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How to Generate More Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit


Car dealers now are becoming more and more competitive as they discover new ways of reaching out to prospective car buyers.  However, they cannot try all lead generation techniques just to find out which technique generates more leads.  Here are some effective lead generation techniques that car dealers can employ to effectively generate auto leads.

There may be car dealers who still employ telemarketing–a conventional and proven effective marketing strategy–in generating auto dealer leads.  Telemarketing, also called cold calling, is simply done by calling up each prospective buyer in a list to promote the product or service.  The advantage of this technique is the salesperson is able to easily and clearly explain the product or service.  Unfortunately, prospective car buyers would often ignore such calls and would refuse to interact with the salesperson.  This is because the calls are unsolicited and not all contacts are interested in buying a car.

Another effective lead generation technique is making referrals.  Car dealers that use this technique create a referral program where their customers can get a certain percentage from the car dealer’s sales, which is also called a commission, if the sale came from an auto dealer lead that they referred to the car dealer.  This is effective and also advantageous for car dealers as they would not have to exert too much effort in generating auto dealer leads.

However, the automotive industry has deemed these conventional lead generation techniques as obsolete and ineffective.  There are new ways now to generate more leads which have become popular among car dealers and lenders.

One of the new lead generation techniques that is popular among car dealers is search engine optimization or SEO.  This enhances the exposure and ranking of the car dealer’s website in the Internet.  This can be done by utilizing different Internet marketing strategies like blog marketing, social media marketing and the like.  The Internet is indeed an effective tool to widely spread any information.  This is why lead generation techniques with the use of the Internet is effective and has become popular.

Another contemporary lead generation technique which requires less effort from the car dealers is the use of the services of a lead generation company.  These companies find leads for their clients and they also take care of promoting their client’s services and products on the Internet.  Car dealers would just have to buy auto dealer leads from these lead generation companies.

Approved Auto Leads has been a credible lead generation company for over ten years already.  Ever since it was established, it has already dedicated itself to help its partners increase their revenues.  In fact, there have been a lot of satisfied customers for the past ten years.  Approved Auto Leads promises to provide their clients with quality auto dealer leads–those that would surely turn into sales.

Where Car Dealers Can Find Bad Credit Auto Leads

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 by credit

Right now, there are many Americans who are credit-challenged.  A significant percentage of the population has bad—if not terrible—credit.  The economic recession plays a huge part in the credit problems of Americans, though bad spending habits are also a crucial factor.  Regardless of the reason, it is certain that the unfavorable credit standing hurts the individual, specifically because it limits the access to financial assistance.  Thankfully, there are those who are willing to be of help despite low or poor credit scores, and these include car dealers.

Since the recession, the automotive industry has suffered considerable losses and car dealerships have also experienced a drop in car sales.  Compared to the past years, car sellers are finding it quite hard at present to find consumers.  The dealers are aware that despite the financially difficult times, there are still those who are in need of cars.  They also know that those who require a means of transportation may have bad credit, and cannot take out a loan from traditional lenders.  Car dealers welcome bad credit consumers because they are still potential customers, and once they are provided the funding, these customers can help them take cars off their lot.  This is why many car dealers are now looking for bad credit auto leads.

Those in the car sales industry know how crucial auto leads are for business.  Any car dealer in possession of quality car leads can definitely enjoy an increase in revenue.  Right now, because there are many prospective car buyers who have low credit scores, car dealers can benefit from having bad credit auto leads.  These individuals may be a high credit risk, but they are determined to buy an automobile and make a sale for the dealer.  Car dealers which are willing to sell cars to individuals who had financial problems in the past must then find an auto lead generation firm that can provide these leads.

There are many lead generation firms online that can be of help to the car dealers, but not all of them can provide quality bad credit auto leads.  Quality leads are those that are real time, as well as unused.  There is no point in having outdated or used leads because these would not translate into actual sales.  Moreover, quality leads are those that are guaranteed to translate into sales.  This means that the leads—or the customers—would certainly make a purchase.  Only a lead generation company such as Approved Auto Leads can supply such leads. 

Approved Auto Leads is one online lead generation firm that offers real time bad credit auto leads.  Client car dealerships can get the auto lead mere seconds after the application comes in.  Approved Auto Leads makes it possible for car dealers to immediately contact the prospective car buyer and make a sale.  The faster the auto lead is contacted, the faster the sale would be made.  Therefore, any car dealer would find it beneficial to make use of the services provided by Approved Auto Leads.

Selecting the Best Automotive Lead Provider

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 by credit


Lead generation services have been a great help to different businesses already.  This is likewise true with the automotive industry.  Automotive lead providers have been helpful partners of lenders and car dealers.  However, not all auto lead companies provide quality service and help their partners  increase revenue.  Here are some ways by which car dealers and lenders can ensure the excellence of an automotive lead provider.

Automotive lead providers are considered good and credible if it has been in the industry for quite some time already.  Although this may not entirely speak for the company’s good service, this implies that the company may have been serving customers who are satisfied with their service.  In other cases, auto lead providers which are just starting out may also showcase an excellent service.

Good automotive lead providers also only provide their customers with fresh leads.  Fresh means recent or even real time.  Car dealers and lenders have no use for outdated leads.  There is no point then for lead providers to give their clients such leads.  How will a lender or a car dealer make sure that the company provides fresh leads?  One way is by requesting for free leads.  This is like having a trial of their service to see if they really provide good leads.

