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Basic Things About Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by credit


Car buyers would often need a car loan to make a car purchase.  Upon loan application, they would first be asked to fill the application form in with necessary personal information.  The information they have provided are then included in the lender’s or car dealer’s database for record.  These are called auto dealer leads.  Therefore, auto dealer leads are information provided by car loan applicants, or to put it simpler, they are information from prospect car buyers.

There are different types of auto leads.  Special finance leads are information about borrowers who have subprime credit scores and would only qualify for bad credit auto loans.  Used car leads are those who are taking a car loan for their used car purchase.  New car leads are those people seeking a new car loan.  There are also two types of leads depending on how they are sold.  Exclusive leads are sold to one client only.  This allows a car dealer monopolize on the deal and there is a higher chance for him or her to close the deal.  The other type is the non exclusive leads.  The leads here are sold to other dealerships thus, creating a more competitive environment for car dealers.

Car dealers can get auto dealer leads through a lot of ways.  Telemarketing is one of the most effective traditional lead generation technique that turns in real sales.  Another effective technique is through referral programs.  Car dealers here give their existing customers an incentive if they are able to bring in a potential car buyer to the car dealership who eventually became a sale.  Car dealers can also get leads from the Internet through the use of the different Internet marketing strategies.  Internet lead generation is the newest technique in generating leads.  Aside from that, another new way to generate auto leads is availing the services of lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads.  They not only do the marketing aspect for the car dealership but they also collect the leads generated by their marketing efforts and sell these to their car dealer clients.

Buying auto dealer leads can do so much for car dealers.  Approved Auto Leads, a lead generation company established for ten years now, has helped its clients increase their sales.  They make the work of car dealers easier by taking  lead generation tasks off their shoulders.  They can do it properly and professionally.  Car dealers now can concentrate their time and effort in turning leads into sales.  Unlike before, they do not have to consume most of their time in finding and chasing after leads.

Automotive Lead Providers – Benefits of Obtaining Quality Leads

Posted on: December 17th, 2011 by credit

Lead generation companies are automotive lead providers that have been thriving as one of the newest and most effective methods by which car dealers generate and find leads.  These companies operate online thus having a wide range of network and influence making their business more effective.  While others still want to stick with the traditional advertising techniques, making use of automotive leads from such contemporary source is now more efficient and more convenient.

Car dealers save up on a lot if they work hand in hand with lead generation companies.  These companies do preliminary screening of applications filtering those that are qualified from those which are not.  When car dealers order leads, lead companies would send them a comprehensive list of all the approved applicants that made it to the criteria of the car dealers.

Lead generation companies are also the best avenue through which the offers and products of car dealers gain exposure to a wide range of audience in their target market.  It also reduces their expenses in marketing and advertising since automotive lead providers do those for them as well.

Lead companies can also provide quality leads which most, if not all, turn into sales increasing the car dealer’s profit.  However, not all lead companies provide quality leads.  Some of them stuff the order with outdated leads which cannot be used anymore.  Another thing is when a lead company does not correctly execute and abuse the different internet marketing strategies to drive more traffic.  This could result in visitors submitting an application just because they were deceived by the promotions.  These are therefore not quality leads.

Car dealers then have to watch out for an incompetent company which would not at all help their business grow but pull them down instead.  As automotive lead providers screen applicants, car dealers should also screen lead companies and evaluate their credibility.  One thing to gauge it is by knowing how long have the company been operational.  Although it does not always follow that older companies are more reliable, the implication that such companies may be credible enough to stay that long remains.

Another thing to investigate on is the marketing strategies they use in attracting leads.  Just like what was mentioned earlier, the methods they use, and not just their screening system, affect the quality of the leads.  Car dealers should do quite a deal of research before picking the best lead company.

Among automotive lead providers, Approved Auto Leads has a systematic way of assessing and approving applications.  It is more concerned about providing quality leads than meeting the quantity of the order.  Approved Auto Leads has proven that they indeed help their partners thrive in their businesses.

Converting an Automotive Lead Into a Sale

Posted on: December 16th, 2011 by credit

It is not easy to close deals with an automotive lead.  Car dealers are always faced with the uncertainty of every prospective client whether they will take the offer or not.  They have to be really skillful in convincing and urging the lead to take the offer.  Car dealers then have to learn some simple ways by which they can successfully turn automotive leads into sales.

Some car dealers obtain auto leads through their own efforts while others purchase a comprehensive list of applicants from lead generation companies.  When car dealers receive the list already, it is important that they contact the prospective customers immediately before other dealers get to them.  This is where building a good impression is most important.  A good impression will make the lead want to listen to and be encouraged to negotiate with the car dealer.

It is also better that they befriend the lead.  Relationship and trust are essential in making a deal work.  That is why it is important that dealers meet with the automotive lead personally and not just settle things over the phone or through emails.

