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Ever Wondered Why You Don’t Make Much Sales Out of Your Auto Finance Leads?

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by credit

There are many reasons why you are not making much sales out of your auto finance leads. However, just enumerating them would not help you get better in converting your leads into sales. You need to discover at which part you are slacking off and do something about it. To help you start with, here are some common mistakes in handling auto finance leads which you might also see yourself doing.

First is choosing quantity over quality. Wherever marketing strategy these two apply, it is a mistake to focus too much on producing more without checking the quality of what is produced. For example, whether you are buying leads from a lead generation company or generating them on your own, you, just like many car dealers, have the tendency to concentrate more on generating more leads than checking if they are of good quality. Keep in mind that no matter how many leads you have, you will not get the expected result of more auto finance leads converting into sales if you have been generating bad leads.

Secondly, you are not making that much sales because you might be pulling off marketing strategies that offer your prospects no value. Whether you realize it or not, it is more effective to give out promotional newsletters, for example, to your prospects if they contain information that could be helpful to their needs. Your dealership website could be lacking content as well. An effective content that could drive traffic to your site is reviews of various car models.

Thirdly, you might be practicing poor marketing strategies. For example, your landing page could be dull that it has no power to even keep your prospects interested until they heed your call to action. You might also be using SEO techniques abusively. Keep in mind that the way you carry out any marketing technique influences the quality of the auto finance leads you will be generating. If you want quality leads that convert into sales, use marketing strategies wisely and appropriately.

Lastly, another possible reason why your leads are not turning into sales is the lack of follow-up. It is not just enough to generate quality leads and contact them the first time. You need to work on them constantly until they make a decision. According to a survey, leads convert after 90 days. This means that car dealers like you should really spend time and effort following up your leads until they finally close.

As a final note, investing in dealership marketing also means investing your time and effort to make every strategy successful in bringing you more sales. It does not happen overnight; you have to work your way up.

Taking Calls from Auto Finance Leads

Posted on: March 9th, 2012 by credit



Sometimes, car dealers would not receive any more responses from auto finance leads after they have replied to their queries.  This leaves them clueless as to what has happened to the auto leads—their potential sales.  When a response takes too long, car dealers should consider calling up the lead.  However, there are proper ways in communicating with the lead via telephone.

Auto finance leads would get turned off if the first call that they will be receiving from the car dealer is sales talk.  This is not at all a step closer to turn the lead into a sale.  On the first phone call, car dealers can start by verifying the lead’s information.  It is important that they do not promote their offer yet or sell right away.  The goal of the call should be to know what hinders the lead from making a decision and offering some help.  Car dealers should give a friendly and sincere impression by politely asking about the lead’s concerns.  This would make the lead feel more comfortable to open up.  Car dealers can also appear as an expert by offering alternatives or suggesting solutions to address the lead’s concerns.  Car dealers should not also forget to always invite the lead to come over the dealership’s office and check out their lot for available car models and other offers.  They could also set up an appointment to effectively and clearly negotiate.


If a car dealer gets a phone call from a lead without him or her contacting the lead first, it is important that they ask for the complete contact information of the caller before letting him or her go.  This is to ensure the authenticity of the caller.  Car dealers should also be careful not to discuss too much details about their offers over the phone as they can never be sure if the caller is a real lead or merely someone spying on the dealership.

Approved Auto Leads provide their clients with complete contact information of auto finance leads which are verified for authenticity before being delivered to car dealers.  This allows car dealers to contact real leads.

Doing a follow up this way does not guarantee that when done successfully, the leads will turn into a sale.  It could still take several calls before they can finally decide whether to take the offer or not.  Car dealers should never give up on following up their leads unless the lead has already bought a car or just declined the offer.  Sometimes, it really takes a long time before a lead can finally decide.  Car dealers should just be patient and diligent in pursuing auto finance leads.

Auto Finance Lead Generation Quality vs. Quantity

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by credit

Thanks to the Internet, it is now rather easy for auto dealers to generate leads.  Since most consumers can already be found online, car businesses need not look far to locate their potential customers.  All car dealers have to do is use their websites and apply certain marketing strategies to attract the people who can bring them profit.

However, as easy as auto finance lead generation is, there are two factors that often make the process more complicated.  These factors are quality and quantity.  Both are important, but often one is sacrificed in favor of the other.  An auto dealer should aim to get both quality and quantity when generating or buying leads, and this can be made possible by utilizing more than one lead generation strategy.

Quality is relevant in an auto finance lead because this is what determines if a lead will convert into a sale or not.  Quality leads are basically those which a sales associate has the best chances of closing a deal with, and they can be purchased from reputable lead generators such as Approved Auto Leads.  Quality leads are real and qualified—this means that the customers are really seriously shopping for a vehicle and that they are found eligible for auto financing.  If the customers are serious shoppers and are qualified for a loan, they can surely increase the sales of the auto dealer.  On the contrary, junk leads are those which cannot be converted into sales.  The customers are either not qualified to buy a vehicle and receive financing, or they really are not potential customers.  These leads include those that claim that they have never submitted their application.

