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The Smart Choice: Investing in an Auto Finance Lead

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by credit

In today’s hard financial times, it is getting harder and harder to sell expensive things such as cars. After all, people will not part with a huge amount of money just on a whim. Nevertheless, car dealers need to make an income and they have quotas to fill so they should not rely only on customers that actually visit the dealership. This is where the auto finance lead enters the picture.

Investing in Auto Finance Leads

An auto finance lead is a collection of information about people who have shown interest in buying cars recently and in the past. Because of the crisis that gripped the automotive industry back in 2008 which was followed by a worldwide recession, auto dealerships suffered a dramatic decline in sales. However, things are looking up because they are now investing in auto finance leads.

These are very useful because the leads often translate into a sale. The leads are real people who truly want to purchase a car. Using sales leads is seen as a good investment because car dealers are able to attract customers right away. They can do away with expensive advertisements in newspapers and billboards that do not produce a good return of investment. Furthermore, they do not have to come up with fresh ideas for their marketing efforts just to be able to attract customers. Planning and implementing different marketing strategies are often time consuming and the results are not always guaranteed.

Niche Marketing: Special Auto Finance Leads

Car dealers should not disregard people with bad credit or no credit. They can generate a lot of business if they invest in special auto finance leads. This type of auto finance lead, also known as subprime auto sales lead, is a collection of information of people with bad or no credit. The credit ratings of these people are low due to not paying bills on time, having credit card debt or they have yet to establish their credit history. Nevertheless, just because they have bad or no credit does not mean they are unable to finance a car. Most of these people work hard to improve their credit rating so car dealers should tap into this particular market segment.

Car dealers should exploit all the possible options if they want to reach their sales quotas. Investing in an auto finance lead is a good business strategy because they are able to contact potential customers in different key demographic areas. Today, selling cars is not about making offers only to the people who visit the dealership. It is about investing in different types of auto finance leads and taking advantage of the tools that can help them in their business.

Working with a Good Auto Finance Lead Provider

Posted on: April 11th, 2012 by credit

Auto finance lead providers can be great partners of car dealers in boosting their sales. However, none of them, even the most reputable ones, can promise 100% or perfect conversion on all the leads they deliver. Achieving an increase in sales in dealerships is a two-part process that requires work both from the lead provider and the car dealer. Lead providers are responsible for generating quality leads while it is the responsibility of car dealers to turn these leads into sales. The lead provider’s efficiency surely has an impact on the success of this process. Thus, it is important that car dealers choose their lead generation partner wisely.

The lead generation techniques that a lead provider uses is an important factor in evaluating an auto finance lead provider. There are two common ways by which they generate leads. One is by using various marketing strategies and the other is getting leads from a third-party. A lead provider should be able to use marketing strategies well and expertly in order to produce quality leads. If they abuse these techniques, especially Internet marketing strategies, they would only end up generating leads who are not really interested in buying a car or taking a loan. Meanwhile, other lead providers get leads from a third party source. You should ask your prospective lead provider about how they verify the leads they receive to ensure that they are of good quality.

Good auto finance lead providers also guarantee money back for bad leads. This is called the return policy. This serves as your protection whenever you receive leads that have incomplete or bogus contact information. Such leads are useless because you are unable to contact them. It is your right to have your money back for bad leads.

Quick delivery of leads also defines a good lead provider. It is important that leads are delivered as soon as possible to maintain the freshness and the interest of these potential customers. Otherwise, your competitors would get them first or the leads would pay attention to other offers instead.

For the most part, a good way to find good auto finance lead providers is research. Read reviews and forum discussions about your prospective companies and know how they perform based on the opinions and experiences of their previous and current customers. It is better to work with companies who have been in the business for quite some time already. Approved Auto Leads have been around for almost ten years already and it still confidently guarantees car dealers that they can do something to boost their revenues. You can also ask around for recommendations. If you have a friend or a relative who have previously worked with a lead generation company, you can ask him or her for some tips and advice in finding the right one.

