they screen the applications and verify the information before passing the leads to a particular auto dealership.  The online company makes sure that each lead meets the dealership’s requirements before it is sent to the dealer.  The screening and verification process is necessary to guarantee that the leads to be delivered are high quality.  High quality leads are those which have the best chances of converting into auto internet sales.

Naturally, a dealership that wants to make sales on the internet should find a suitable online partner—a lead generating company that would be able to deliver the high quality leads it needs to generate more revenue.  Offline auto dealerships in particular should choose a reputable and trustworthy internet-based company that would help them expand their sales territory.  An ideal online lead generating partner for dealerships is one such as Approved Auto Leads.

Approved Auto Leads is a company that prides itself in delivering high quality and 100% exclusive leads.  The firm does not merely sell leads—it sells leads that have a greater probability of resulting in sales.  Indeed, any auto dealership looking to earn more money online would benefit by partnering with an internet-based company such as Approved Auto Leads.

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