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Turning Car Buyer’s Potential Into A Sale with the Aid of A Lead

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


When an individual intends to buy a car for first time, the first thing he or she does is to go to a car dealer to talk about options. While the car dealer’s salesperson will be more than willing to entertain the individual’s questions, he or she is not sure whether the person will indeed purchase a car after all the questions have been answered. The curious individual might end up just seeking answers and decide to postpone his or her intention of buying a car. In this scenario, while the dealer was able to help a curious mind find some answers, he or she does not have a sale at the end of the day.

To save time and effort, dealers can seek the help of lead generation companies in this specific task. Lead generation companies provide leads to businesses like car dealerships. Leads may be described as consumers who are intending to buy a product or avail of a service. They may have looked into different companies to see what best fits them. In order to narrow these pool of potential buyers, lead generation companies screen their information and see which ones are qualified and endorse them to corporate vendors such as car dealers. They endorse only leads with matching criteria. Simply put, lead generation companies help corporate vendors increase their sales by providing prospective qualified buyers through approved auto leads.

How does a curious mind actually become an approved auto lead? When an individual is set on buying a car but does not have time to go on the market looking into different dealers, he or she can visit websites or read on advertisements of lead generation companies. The interested person looks into information about car financing, rates,  terms and conditions along with the price. When they find something that suits them, they give the lead generation company their information. The personal information received is then screened. If a potential car buyer is deemed qualified, he or she becomes an approved auto lead and is then referred to the matching dealer. The information of the lead is sent to the dealer’s virtual system and it is now up to the car dealer to turn the lead into a sale.  The car dealer salesperson can call the lead at once. Expert lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads provide many an approved auto lead that are sure to sell a car.

 When a car dealer decides to buy leads, it gives an edge over other dealers that only make use of traditional advertising. While traditional advertising can interest a person to look into cars, an approved auto lead provides car dealers with a qualified person who is ready to buy a car. Moreover, lead generation company advertisements are integrated to people’s way of life. Compared to traditional television, radio and print advertisements, their ads are integrated in websites and search engines. Billions of people who browse the Internet, like those who download music, will inevitably see their ads. Furthermore, only interested individuals who are ready to buy will check their ads and give personal information.

Indeed, an approved auto lead presents a ‘win-win’ situation for both the car buyer and the car  dealer. On one hand, car buyers are only endorsed to dealers who fit their criteria when it comes to the car they want to purchase. On the other hand, dealers only get leads who are going to buy a car.

Dealership Leads – Changing the Way Auto Dealerships Sell Vehicles

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


In the past, auto dealerships used traditional advertising to sell vehicles.  They posted advertisements in newspapers and other publications, and had commercials on radio and television.  Therefore, if people wanted to buy a vehicle, they would either browse print media, watch TV, listen to the radio, or do all three.  Nowadays, auto dealerships sell their vehicles differently.  They utilize dealership leads to find customers and make profit.

 Dealership leads have changed the way auto dealers sell vehicles and made the process of selling easier and more convenient—both for them and their customers.  Lead generation companies—those that provide the leads—find the people who are in search of a vehicle and financing.  They obtain crucial information about these people, such as name, address and contact details.  These information are then sold to auto dealerships.  The dealers then contact the individuals and offer them the vehicle they are interested in.  Auto dealerships need not find their potential customers because the lead generators do that for them.  All they have to do now is work on the selling part.  Meanwhile, prospective car buyers also benefit from being an auto lead: instead of finding the dealers that would get them what they want, they simply wait for the offers to arrive.       

With traditional advertising, auto dealerships had to promote their vehicles to all, including people who are not interested to purchase a vehicle.  The marketing approach is general: it aims to appeal to the buying public in hopes of finding a specific group of people.  With dealership leads, there is no need for auto dealers to reach out to everybody because they already have their target market.  They can focus only on individuals who seriously want to get a vehicle of their own and get financing to buy it.

Selling cars through leads is also cost-effective for auto dealers.  Traditional advertising is a big investment; placing those ads require a lot of money.  Years ago, this kind of advertising worked but at present, it is just an expensive endeavor that rarely results in sales.  Buying dealership leads is not only less expensive, but it also increases a dealership’s chances to make a sale.  Fresh and exclusive leads—those that have the highest chances of sales conversion—are not really cheap, but they are a worthy investment.

Auto dealerships looking to invest on leads can purchase the fresh and updated variety from Approved Auto Leads.  For more than a decade, this lead generator has helped countless auto dealers reach their monthly sales target with the leads it sells.  For those who are interested to get only leads that truly sell cars,  Approved Auto Leads is the best place to go.

Getting the Sub Prime Auto Leads

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit



Sub prime auto leads are information of car loan applicants with bad credit.  The existence of such leads gives hope to people with bad credit.  They would usually submit an application to all possible loan sources to purchase a car.  With the business of selling and buying leads, car buyers with bad credit can have a new hope of being reached out to by sub prime lenders.  Moreover, most of them are seriously wanting to buy a car.