Auto Finance Lead Generation Quality vs. Quantity

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by credit

Thanks to the Internet, it is now rather easy for auto dealers to generate leads.  Since most consumers can already be found online, car businesses need not look far to locate their potential customers.  All car dealers have to do is use their websites and apply certain marketing strategies to attract the people who can bring them profit.

However, as easy as auto finance lead generation is, there are two factors that often make the process more complicated.  These factors are quality and quantity.  Both are important, but often one is sacrificed in favor of the other.  An auto dealer should aim to get both quality and quantity when generating or buying leads, and this can be made possible by utilizing more than one lead generation strategy.

Quality is relevant in an auto finance lead because this is what determines if a lead will convert into a sale or not.  Quality leads are basically those which a sales associate has the best chances of closing a deal with, and they can be purchased from reputable lead generators such as Approved Auto Leads.  Quality leads are real and qualified—this means that the customers are really seriously shopping for a vehicle and that they are found eligible for auto financing.  If the customers are serious shoppers and are qualified for a loan, they can surely increase the sales of the auto dealer.  On the contrary, junk leads are those which cannot be converted into sales.  The customers are either not qualified to buy a vehicle and receive financing, or they really are not potential customers.  These leads include those that claim that they have never submitted their application.

Quantity is also significant in lead generation.  Of course, the more leads there are, the more chances of selling there is.  If an auto dealer has 400 leads and all but 40% percent are junk leads, then at least it still has 160 quality leads to pursue.  If the dealer generated 1000 leads and only 20% are quality leads, there are still 200 leads that can be converted into sales.

Some lead generation techniques are able to get quality leads in small numbers, while others deliver leads in bulk though the quality is rather questionable.  There is no specific lead generation technique that can guarantee both quality and quantity to an auto dealer.  What should dealers do to make both factors count and increase sales in the process? The trick is to use several lead generation strategies—those that bring in the numbers and those that make each lead count.

To get more quality leads, a car dealer can use its own website to attract potential customers.  The addition of an online application form in the website would surely bring positive results in terms of generating leads.  To double or triple the quantity of leads, auto dealer can take advantage of subscription lists or directories to reach more consumers.  One technique should be complemented with the other to optimize the process of lead generation and make it most profitable.

How to Buy Auto Finance Leads From a Lead Generation Company

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit

Lead generation companies have become popular as an effective means of marketing in the automotive industry.  These companies specialize in auto finance lead generation, and car dealers and lenders can easily buy the leads from them.  They also utilize Internet marketing strategies to promote their clients’ products and services and to generate leads.  However, not all lead generation companies provide its clients with good leads.  Car dealers and lenders who will be buying leads for the first time do not have to be disappointed when they stumble upon these lead companies.

Before car dealers and lenders purchase auto leads from lead companies, they should first do research on the history of their prospective companies.  Auto finance lead generation companies can be easily found online.A company which has been in the industry long enough to prove an excellent track record can be considered reliable.  Car dealers and lenders can also read reviews, testimonials and forum discussions about these companies. 

Car dealers and lenders should also compare the prices of their options.  A price is good when the auto finance leads provided have a high conversion rate.  This is a good option.  On the contrary, it is not a good decision to go for cheap leads which have low conversion rate.  To ensure the quality of the leads that a company are selling, car dealers and lenders can ask for free leads to try out the quality and efficiency of their leads.  Car dealers and lenders should also avoid lead companies asking for upfront payments.  These may turn out as scams.

Car dealers and lenders should also make sure that there is a return policy secured.  This is important so that they can complain to the lead provider about bad leads.  Bad leads are those which are already outdated and thus cannot be used anymore.  A good auto finance lead is fresh and is most likely to turn into a sale.  A good lead company provides such leads.

Approved Auto Leads have a proven track record of clients satisfied with how its services have significantly helped them increase their revenues.  This is because Approved Auto Leads do not give their clients bad leads even if they do not meet the client’s quantity of order.  They only make the client pay for those leads which convert into sales.  This is perhaps one of the many reasons why Approved Auto Leads has been in the industry for over ten years now.

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