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Why You Should Buy Approved Auto Leads

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by credit

Unlike before when only few techniques were available to generate leads, it is easier for car dealers today to acquire auto leads. The Internet, as well as the rise of lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads, was proven to be a very effective tool for lead generation.

Because of this development, car dealers would not have to sweat their brows anymore in having to find and close leads and meet their sales quota with the little time that they have. With lead generation companies, they can entrust to a third party the task of finding and generating leads. However, despite the obvious benefits that lead generation companies bring car dealerships, some car dealers do not still buy the idea. These dealers ask the question: “Why should we buy auto leads?”

There are several points to answer that question. One is auto leads generated by lead providers undergo a screening process. This process involves information verification and pre-qualification. In Approved Auto Leads, an approved auto lead is automatically screened through a proprietary system which approves or denies it. A good lead provider must have this kind of system in ensuring that they only provide quality leads to their clients.

Another point is buying leads will save dealers a lot of time, effort, and money on having to qualify leads one by one. With a lead provider’s screening process, car dealers can expect that the leads they will be receiving are of good quality. Moreover, they can more effectively allocate their time to important tasks. For example, they can focus more on converting auto leads into sales rather than on spending too much time on finding them.

An approved auto lead is also more likely to be converted into a sale. In other words, leads generated through lead providers could have higher conversion rate. This is because as leads went through the screening process, lead providers also checked if they meet the requirements of their client. That is also why dealers would not have to qualify them one by one.

To take advantage of these benefits, car dealers should make sure that they choose the best lead generation company. Their choice is crucial in boosting their sales. In choosing the right company, dealers should check the track record of their prospective provider. They can check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) online database for a list of registered and accredited lead providers in the country. They should also ask the lead provider about how they carry out lead generation techniques as their methods affect the quality of the leads they generate.

Partnering with the Right Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by credit


Auto lead providers, sometimes called as lead generation companies, are helpful partners of car dealers which make their job easy and can greatly help them in increasing their sales.  Lead providers can basically generate leads for car dealers by utilizing various lead generation techniques.  With their help, car dealers do not have to consume almost all their time in finding leads and neglecting the task of closing deals.

However, an auto lead provider would not be helpful at all if they do not possess the qualities of a good lead provider.  Car dealers, then, should make sure that they only get good lead providers as their partners.  Otherwise, they would just be wasting money instead of making more sales with them.  Here is how to distinguish the good ones.

Most, if not all, good auto lead providers have been in the industry for some years already.  This may be a superficial criteria for evaluating a lead provider but it also implies that a lead company has enough experience in doing the job.  This means that car dealers can at least trust that truth that they already know what they are doing.  It is also best for car dealers to check out the most reputable auto leads providers first before considering small companies.

Good lead providers must also be certainly legitimate.  Car dealers can assess this by doing a research on the company’s history, profile, staffs, and track record.  They can also read reviews and forum discussions about their prospect lead providers.  They can actually somehow distinguish an illegitimate lead company.  A lead generation company’s website without the company’s contact information or location is a skeptical one.  There is no way for car dealers to verify its existence.  It is also better for car dealers to disregard lead companies which are located out of state.  The lead company, although online-based, should still be accessible for car dealers.

Lead providers should also have a pre-screening process for all the leads that they have collected  The information they have acquired should undergo verification to test the authenticity.  The screening process itself is to assess the applicant’s qualification.  These processes ensure quality leads delivery to car dealers.  This also keeps car dealers from receiving bad leads which are not useful for increasing sales.  If a lead generation company gets leads from a third party, it should also have a similar process for screening the leads to ensure that they are still quality.

Good auto lead providers do not also ask for any upfront fees.  These fees may be expensive and may  have nothing to do with the services and products that a car dealer is availing from the lead provider.  Moreover, they should also check if the lead company has a return policy for bad leads.  A good auto lead provider would be willing to refund whatever the bad leads are worth.

Approved Auto Leads is a lead provider that has been helping car dealers boost their sales for ten years now.  It can assure the sale quality leads that undergo a screening process before its clients get the order.  Approved Auto Leads only sell leads that convert into sales.

How will I Know if I’m Buying Quality Car Sale Leads?

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by credit

In order to get enough car sales leads and meet the daily quota of sales, car dealers have to work their best–from finding leads to pursuing them–and wipe their brows without meeting their sales quota.  However, car dealers, especially their sales representatives, often spend most of their time in finding leads than in closing them. In this way, the revenue growths of car dealerships are slow.

Thanks to lead generation companies, like Approved Auto Leads, which do almost half of the car dealerships’ job.  These companies take care of finding leads for the car dealers.  This also includes marketing strategies and promoting the business website, along with their products and services.  Car dealerships would just have to purchase the leads generated for them.  However, if a lead company is not generating quality leads or leads that would sell, it would not help the car dealer at all.  To ensure that a lead company sells quality leads, the following are the points by which car dealers make their evaluation.

Not all lead generation companies screen the leads they collect.  Car dealers should go for the ones who do screening.  If a lead company has a pre-screening process, the car dealer may somehow be assured that the leads it would sell are good quality.  Car dealers can call up their prospective lead company and ask about their verification and screening processes.  If a lead is pre-screened or pre-approved, this means that it is recent, contains authentic information, and most likely to close.

Car dealers should know if the lead company purchases car sales leads from a third party or a lead generation company also.  Although this is legitimate, car dealers should still enquire about the lead company’s criteria and system in choosing the leads they would purchase.  It is more likely that the quality of the leads provided to car dealers are lessened if the lead company purchases from a third party rather than generating their own.

