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Get Real Leads by Showing Real People

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by credit

With today’s trend in marketing dealerships, generating sales leads, and even closing sales, the internet has been playing a vital role. Aside from being rapid in sharing information, the internet also features anonymity, the state of being unknown. Dealers can always hide their real names behind an alias and some of them event tell their salespeople to do the same. They communicate with an automotive sales lead without a real name and a real face. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Keeping it this way may work fine in some dealerships. However, there are already many cases where showing online car shoppers the real people behind a dealership attracts more prospects and closes more sales. If you want to rev up your automotive sales lead acquisition and conversion, start showing your prospects real faces.

Engage in conversations. This is a basic in social media marketing. Social media is all about interaction and conversations. Check your social media channels regularly and post videos, photos, and any relevant and interesting content. Answer your followers’ or fans’ questions, reply to comments, or join in discussions. Stay active in your social media channels and keep them lively. Make sure that they are always interactive.

Post real photos. Your prospects would trust your dealership more if they see that there are real things happening in your dealership. Post photos of your events, staffs, and even of yourself. You can also share photos of happy car buyers or winners of your promos. Moreover, you and your sales people should also show your real faces on your social media channels by making your own photos your profile pictures. This way, your followers would know that they are interacting with real people.

Focus on building reputation and relationship than attracting more leads and making more sales. As has been pointed out earlier, keep in mind that social media is primarily for interaction. Therefore, concentrate on establishing your dealership’s brand as credible and reputable. Work also on building rapport with your prospects and existing customers. If you focus too much on sales, you would either lose more leads or fail in your automotive sales lead generation efforts through your social media channels.

Showing your audience online that your dealership is indeed made up of real people impacts how they look at your dealership. Believe it or not, it does so much for your reputation, gaining more trust from potential car buyers. It also helps foster customer loyalty by keeping your customers updated with the affairs in your dealership and developing a stronger relationship with them. Making your social media presence automated may indeed save you a lot of time and energy. However, ponder on the cons of this decision and weigh them against the benefits of going manual and real.

Why Thou Art Not Blessed With Internet Auto Leads From Social Media

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by credit

Social media is one of the most powerful lead generation platforms today. With this fact, you may be expecting that it has to give you, then, more internet auto leads. But you are not getting enough and you might be wondering what’s wrong. Perhaps, you are doing social media marketing the wrong way. Here is a list of social media mistakes and see if you can relate with any of them.

Selling Than Interacting

In case you haven’t realized it yet, social media is for interaction—whether in the hands of a dealer or a typical teenager. Social media is not primarily designed to be a marketplace. Therefore, use it according to its first purpose that is, to interact with people online. Many businesses fail in their social media marketing efforts because they’ve got the wrong focus: selling. In fact, some people get turned off when they realize that a business entity in a social networking site is just trying to acquire as much customers as it can. Internet auto leads would not come flowing in to your dealership with this approach. Make interaction the priority and engage with prospects and customers online.

Getting Too Much Attention

Do not be so vain wanting to get many hits, likes, followers, and comments. Many businesses pour out much of their marketing efforts and tricks just to get noticed online. This is not why you have chosen to be social. Focus on your target market and nurture relationships with potential customers and foster loyalty among your existing customers. You don’t need much marketing gimmicks to do this, as much as you don’t need too get all the attention in the social media sphere.

Little Content

This is an obvious mistake. Do not be misled that social media does not need content. It does. The best way to build relationships online is to be a helping hand to the car buying public. Give them helpful resources and information that might answer their needs. Post quick tips, news, or links to your blogs. Make sure that the topics you write about are always relevant to your prospects’ interests and needs.

Being a Copycat

Perhaps, this is something that you need to wake up from. Don’t just copy what you notice is working well in your competitor’s social media campaign. The truth is, what works best for them may not work the same with you. Find out, with your own experiments, what works best for you. Just copying from someone else’s strategy would not be a great effort that could result in great results.

Increasing Your Internet Car Sales Through a Stronger Dealership Website

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by credit

You dealership website is the online counterpart of your on-site dealership. This means that you must give as much importance to it as you give to the on-site dealership. Moreover, your dealership website can also operate the same as your on-site dealership. You can actually turn it as your sales machine to increase your internet car sales. Making it stronger is just the key.


There must be a blog incorporated in your dealership website to give your visitors some useful materials to read when they drop by. The content must be relevant, timely, fresh, genuine, and helpful. Find out what interests your prospects and the things they most likely want to learn about. Content like news, car reviews, and tips capture the interest of your prospects. Publish content that are compelling and engaging and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread all written content before publishing them.

Keywords play an important role on written content. Research the most searched keywords relevant to car buying, car financing, and the like and use these keywords in your articles. This way, you will drive more traffic to your site, making it more visible in the world wide web, and eventually increase your internet car sales.

Interesting and relevant photos and videos also make your website more appealing.