Car dealers and lenders should also investigate on the system with which the lead company gathers and selects leads.  It is the right of a customer to ask about the company’s lead generation techniques.  The execution of these techniques will affect the kind of leads that they will generate.  To generate quality leads, automotive lead providers must use the various Internet marketing strategies correctly and appropriately.  If they are abusing these marketing strategies, they would just generate a lot of auto leads that are just deceived into taking action.

It is also important for car dealers and lenders to evaluate if the conversion rate of the leads are worth the price they are paying.  It is better to pay for more expensive leads that have higher rate of conversion than paying cheaply for leads that do not convert that much.  Approved Auto Leads are not after meeting the client’s quota.  If there are only 250 auto leads which are sure to be converted into sales, Approved Auto Leads would only give 250 even if the client’s order is above that.  It is better to buy leads which will surely turn into sales.

It is also recommended to choose exclusive leads.  Although this is more expensive than the non-exclusive leads, the customer gets to enjoy monopolizing the deal.

Car dealers and lenders should keep these points in mind when searching for the right auto lead company.  Approved Auto Leads had always been dedicated in helping their partners increase revenue.  Not only do they know how to use lead generation techniques well but they also make sure that their partners will have guaranteed sales.

Things to Do After Obtaining New Car Leads

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by credit


     As the Internet revolutionized the way automotive industry does marketing now, it has also made finding new car leads easy for car dealers and lenders.  Auto lead generation companies can do that for them now.  They can also take care of the exposure of their client’s website in the Internet to attract more prospective customers.  They are professional in executing lead generation techniques.  Car dealers and lenders availing their services should not waste the opportunity of having auto leads in front of them already.

When dealers receive the auto leads, they should respond quickly to the inquiry so as not to lose the interest of the prospective customer.  Besides, all it takes is just a phone call.  However, car dealers and lenders should not mistake this step as an effective way of negotiating the deal. These Leads are expecting a call or response after they have submitted the form.  That is why a short phone call is important.  It also establishes the car dealer’s or lender’s position in the lead that your offer is already an option.

During the phone call, the car dealer or lender briefs the lead about their offers.  However, as was already mentioned earlier, all the important details and the finalization should be done in a person to person negotiation.  Car dealers and lenders should remember that they are making an impression with their first phone call.  Although they would not be disclosing all details over the phone, they can convince them to visit their shops.  This can be done successfully by having a friendly personality and promoting the loan features well.

New car leads would sometimes need more time before taking the offer.  This could be perhaps due to the other options they are considering as well.  Car dealers or lenders should not be nervous about this.  What the car dealers or lenders could do while waiting for the lead’s final decision is know the lead’s concerns about the program.  The dealer can offer alternative options to the lead to convince him or her to take the loan.  The dealer can also send the lead newsletters or other promotional materials to further promote the program.

Lastly, car dealers and lenders should not give up on the leads. Keep in mind that it is by their own initiative that they submitted the application form.  This implies that they are in need of a car and they are interested on whatever offer car dealers or lenders may have.  Therefore, they just need a little bit more convincing to get their eyes off the other options.

Approved Auto Leads provides new car leads that will surely turn into sales.  They have strategic Internet marketing strategies which they effectively use to generate quality auto leads.  They also make sure that the leads they give their clients are exclusive and not sold to their competitors.

Buying New Car Leads Wisely

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by credit

How would a car dealer or an auto lender consider buying new car leads from a good auto lead company?  How would they know the quality of these leads?

There are things that car dealers and lenders should consider when buying new car leads.  The first thing is the breadth of their market.  If this is their first time to employ the services of an auto lead generation company, it is recommended to start with and choose only a geographically smaller range of market.  This includes people near their shop who can be easily reached by themselves or by their staff.  This is also more beneficial than having a wider range of prospects.  Car dealers and lenders should also consider their budget in choosing which range would work for them at the time.  The wider the range, the more expensive the costs would be.  Moreover, it is also extra work for the staff.  Car buyers might also find it inconvenient to travel a distance from their residence to the shop.  However, a wider range of prospects brings more leads which could eventually turn out more sales.

Another thing is the quality of new car leads

 that an auto lead generation company sells.  This can be done by checking how many leads on average have shown interest to the lender or car dealer’s offer and agreed to visit the shop.  The most obvious measuring stick is the conversion rate.  How many leads have been turned into sales?  These evaluation points help a car dealer or lender decide whether or not to continue with the services of an auto lead company.

Other things to consider are the identity verification process and the return policy. A good car lead company will be able to discuss their verification system to their prospective client. Identity verification is important as it affects the generation of quality leads. If all information supplied are non-existent or fraudulent, the lead company is just wasting their time stuffing their client’s orders with such leads that will never turn into sales. This is also the reason why a car dealer or a lender should ascertain the existence of the company’s return policy.

Approved Auto Leads make sure that their clients will surely turn the new car leads it is providing into sales.  The leads are in the client’s specified region or range of market.  There is also a reliable system of processing an application form.  There are many testimonies about the company’s helpful service in making their partners increase their revenues. Approved Auto Leads indeed is a good place where car dealers and lenders can start acquiring and managing their leads.

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