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Dealership Reviews Can Gain You More Sales

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by credit

Dealership reviews are basically your customers’ opinion about your dealership’s performance. Lately, they seem to play an important role in generating auto sales leads and making more sales for dealerships.

According to Digital Air Strike in their first study on Automotive Dealership Social Media and Online Reputation, nearly 70% of the 275 car buyers they surveyed, who purchased a car in the last 6 months, said that dealership reviews influenced their decision on which dealership to visit. 50% of the car shoppers said that the reviews affirmed their decision to visit a dealership and 18% either changed their initial choice of dealership because of reviews or the reviews were the only reason for visiting a dealership. The top review sites according to the study are Edmunds, Cars.com, Yelp, and Google Reviews in their respective order.

Moreover, 68% said that dealership reviews helped them in their vehicle purchase decision with nearly 30% who said they purchased from the dealership because of the positive reviews they had read about it.

Since car shoppers give importance to dealership reviews when they shop for cars, dealership reviews then can be considered as an important factor in a dealership’s sales generation strategies. If this is the only time you realize this or if you want to improve your campaign for dealership reviews, here are some pieces of advice.

1.) When you have a customer who just bought a car from your dealership or availed of your services for the first time, ask them for feedback. Have them sign a comments/suggestions form or complete a short survey or an evaluation sheet. Make sure to get feedback from your customers so you would also know which aspects of your dealership are performing well or needs improvement.

2.) Solicit reviews. Ask your existing customers to write a review for you by writing about their experience in your dealership or the car model they have purchased from you. If there are customers who are not satisfied with your products or services, address the problem immediately before you let them go and work to improve on that.

3.) Publish the reviews. You can ask your customers to drop their reviews in to popular review sites by providing them the links. Make sure that your dealership website also has a page dedicated for reviews. You can actually show some snippets of each review on the home page. Print them also on your brochures telling your auto sales leads why they should buy from you. You can also include some reviews on your advertising materials.

4.) Publish only genuine opinions. Never fake reviews just for the sake of attracting car shoppers. Keep in mind that being online is about building reputation. You can do that by simply not faking opinions about your dealership.

Automotive Mobile Marketing: Where to Start?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by credit

You don’t need statistics to know that mobile phones have become necessities for most people now. People bring their mobile phones with them anywhere they go. Some can even access the internet through their smartphones. So, why not reach out to potential car buyers through their mobile phones? If you are planning to start your automotive mobile marketing campaign to acquire more automotive dealer leads, here’s a quick overview.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS, or what we refer to as text messaging, is deemed as the easiest way to communicate with prospects. It is also more cost-effective than direct mail marketing. You can also send a message to potential customers worldwide. Through text messages, you can promote your dealership, announce your upcoming sales events and webinars, communicate more calls to action, and inform potential customers about promos and special offers in a quick and brief manner.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

As the name suggests, MMS does not only include text but also music or sounds, videos, and photos. Dealership messages sent as MMS encourage participation, interaction, and engagement with prospects more. MMS has become more popular since mobile phones with color screens were released in the market. Today, with the popularity of smartphone use, MMS is more possible.

Mobile Websites

As mentioned earlier, many mobile subscribers access the internet through their smartphones. This is a great opportunity for dealers to bring their dealership websites to more potential customers by making them available on mobile phones. However, mobile phones have limitations; like your dealership website might not be compatible for viewing in mobile phones. Therefore, you need to create a mobile version of your website to make it accessible to mobile users. In creating a mobile version, use smaller pages, simpler web page designs, and provide information briefly.

QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are 2D bar codes that when scanned by a camera of a smartphone, the user will be taken to a landing page. This is an easy way for dealers to communicate to potential customers and acquire more automotive dealer leads as QR codes can reach both offline and online prospects. QR codes can be attached to business cards, direct mails, posters, web pages, coupons, and the like.

Mobile marketing can be used both for sales and service purposes. Dealers can sell their car models and services through promotions and special offers communicated through one of the mobile marketing forms mentioned above. In the same way, they can also cater to their existing customers by responding to their requests for service and setting appointments through text messaging.

Effective SEO Techniques You May Not Have Yet Tried

Posted on: July 17th, 2012 by credit

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages so it will drive more traffic. SEO is not an easy task for dealerships and for other businesses as well. It requires constant work and monitoring. If you are already satisfied with the results your SEO techniques are currently yielding for your dealership, you might still want to raise the bar and try other techniques to generate and close more dealer leads.


Testimonials are statements from your previous and existing customers affirming your dealership’s products, sales staffs, or services. A good thing about having testimonials in your dealership website is they add credibility to both the website, which makes search engines notice it more, and to your dealership. They encourage your prospects to check your dealership out or even buy from you, somehow working as calls to action. Publish real testimonials in your dealership website. Genuine testimonials will work best.


One of the main purposes of your dealership website is to provide information. Aside from providing tips and news, another way to provide information is making a frequently asked questions or FAQs page in your dealership website. This should include questions that a car shopper would most likely ask a dealer. Provide short, helpful, and honest answers to these questions. Having FAQs page will drive more traffic to your site. It will cause your website to appear more in search engine results pages as car shoppers key in those questions in search engines.