Car dealers should also be reminded that the competition is tight and a single automotive lead may have several options already.  Car dealers then should follow-up the lead quickly before other dealers get in the way.  This could be done by keeping contact with the client and regularly sending them newsletters and the like.  This should not be overdone, though.  Otherwise, the lead would be disenchanted with the offer and the company.

This may not be necessary for all occasions but it is perhaps better if car dealers try to understand the situation of the lead.  This is most applicable if the lead is on the verge of giving up on the negotiation and wanting to walk away already.  The car dealer should not be emotional and just let the lead go.  He or she should know the reasons and concerns of the lead.  It is precious opportunity wasted if a lead would just be allowed to walk away.  Adjustments can still be made in the agreements.

Lastly, car dealers should never think of giving up.  It really takes time and patience sometimes to be able to come up with a fine closed deal.  However, if the automotive lead came from a lead generation company and they do provide quality leads, the car dealer has somehow a guarantee that the lead will make a purchase sooner or later.

Approved Auto Leads make sure that they only provide quality leads to spare their clients of such situation.  The leads they provide are guaranteed approved and are those who are seriously wanting to purchase a car.

How Lead Companies Help Dealers Increase Their Profit

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by credit

 Auto dealer leads companies make use of one of newest marketing strategies in the automotive industry which greatly increases a dealer’s profits.  These companies have a seemingly simple task of collecting leads, or prospective customers of an auto loan, and then selling them to their clients who are mostly car dealers.  However, only the best lead companies can help car dealers increase their profit margin.


The question is, how would car dealers know which lead companies are the best?  A good auto lead company only provides its customers with quality leads.  Quality here means leads that are most likely to purchase a car and not just a stuffer.  Car dealers would not surely want to waste time calling up each applicant on the list only to find out that only less than half of them are determined to purchase a car.  Thus, car dealers should evaluate a lead company before working with them.  Here are some of the characteristics they should be looking for in an auto lead company.


Generally, auto lead companies which have been existing in the industry for quite some time already are considered reliable and credible.  However, this may not always be the case.  Car dealers should still do more research about the company and the people running it.  They can also ask around for recommendations or read forums online.


As mentioned earlier, a good auto lead company provides only quality auto dealer leads .  Quality leads are fresh and pre-approved.  By being fresh means that the applications were just recently filed and calling them up for a car purchase is still viable.  On the contrary, leads that are outdated are already useless.  Therefore, there is no point for auto lead companies to include them in their client’s order.  Anyway, quality leads are already pre-approved.  This means that they have undergone a pre-approval system where all the information provided are assessed.  The company then would match the qualifications with the criteria of their clients.


Good auto lead companies also make sure that the auto dealer leads they sell to a client is strictly exclusive to that particular client.  They should not sell it to that client’s competitors as well.  Otherwise, it would be hard for car dealers to win the lead because their competitors also have the same leads as they have.


Approved Auto Loans has all three qualities which the company takes pride in.  Approved Auto Loans has been around for ten years already and they still showcase exceptional credibility and provide quality leads.

Sources of Quality Automotive Leads

Posted on: December 3rd, 2011 by credit

One of the challenges that car dealers face is finding the source of an automotive lead.  It becomes more challenging when other competitive dealers exert too much effort for seemingly scarce customers.  In fact, there are many sources of automotive leads.  Car dealers can find leads on their own or let others do it for them.  How?  The lead generation techniques discussed below will answer that question.

These are techniques which are most likely to produce quality leads.  One technique is through telemarketing or cold calling.  It is simply done by calling all prospect customers to offer the deal and although there are many chances where calls are turned down, leads can still entertain the call especially if they are already interested in purchasing a car.  Most likely, this technique produces quality leads because the dealer gets to talk to the automotive lead over the phone and can even close the deal right there and then.

Another source of leads is through referrals.  This is also traditional, just like cold calling.  In referrals, an existing customer enters a program of the dealership where he or she can earn a commission if he or she is able to refer the company to his or her friends, family, relatives and to others.  This produces quality auto leads since the referrals are also personal.

Car dealers can also find their leads through email marketing.  Unlike other Internet marketing strategies where there is a wide range of target leads, it contacts leads directly through their personal email addresses.  Although this is newer than the others, it has also been proven to turn in positive results.  What makes this a good technique?  Promotional newsletters and other materials sent to leads invite the recipients to take action.   This means that the recipient are called to do something after reading the content.  The recipient can register or sign-up, make an inquiry, submit a form and others after understanding the message.

Lastly, another new source of leads are lead generation companies which are revolutionary in automotive marketing.  The job of these companies is to collect the application forms of those who are seeking car purchase and loan approval.  They will then sell these applications presented in a list to car dealerships.  However, not all lead generation companies produce quality leads.  Some do not perform as well as others.  Car dealers would still have to look for a trusted and reliable lead company to ensure quality leads.  One sign that a lead company is good is when it only provides the most recent applications.  Car dealers also have to make sure that the lead company does not sell or offer to others the same leads sold to them.  The service cannot be considered efficient if they can not promise exclusivity of an automotive lead.

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