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Sales Challenges with Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit


Closing deals and boosting the sales seem to be the most challenging aspects of a car dealership business now.  The task of finding leads can be left with lead companies like Approved Auto Leads.  Turning leads into sales include convincing them to take the offer, promoting, responding to queries, and the like.  These are the tasks that car dealers have to learn to do skillfully to win the sales challenges of closing auto internet leads.

Communication skills are important in turning auto internet leads into sales.  Car dealers should be able to have the right choices of words both in oral and written communication.  Being skillful in this aspect will prevent misinterpretation and confusion between car dealers and their leads.  Car dealers should also understand leads to be able to communicate with them well.  Most auto leads would not want  to hear or read an all promotion sales talk from a car dealer.  There is one recommended attitude that car dealers should put on when communicating with the leads.  Instead of having a pure sales approach, they could show themselves to be someone who is willing to help interested car buyers find a solution to their needs, problems or concerns.

Responding to the leads’ queries is also a challenging task.  Car dealers should understand that auto internet leads are all expectant of a response from any car dealerships they have applied to.  Moreover, potential car buyers did not only submitted their information to one car dealership.  They often diversify their options applying in other sources.  Thus,  it is important for car dealers to respond to the queries as fast as they can.  This is what makes it challenging.  Before any dealerships ring the lead’s phone, a car dealer should have already done it first.  There are several ways by how car dealers can respond to them quickly.  In emails, they can use auto-responders which automatically sends a message to the sender of a query.  They can also rev up their sales team in answering calls fast.  Furthermore, it is also ideal that car dealers use the same medium  with which the lead contacted them to respond to their query.  This is the surest way of getting to them.  Moreover, car dealers should keep in mind that they do not have to try to sell immediately at their first contact with the prospects.  Instead, they should make it a goal to get their preferences first and know what kind of car buyers they are.  This helps them prepare for the negotiation and keeping them by not turning them off with an upfront sales approach.

Another challenge is doing follow up effectively.  Car dealers would not lose prospective customers  if they know how to do follow up effectively.  They can follow up auto internet leads by giving them a phone call or by sending them email messages.  Car dealers can make a phone call if the lead has not been responding to their emails anymore.  A phone call is for them to know the lead’s concerns and not to urge them to take their offer.  The purpose should be to find out what bothers them and give alternatives or solutions.  Meanwhile, car dealers can do follow up via email by sending the prospects informative and promotional newsletters, announcements on special offers, new car models, discounts or events, and the like.  In this way, car dealers are able to keep the lead interested by reminding them of their dealership’s offers and deals.

It is also a challenge for car dealers to have the lead come over at their office.  Most of the time, leads would not agree because if inconvenience and unavailability.  However, it is better that car dealers communicate with the prospects personally.  This also benefits car buyers if they meet with the dealer personally.  This ensures security and authenticity of the identities of two parties.

Closing Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: December 31st, 2011 by credit



The Internet has been a helpful tool in automotive marketing.  Today, car dealers and lenders do not have to spend millions in advertising like before.  Utilizing Internet marketing strategies allows them to save a lot of money as well as effectively advertise and attract people to their products and services.  Moreover, lead generation companies have emerged, also employing Internet marketing strategies.  Car dealers and lenders do not have to work so hard anymore just to go after auto leads.  They can easily  buy automotive leads from lead generation companies which are largely based online.

Auto internet leads can be found anywhere online.  However, not all auto lead providers give excellent service.  It is wise for car dealers and lenders if they would research on the prospective companies first and check if they are really genuine and legitimate.  They should also know how to determine whether the leads that a company provides are in good quality or not.  Briefly, quality leads are those that are fresh and has a high possibility of turning into sales.  On the other hand, bad leads are those that are already outdated.

How would car dealers and lenders successfully turn auto internet leads into sales?  There are many ways to achieve this.  However, one of the most important aspects of the car dealer’s or lender’s responsibility is managing the leads.  They should have a system of responding to all the leads delivered to them.  It is important to be able to come up with an efficient system because the leads provided by lead companies are powerful.  Car dealers and lenders should keep in mind that these leads are curious about auto loans and that is why they filled out the application form and now, they are waiting for a response.

They should respond to the prospective customers quickly by making their sales representatives move with the system.  The sales representatives of the car dealer or lender can respond by simply sending the leads a text message acknowledging the receipt of the application.  They could also make a phone call to directly verify the information given and briefly discuss the offer.  They can also manually send an email response.

Car dealers and lenders can also utilize a customer relationship management or CRM software to efficiently implement a quick Internet response.  A CRM software can really come in handy.  It can give updates on new leads in real time.  It can also remind sales managers if there are any unanswered queries.

Successfully closing auto internet leads depends largely on the car dealers’ and lenders’ parts.  A lead generation company can always promise to provide their customers with quality leads that will surely turn into sales.  This is also the kind of service that Approved Auto Leads provide their partners.  However, success would not be complete without the huge role of dealers and lenders being properly carried out.

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