Wikipedia defines infographics as visual representations of information, data, or knowledge which help communicate concepts by using symbols to process information. Infographics are attractive, easy to understand, presents immediate information, and are more pleasant to read. Having them in your articles or blog posts helps your website to drive more traffic. Psychologically speaking, some people are not very fond of reading texts but you can catch their attention through visuals.

Guest Blogging

There are two ways of guest blogging: One is having experts write for your website and the other is writing for others. You can gain more traffic in either way. In having people outside your company write for you, you can get content without exhausting your resources and you don’t also have to hire more employees for the work. On the other hand, writing or providing content for others gets you more exposure and more diverse audience and allows you to make those content link back to your dealership website thus, driving more traffic.

SEO is a basic and effective internet marketing strategy in generating dealer leads. Don’t be complacent with what you know about it now. Explore new ideas and opportunities to make your dealership more profitable.

Does Facebook Marketing Really Boost a Dealership’s Sales?

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by credit

Volkswagen’s Little Darth Vader and Ford’s Ryan Seacrest are automotive advertisement icons which made the two car makers’ promotion viral in and through the social media. These show that car makers and dealerships have been using social media to promote their brand and are expecting a rise in their sales through it.

It does not need statistics to tell that Facebook has been a popular marketing tool in the automotive industry. Obviously, more and more dealers realize its potential and efficiency in helping their business grow. However, social media experts and Facebook itself have a different view about the social networking site as a marketing tool.

In a report, the manager of Facebook’s global marketing solutions, Doug Simpson, said that Facebook should only be used as a branding tool rather than for retailing. Facebook is an effective tool for engaging customers which would result in word of mouth and recommendations which other forms of advertising cannot achieve, according to Simpson.

Moreover, he also said that Facebook is a useful source of data for dealers because through it, they would know about consumers’ behavior in the said social networking site. This will allow them to produce more relevant and effective content in their pages. However, Facebook isn’t also sure if using the social networking site for dealership marketing and sales efforts will indeed bring more sales to dealerships.

Meanwhile, the report also includes a Ford dealer’s opinion about Facebook as a marketing tool. For him, it is simply a place where “vehicle owners and friends can be heard.” Car dealers may be indeed successful in attracting prospects but turning them into auto dealer leads and then into sales, eventually, appears to be the greater challenge.

However, a recent report from Ad Age showed that a large number of car makers in 2011 have turned to newer forms of advertising, including social media. It shows that car dealers haven’t pulled out their sales tactics in social networking sites such as Facebook, despite others’ opinions on how it should be used in marketing, as they continue to see its sales potential.

Dealers use features of Facebook such as fan pages, ads, and wall posts to promote their brand, products, and services. Social networking sites are effective in establishing connections and building relationships with auto dealer leads. These are also places where dealers can build an image of trust and credibility for themselves.

In the final analysis, there exist two obvious facts: (1) Not all users who would like a dealership Facebook page will purchase from it and, (2) there are quite a good number of dealership stories where a social media campaign triggered an influx of sales. Facebook has indeed been a popular and effective marketing tool across industries. However, its role in increasing a dealership’s sales perhaps still needs to be looked at.

How to Effectively Use Live Chat to Win More Automotive Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by credit

Dealerships online have thought of a way to communicate with their prospects more easily, which also makes their dealership website more profitable. Employing an online program such as live chat has become popular among dealership websites today. It allows visitors to communicate with the dealership immediately if they have queries. In the same way, dealers can also turn them into sales right there and then. To maximize the advantages of live chat, keep the following tips.

Be available.

Make sure that there is always a sales rep on duty to respond quickly to visitors. The concept of live chat promotes immediacy and convenience. Thus, make sure that your use of live chat is serving that purpose well. Don’t keep your prospects waiting. If the sales rep is away from his desk, there has to be a responder that would inform the prospect that the representative is away and will be back shortly.

Be proactive.

Don’t forget to get the information of prospects who are contacting you. Do this early in your response. Get their full name, employer name, address, contact numbers, and other important information that you will be needing to keep in touch with them. It is also important to know their preferences on cars and understand what they need.

Be honest.

Never lie about your dealership just to win automotive dealership leads. Rather, answer all their questions honestly. Never ignore questions. If you are not sure how to answer one, just tell them that you’ll get back to it next time. Give them useful information instead of selling them cars and other products right away. However, you can still boast about your dealership’s strengths and track record.

Be persistent.

Although dealership live chat is conducive for you to instantly turn automotive dealership leads into sales on the spot, you cannot expect that it will always happen. Always be prepared then to persistently do follow-ups. After your first contact with a lead through your live chat program, follow through with other offers and promotional materials by sending them emails, direct mails, or by calling them sparingly. Remember also that you have to convince them to come over to your on-site dealership.

Be friendly.

Live chat can be likened as the modern telemarketing. However, you use written communication in live chat and not oral. Nevertheless, you still have to be friendly and watch the tone of your responses. Train your sales reps to communicate well with prospects. In addition, live chat is a very effective tool to establish rapport with your prospects. Make the conversation interactive and fun, but productive.

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