One thing that also affects the quality of leads sold by lead generation companies is the conversion rate.  If car dealers want to purchase quality car sales leads, they should buy those with high conversion rates.  However, these often come at a more expensive price.  Regardless, these leads would increase the car dealers sale.  This is better than buying several cheap leads with a low conversion rate.  It would turn out that there are more leads who would turn down the offer.

Car dealers should also consider how fast the delivery time is.  The sooner the leads will be delivered, the better.  This is because there will be more time for car dealers or car sales representatives to entertain the queries and close more leads.  The lead generation company should have quick delivery system so as not to spoil the interest of the leads in buying a car.  Car sales leads cannot afford to be delayed.  It lessens the quality of the leads.

Lastly, a lead generation company would be able to generate quality leads if they are experts in lead generation techniques–traditional and non traditional.  These are the very techniques that the company use to advertise the car dealer’s business.  By effectively and correctly performing these techniques, a lead generation company can guarantee their customers that they only provide quality leads.  This is also what Approved Auto Leads takes pride on.  Car dealers can ask the company about the lead generation techniques they employ.

Indeed, lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have helped car dealerships in meeting their sale quotas without juggling closing deals and finding leads with the limited time they have.

Turning Car Buyer’s Potential Into A Sale with the Aid of A Lead

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


When an individual intends to buy a car for first time, the first thing he or she does is to go to a car dealer to talk about options. While the car dealer’s salesperson will be more than willing to entertain the individual’s questions, he or she is not sure whether the person will indeed purchase a car after all the questions have been answered. The curious individual might end up just seeking answers and decide to postpone his or her intention of buying a car. In this scenario, while the dealer was able to help a curious mind find some answers, he or she does not have a sale at the end of the day.

To save time and effort, dealers can seek the help of lead generation companies in this specific task. Lead generation companies provide leads to businesses like car dealerships. Leads may be described as consumers who are intending to buy a product or avail of a service. They may have looked into different companies to see what best fits them. In order to narrow these pool of potential buyers, lead generation companies screen their information and see which ones are qualified and endorse them to corporate vendors such as car dealers. They endorse only leads with matching criteria. Simply put, lead generation companies help corporate vendors increase their sales by providing prospective qualified buyers through approved auto leads.

How does a curious mind actually become an approved auto lead? When an individual is set on buying a car but does not have time to go on the market looking into different dealers, he or she can visit websites or read on advertisements of lead generation companies. The interested person looks into information about car financing, rates,  terms and conditions along with the price. When they find something that suits them, they give the lead generation company their information. The personal information received is then screened. If a potential car buyer is deemed qualified, he or she becomes an approved auto lead and is then referred to the matching dealer. The information of the lead is sent to the dealer’s virtual system and it is now up to the car dealer to turn the lead into a sale.  The car dealer salesperson can call the lead at once. Expert lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads provide many an approved auto lead that are sure to sell a car.

 When a car dealer decides to buy leads, it gives an edge over other dealers that only make use of traditional advertising. While traditional advertising can interest a person to look into cars, an approved auto lead provides car dealers with a qualified person who is ready to buy a car. Moreover, lead generation company advertisements are integrated to people’s way of life. Compared to traditional television, radio and print advertisements, their ads are integrated in websites and search engines. Billions of people who browse the Internet, like those who download music, will inevitably see their ads. Furthermore, only interested individuals who are ready to buy will check their ads and give personal information.

Indeed, an approved auto lead presents a ‘win-win’ situation for both the car buyer and the car  dealer. On one hand, car buyers are only endorsed to dealers who fit their criteria when it comes to the car they want to purchase. On the other hand, dealers only get leads who are going to buy a car.

Newly Acquired Finance Auto Leads – What’s Next?

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers can obtain finance auto leads through many ways.  They can generate leads on their own through, telemarketing, email marketing, SEO techniques, and many other ways.  They can also purchase leads from lead generation companies.  However car dealers get leads, they should realize that having leads on hand is  blessing.  This means that they should never be wasted.  Even if lead generation companies provide quality leads to car dealers, turning them into sales can never be certain unless car dealers do their part well–and that comes after obtaining the leads..

The next thing that car dealers should do after obtaining finance auto leads is successfully turning them into sales.  How?  First, car dealers should know how to respond well to the queries.  Car dealers can employ an auto-responder so that the leads get a reply immediately even if the car dealer is not available.  Otherwise, the car dealer should give the leads a call to respond to them.  The first call to the leads may be crucial because car dealers should be able to put up a good impression.  The car dealer can do this by considering his or her greeting, tone of voice, and agenda.  During the call, car dealers should be able to find out the preferences of the lead when it comes to car models and loan offers.  It is easier to negotiate and finalize the deal personally if the car dealer has already made this call prior to that.

Afterwards, if the lead can not give a decision at the moment, the car dealer should hold on to the lead by having constant communication with him or her. However, the car dealer can still entertain the other queries from finance auto leads. It is not wise to hold on to just one because the car dealer can never be sure if that lead will take the offer or not. 

Lastly, car dealers should never give up in pursuing their potential car buyers.  They should not let other dealers steal them away from their reach.  If a car lead is having a hard time making a final decision, car dealers can ask about the lead’s concerns.  They can even make adjustments according to the needs of the prospective car buyer.

Approved Auto Leads guarantees that it only provides quality leads to its customers.  However, it is also important for car dealers to realize that their part is crucial in making those leads successful sales. When Approved Auto Leads give them quality, they are giving out information about people who are really serious about making a car purchase.

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