Digital Showroom

You cannot just tell people to go to your site for the sake of driving traffic to it. Make sure that when they get there, they will see and get something important from it. Your inventory page serves as your virtual car lot. It must showcase all the car models available in your on-site dealership. Understand that the way you present your inventory can greatly impact your prospects’ buying decision.

What then should your potential customers see in your digital showroom? Show various angles of each car model. Provide accurate description and complete specs. Indicate the car prices as well. Some car shoppers get suspicious about a dealership when the prices are hidden. Enumerate also other products and services that you offer.

Calls to Action

Although you should not overdo calls to action, make sure that they are everywhere where they should be. Calls to action such as “Get free quote now!”, “Compare prices”, “Find your next car”, and “Live Chat” are some of the must-haves calls to action. Calls to action are necessary as they compel your potential customers to take action on what they just have seen in your website. Do not also forget to display your social media buttons wherever appropriate.

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Auto Dealership Marketing

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by credit

Social media is now esteemed as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the Internet. Dealerships love it for its rapidness in sharing information and the interconnectedness of numerous networks. Social media has also proven its capability to boost dealership sales. Marketing auto dealerships through social media is indeed a trend in the industry that’s keeping the environment highly competitive, provided that it is done rightly. Look at the following dos and don’ts of marketing auto dealerships through social media.

Do provide relevant and engaging content.

Social media marketing is still, in a way, all about content—articles, photos, videos, and graphics. Content has to be relevant to the needs and interests of your prospects and customers. Things like car reviews, dealership promos, inventory updates, event announcements, news, photos of happy customers at the dealership, and high-quality video testimonials are excellent content. Content must also be engaging. Be creative and persuasive with whatever you post on your pages.

Do respond to your followers/fans.

Whether you like it or not, people online react to your posts. Generally speaking, people either like or hate what they see. Whatever the reaction is, your voice needs to be heard. Reply to comments, likes, tweets, etc. If you encounter a very unhappy customer or prospect, don’t deal with him angrily. You can opt not to react or if you have already responded to him, call off the conversation. In addition, make your responses personal and quick. It is obvious that late responses are less appreciated.

Don’t use social media for sales and sales alone.

It’s true that social media can boost your sales; however, it is rather the effect than the result of your social media marketing efforts. Believe it or not, online car shoppers know if they are just being sold to or genuinely helped. Of course, they appreciate the latter than the former. If you are using social media as sales generator, then you are doing it all wrong. Social media, from its name “social”, is basically used in businesses to build relationships rather than sell. Focus on sales and watch your prospects shy away from your dealership, or worse, from the brand that you carry.

Don’t ditch social media.

It was pointed out earlier that marketing auto dealerships through social media is a trend in the industry. It is therefore a big mistake to lag behind and not keep pace with your competitors. If you have not yet included social media in your dealership marketing strategies, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities for growth. Social media does not only help you reach out to prospects and customers but also make your dealership more visible and popular to your target market.

Auto Internet Marketing 101: Building Your Dealership Website

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by credit

A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates showed that 77% of new car buyers use the Internet to shop for cars. This example tells you that although there are still car shoppers visiting dealerships, a massive number have already been shopping online. Moreover, your competitors are also online. These are the reasons why you should establish your online presence by building your dealership website—the first step in pulling off effective auto internet marketing.


Your dealership website should adhere to the general standards of building a good website that attracts prospects. You can hire a good web designer to build an attractive yet simple website for you. Moreover, the navigation should also be simple and easy to use. Don’t give visitors too much links before they get to the page they want to see. Make it simple. Make sure also that the navigation or menu appears on every page.


The content of your website is integral in making your website profitable. Car shoppers don’t just go to dealership websites to see cars. They are looking for something and your website should have what they need. Provide helpful information like tips, resources, car reviews, and news that will meet your prospects’ needs. In this way, you would build an image of credibility and trust for your dealership.

Aside from substantial information, you should also have your digital showroom or inventory page. Your digital showroom must be comprehensive and interactive. Make sure that you include the pricing, specifications, and features of all car models available in your lot. Multiple photos of each car model also play an important role in turning your visitors into leads.


The basic dealership website pages are the Index or Home page, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, FAQs, Services, and a page of your staff’s profiles. Do not forget to always have calls to action, which lead visitors to sign your form or send a query, in each page. Also, it is a good idea to have your special offers and promos flashed on your home page. Utilize all kinds of content such as photos, videos, and graphics whenever appropriate.


When all is set for your dealership website, it’s time now to tell online car shoppers that your dealership exists in the world wide web. Use auto internet marketing strategies to do that. A popular and effective strategy used in almost all industries is search engine optimization or SEO. This is used to make your website appear as one of the top results in search engines so it will drive more traffic. Some techniques used are link building, web directory listing, and blogging with keyword-rich articles.

Remember that your dealership website is no less important than your on-site dealership. Take auto internet marketing seriously and it will generate more leads, and eventually, more sales for you.

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