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Understanding How Marketing with Auto Trigger Leads Work

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit

Trigger leads increase sales


An individual who is planning to buy a car or any other automobile would naturally shop around for the best deal, and he or she would visit or call auto dealerships to inquire about the vehicle prices and different rates regarding auto financing.  When the person applies for a loan, the dealership would pull out his or her credit report from the credit bureaus to determine his or her loan eligibility.  Sooner or later, the loan applicant will be contacted by another dealership or other dealerships which are different from the one that he or she applied to.  Why does this happen? This is because the prospective car buyer has become an auto trigger lead.

When prospective car buyers apply for a loan and his or her credit is pulled from the credit bureaus, they become auto trigger leads.  It is named as such because when a credit is pulled for the purpose of buying an automobile, the action triggers or results in a check or inquiry.  Once the credit is pulled, the person becomes an auto trigger lead and the credit bureaus include him or her in the auto trigger database.  The credit bureaus then sell the leads, or the information about the auto loan applicants, to third-party vendors.  The auto dealerships that purchase the auto trigger leads would then contact the prospective car buyers to offer them the vehicle they are interested in, hoping to close a deal with them.       

Auto trigger leads are advantageous for auto dealerships.  It saves them a lot of money when it comes to marketing.  Marketing with these leads proves to be cheaper than traditional advertising, and can be more effective in reaching customers.  Its effectiveness lies in the fact that the marketing strategy reaches the target market of the auto dealerships.  Because the leads have already applied for auto financing, dealers are certain that these people are really interested to purchase a vehicle.  There is no need for much persuasion; all the customers need to buy a car is the right offer from the right dealer.

It must be noted that if auto dealers want to optimize trigger lead marketing, they should contact the individuals immediately after they receive the leads.  It is necessary to contact the potential customer as soon as possible because the leads sold to one dealer can also be sold to several more.  There is high competition with these leads, and a dealer’s chances of sales conversion greatly depends on the speed of contact.  However, whether or not the lead will result in a sale is also based on the persistence of the dealer as well as the offer itself.

Car dealers that want to profit from trigger lead marketing can purchase auto trigger leads from Approved Auto Leads, a company that has been a top provider of auto leads in the industry for more than a decade.  With the quality leads that Approved Auto Leads sells, any car dealer would have a better chance at creating sales.

Most Effective Ways in Generating Car Sales Leads

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit


Car Sales Leads


 The techniques in generating car sales leads have improved over time especially now that the Internet has been a great tool in enhancing lead generation techniques.  However, this phenomenon does not totally blot traditional lead generation techniques out of the picture.  Although most car dealers deem these techniques as obsolete already, they still do generate leads when performed properly.  Here are some of the most effective ways in generating car sales leads.

Telemarketing, also called cold calling, is one of the oldest and most effective ways in finding good car leads.  Car dealers using this technique would call up each leads in their list to offer their programs and services.  With this technique, the car dealer is able to establish rapport with the lead.  It is also convenient for him or her to explain the details and conditions of their offers.  Although it is still ideal to meet with a prospective car buyer personally, telemarketing is an effective way of starting the negotiation.

Another effective method of generating car sales leads is through referrals.  This where a car dealer’s existing customer recommends the dealership’s offers and services to his or her friend, relative or family member.  When this turns into a sale, the car dealer’s customer gets a certain percentage of the car sale. This is usually called a commission, a sort of incentive.  This works especially if the commission rate is high and not bad for the car dealer’s existing customers.  With this technique, car dealers are able to find and reach out to auto leads without them making all the effort and at their convenience.

From contemporary techniques, one of the most effective methods of lead generation is email marketing.  In this technique, a car dealer would send promotional materials such as newsletters, promo announcements, and the like to the persons included in their mailing list.  Although some would ignore the car dealer’s messages, it still catches the attention of a number of prospective car buyers.

Another technique is availing the services of a lead generation company.  Sometimes called automotive lead providers, lead generation companies not only provide car sales leads to car dealers but also do the marketing part for them.  In fact, lead generation techniques should be their expertise.  Lead companies work by enhancing the exposure of the dealership’s website by utilizing Internet marketing strategies.  The generated leads will then be forwarded to the car dealer.  Approved Auto Leads is an example of a lead generation company that serves its purpose right.

Evaluating A Car Sales Lead Provider

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit

Quality over Quanity is our Goal


Car dealers would sometimes find it more convenient to purchase car leads from a car sales lead provider.  However, finding the right car lead provider that can really help increase their sales is not as easy at it may seem.  There are poor, mediocre and best car lead providers. For car dealers to find the best car lead provider, they should follow the following points of evaluation.

Knowing how long a company has been operating in the industry helps in evaluating a lead company.  A company that has been around for quite some time means that it has proven good service to its clients over time.  Generally, a company’s longevity marks its credibility in the industry.  However, this may not apply all the time.  There may be new companies existing which also provides good service.  Even though, new companies are still unstable and most of them may just be learning the tricks of the trade. 

Car dealers should also find out if a car sales lead provider buys from third parties also.  Some lead providers do this to keep up with their quota.  Car dealers should find out whether or not they practice this so that they would investigate on how the lead company screens the leads they buy from a third party.  They should ensure that the company has a system to screen the leads and still ensure quality.