Quantity is also significant in lead generation.  Of course, the more leads there are, the more chances of selling there is.  If an auto dealer has 400 leads and all but 40% percent are junk leads, then at least it still has 160 quality leads to pursue.  If the dealer generated 1000 leads and only 20% are quality leads, there are still 200 leads that can be converted into sales.

Some lead generation techniques are able to get quality leads in small numbers, while others deliver leads in bulk though the quality is rather questionable.  There is no specific lead generation technique that can guarantee both quality and quantity to an auto dealer.  What should dealers do to make both factors count and increase sales in the process? The trick is to use several lead generation strategies—those that bring in the numbers and those that make each lead count.

To get more quality leads, a car dealer can use its own website to attract potential customers.  The addition of an online application form in the website would surely bring positive results in terms of generating leads.  To double or triple the quantity of leads, auto dealer can take advantage of subscription lists or directories to reach more consumers.  One technique should be complemented with the other to optimize the process of lead generation and make it most profitable.

Boosting Up Your Sales with Quality Auto Finance Leads

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit

Target Quality Customers with Auto Leads



Buying auto finance leads have made the lives of car dealers and lenders in finding prospective customers easier.  It saves car dealers and lenders time in approving a lead’s application.  Lead generation companies have their own screening process where all applications are evaluated and placed according to whose client’s criteria they have met.  Another advantage of buying car leads is the car dealer and lender have more information about the prospective customer.  With more information, they can already devise an offer that suits the lead’s needs and financial situation before they even meet with the prospective customer.  This can only be possible if the leads come from a reliable lead generation company.

To ensure that car dealers and lenders purchase quality auto finance leads from good lead generation companies, they take some things into consideration.  One thing that they should enquire about is the company’s verification system.  All information of the applicants must be verified, especially the contact details like home address, telephone number, email address, and the like. Approved Auto Leads has its own approval system under which all applications must go.  This is to ensure that the leads are authentic.  Car dealers and lenders should also make sure that these companies get their leads from reliable sources and real interested car buyers.

Quality auto finance leads should also be recent.  Thus, it is important for lead generation companies to send their clients fresh leads quickly.  With a faster delivery, the car dealer or lender can save a lot of time and can even make more sales.

Good leads are also those that do not have duplicates.  Duplicates are possible because an interested car buyer usually sends his or her application to several loan sources.  If the car dealer or lender also buys from different sources, he or she can get duplicate leads.  Nevertheless, lead generation companies should make sure that they only provide new and exclusive leads to their clients.  Approved Auto Leads always recommends exclusive leads to its customers as it also guarantees exclusive territories.  Exclusive leads may be more expensive but it is worth the price because of the exclusivity that car dealers and lenders can enjoy.

Car dealers and lenders can also ensure the quality of auto finance leads by considering the proximity of the leads they will be purchasing.  It is recommended that they only buy leads which came from places near their shop.  Approved Auto Leads give their clients freedom to choose the radius and mileage of their leads.  This is for the convenience and cost-efficiency of the prospective customer, the car dealers and the lenders.  Leads that are far from the car dealer’s or lender’s shop would has usually a lower conversion rate.

How to Buy Auto Finance Leads From a Lead Generation Company

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit

Lead generation companies have become popular as an effective means of marketing in the automotive industry.  These companies specialize in auto finance lead generation, and car dealers and lenders can easily buy the leads from them.  They also utilize Internet marketing strategies to promote their clients’ products and services and to generate leads.  However, not all lead generation companies provide its clients with good leads.  Car dealers and lenders who will be buying leads for the first time do not have to be disappointed when they stumble upon these lead companies.

Before car dealers and lenders purchase auto leads from lead companies, they should first do research on the history of their prospective companies.  Auto finance lead generation companies can be easily found online.A company which has been in the industry long enough to prove an excellent track record can be considered reliable.  Car dealers and lenders can also read reviews, testimonials and forum discussions about these companies. 

Car dealers and lenders should also compare the prices of their options.  A price is good when the auto finance leads provided have a high conversion rate.  This is a good option.  On the contrary, it is not a good decision to go for cheap leads which have low conversion rate.  To ensure the quality of the leads that a company are selling, car dealers and lenders can ask for free leads to try out the quality and efficiency of their leads.  Car dealers and lenders should also avoid lead companies asking for upfront payments.  These may turn out as scams.

Car dealers and lenders should also make sure that there is a return policy secured.  This is important so that they can complain to the lead provider about bad leads.  Bad leads are those which are already outdated and thus cannot be used anymore.  A good auto finance lead is fresh and is most likely to turn into a sale.  A good lead company provides such leads.

Approved Auto Leads have a proven track record of clients satisfied with how its services have significantly helped them increase their revenues.  This is because Approved Auto Leads do not give their clients bad leads even if they do not meet the client’s quantity of order.  They only make the client pay for those leads which convert into sales.  This is perhaps one of the many reasons why Approved Auto Leads has been in the industry for over ten years now.

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