Car dealers then should keep an eye on such potential car buyers.  It is true that there is risk in investing on this type of leads as there is a possibility of experiencing loss.  However, car dealers should also keep in mind that these leads have a quite higher conversion rate than regular leads have.  Subscribing for subprime auto leads online is a good place to obtain this types of leads.  People with bad credit would most of the time find it more convenient to drop their applications and information online.  Besides, lead generation companies are also based online.  If a car dealer is planning to purchase sub prime car leads, he or she should consider online sources.

In purchasing sub prime auto leads, car dealers should do some research first about lead companies selling special finance leads.  A thorough research  should be done to ensure the legitimacy of the company.  A car dealer can ask the company about its lead generation, verification and approval systems.  These are three important systems which largely affects the quality of leads they generate.  The way lead generation techniques are executed affects the kind of potential car buyers they will be able to attract.  Likewise, verification and approval systems should be capable of filtering out bad leads.

Car dealers should also check the quality of the leads by requesting for free subprime auto leads.  Quality leads are characterized by freshness and high conversion rate.  If a lead has been existent for more than 2 days, it can already be considered outdated.  Such leads can never be used anymore.  Although leads with high conversion rates are costlier, it is a good investment.  Car dealers should also ensure the exclusivity of the leads.

Sub prime car leads are also offered here in Approved Auto Leads.  Car dealers can be assured that the people in these leads still have the ability to make a car purchase.  As a general rule in Approved Auto Leads, we only sell leads that also sell cars.

Things to Consider When Buying New Car Leads

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Loans have been thriving in the automotive marketing industry.  Their services are really helpful in generating more new car leads for car dealerships and in increasing their sales.  However, not all lead companies provide excellent service.  Some might not even be legitimate.  Not only do the company itself may have problems but also the leads that they sell.  Car dealers should be aware of this.  Thus, they should be wise in purchasing new car leads for their dealership.


One of the most important things to consider in buying car leads is the pricing.  When looking at the prices, car dealers should compare it against the conversion rate.  Conversion rate means the lead’s likeliness to be converted into a sale.  Leads which are priced cheaply looks good.  However, if they are sold at a low conversion rate, they are not worth purchasing at all.  The car dealer is just spending too much on useless leads.  It would be better if the leads are priced expensively but has a high conversion rate.

Next thing that car dealers should look at is the quality of the leads.  Most lead generation companies provide free leads so that their potential customers can test the quality of their leads and service prior to purchase.  Car dealers should take advantage of this to ensure the quality of the leads they are about to buy.  However, this may not be a reliable yardstick all the time.  Car dealers would have to double check the quality of leads by enquiring about the company’s lead generation techniques and systems.  Lead generation techniques are essential in being able to obtain quality leads.  These are marketing strategies and these have to be executed well and correctly.  Quality leads should have also undergone screening and filtering processes.  These are some of the important systems a car dealer should know about.  By evaluating all these, a car dealer can somehow be more sure that the lead company generates quality new car leads.

Other things that car dealers should consider when buying auto leads are the type of subscription, quantity of leads, and delivery schedule.  Car dealers should not forget to shop around and compare prices from different lead generation companies.  Approved Auto Leads can assure its clients that it only provides quality leads at the most competitive price.  Approved Auto Leads have been in the business of helping car dealers like you increase their revenues and it has been like that for years.

Leads for Car Dealerships – How to Get Them Online

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Lead also means prospective or potential customer.  In the automotive industry, getting leads for car dealerships has become a tight competition already.  This is because of the large contribution of the Internet to the development of lead generation.  Here are some ways by how car dealers can get leads for their businesses.

First lead generation technique is email marketing.  This technique is not new anymore to car dealers.  It has proven to generate leads that close.  Car dealers here would send messages containing promotional content to their prospective car buyers or leads.  Although there is a high uncertainty that these would get ignored, car dealers who have used this technique still get many responses.  This is much easier than telemarketing where a car dealer would have to call up each lead one by one.

Next lead generation technique is article writing.  In Internet marketing, the most important strategy is search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the process where a website’s exposure in the search engine results is enhanced.  Bringing this strategy over to article writing, the car dealer must search for the most searched keyword/s  related to the products and services sold.  These keyword must be used in the articles so that when published online, there is a chance that Internet surfers would stumble upon the article.  The readers are considered potential car buyers.  These articles could be placed in the car dealer’s own business website or in article directories.

A car dealer can also put up a blog.  The purpose of this is just the same as article writing.  However, the blog should always have fresh and useful content.  People would love to keep on coming back to the site if they are getting something useful from it.  It also pays if the blog looks nice and does not give the visitors a hard time to navigate around.

Car dealers should also penetrate social media.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can further enhance the exposure of the car dealership by spreading information rapidly.  These platforms are really effective in generating leads for car dealerships.

Lastly, lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads are like 2 in 1 machines that are really helpful for car dealers.  This is because lead companies both provide leads for car dealerships and employ lead generation techniques to make this possible.  With their services, there is no doubt car dealers are able to boost up their sales and revenues.  Approved Auto Leads has been committed to this purpose ever since it established itself in the industry.

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