Car dealers should also ask the lead provider about its marketing techniques.  This is also important because the way marketing strategies are executed, especially in the Internet, will affect the quality of leads that will be generated.  Does the lead provider offer gifts or incentives or anything of those kinds to car leads?  If they do, they might be generating bad leads.  People who are lured into this kind of marketing usually do not know what the form they are filling out is all about.  Moreover, most of them are not at all interested in buying a car.  They were only enticed into getting their free gift. Such marketing strategy is not good and effective.

Good lead providers should also able to drive massive traffic to their lead generating sites.  Lead generation techniques should be their game.  Car dealers can further investigate on this by asking the car sales lead provider about it and checking out the resources they said they are using.

Approved Auto Leads has been around for more than 10 years.  Since its beginning, it has proven itself to be capable of significantly increasing their customer’s revenues.  Approved Auto Leads knows lead generation techniques well.  This is one of the reasons why they can guarantee generating quality leads.

How SEO Helps Generate More Quality Car Sale Leads

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by credit



Automotive lead providers are more competitive now than before as people discovered the contribution that the Internet can give to increase the sales of car dealerships.  Before, finding car sale leads is not as convenient as it is today.  Car dealers back then would really have to do a lot of leg work before finally obtaining quality leads that will surely turn into sales.  With the Internet as useful a aid in automotive marketing industry, car dealers can already ensure beforehand that they would get quality leads.  This can be done by using Internet marketing strategies.

One of the most basic strategies that a car dealer has to learn is search engine optimization or SEO.  This can be done in several ways to achieve one thing–make the website appear as one of the top results in search engines and drive more traffic.  In other terms, car dealers has to make their websites attract visitors so that they can turn these visitors into customers.  This can be achieved by making the website appear at the first page of results of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and the like.

One SEO technique is using keyword-rich content in your website.  You should first research about the most searched keywords related to the nature of your business that is, cars.  Use these keywords in writing content for your website.  If an Internet surfer enters the keyword you used, your website would be included in the list of results.  You can also use images and videos and other creative resources in your website.  Most people want to see more than just text when visiting a website.  You could drive more traffic by doing this.

People interested in purchasing a car would want to read reviews about their prospective car model. Take your time to provide genuine reviews about the car models in your inventory. This way, your website is not just a car sale leads generator but a helpful resource for car buyers.

To gain more exposure over the Internet, you can get your website listed in various directories online.  What are directories?  These are websites that list all websites according to categories.  Some people would go to these sites to find resources for their particular needs.  You might just capture a quality car sale lead from these directories.

A more advanced and aggressive SEO technique is penetrating the social media.  Social networking sites share information rapidly.  That is why car dealers should take advantage of  this.  There are billions of people here–most could be car sale leads!  There are different techniques in venturing into this kind of technique.  Car dealers should build a community here without making any violations or SEO abuses.  Most social networking sites are stricter now about spamming and other related activities.

Car dealers like you do not actually have to go through all these leg work.  Lead generation companies like us do the same thing aside from sending you car sale leads.  Approved Auto Leads has apt knowledge and skills in executing Internet marketing strategies to generate more quality auto leads.  Approved Auto Leads has proven to be providing only quality leads to its customers for the past ten years.

When It Comes to Car Leads, Quality Counts

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by credit



Because traditional marketing campaigns have ceased to be effective, car dealers resort to other ways to bring customers to their showrooms.  Radio and television advertising no longer sell vehicles, so car dealers are relying on car leads to make profits.  The dealers are buying the leads from online lead generators, which locate prospective buyers and obtain their contact information. 

Car leads are actually potential customers.  These individuals are in search of a car and financing to purchase the car.  They may have visited a number of dealerships in their search.  Lead generation companies use several techniques to find these potential car buyers and get important details such as name, address, contact number and car preference.  These firms usually have a network of car dealers and they utilize this to locate potential customers.  The aforementioned details about the customer are contained in a car lead, which is then given to the appropriate car dealer.  The leads to be sent to the car dealer depend on the dealer’s criteria as well as location. 

Car leads create sales for dealerships because these enable the sellers to access their desired market.  With leads, car dealers can directly contact the individual and provide an offer regarding the individual’s car of choice.  Because the only people being pursued are those who are truly interested to buy a vehicle, the dealer has higher chances to close a deal.  One may then assume that in order to sell more cars, car dealers simply have to increase their lead count.  To improve their profit margins, they only have to get more leads from a car lead generator.  However, this assumption is wrong.  When it comes to such leads, quality—not quantity—counts.

The quality of the car leads is always more important than its quantity.  If a car dealer wants a boost in sales, the number of the leads should not be the consideration.  It is better to have just 250 leads instead of a thousand, if all 250 leads result in sales.  Leads that have higher chances of sales conversion are those which are real time and exclusive: this means that the information provided to the car dealer are fresh and updated, and not provided to other dealers.  Leads that are old and recycled would not result  in a sale.  A car dealer also would not profit from auto leads that are given to other dealers because the competition may have already pursued the potential customer. 

Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that prides itself in providing only real time and exclusive leads to car dealers.  This is the reason why it is considered by many dealerships as a top car lead provider.  Hence, if a car dealer chooses to buy the leads from Approved Auto Leads, an increase in sales can already be expected.

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