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Trigger Leads 101

Posted on: January 16th, 2012 by credit


Those in the automotive industry know all about trigger leads.  Car dealers rely on this kind of lead, among many others, to reach out to customers and make a sale.  Leads are customers, but many car buyers have no idea about this specific kind of lead or how car dealerships use them to generate revenue.  In fact, some car buyers are clueless as to how some car dealers find out about their plans to purchase a car.  They are simply surprised when they get a call from an auto dealer they have not contacted.

How do prospective car buyers become trigger leads? An individual who applies for a loan almost automatically becomes a trigger lead.  Most people who buy a vehicle pay for it with an auto loan as opposed to cash.  There are only a select few who can afford to make the purchase by paying for the car price in full.  Besides, making the purchase through auto financing gives the car buyer flexibility. 

When an individual plans to buy a vehicle, he or she would apply for an auto loan.  Anytime an individual applies for a loan, the lender would pull or obtain his or her credit report from the credit bureau.  Once a lender pulls a copy of a borrower’s credit report, the credit bureau would include the borrower and his or her personal details in the auto trigger databank.  The credit bureau may sell the information to a third-party vendor, which would then sell the information to car dealerships.  This is how a potential car buyer becomes a trigger lead.  It must be noted that it is not illegal for credit bureaus to sell a loan applicant’s details to third-party vendors. 

Many car buyers are caught off guard when they become trigger leads.  They never realize that by simply applying for an auto loan, they immediately become a prospect of several auto dealerships.  A particular car buyer would apply for auto financing from a specific auto dealership.  Then, he or she will suddenly be contacted by many other dealerships which are all offering a vehicle and hoping to close a deal with the borrower.  The car buyer may have never contacted or considered any of these dealerships, so the fact that they know all about him or her will definitely come as a shock.  It is only then that the borrower will realize that he or she has become a trigger lead.

Auto dealerships greatly benefit from trigger lead marketing.  While dealers have to pay for the trigger leads they purchase, they do not spend a considerable sum to reach potential customers.  With these leads, they easily find the people who can take vehicles off their lots and bring them profits.  These leads are best purchased from an online company such as Approved Auto Leads.  This lead generator has been around for more than a decade, and has been a reliable provider of auto leads for many car dealers.  Hence, any auto dealer hoping to find more customers should purchase leads from Approved Auto Leads.

Good Quality Automotive Internet Leads Come From A Good Quality Source

Posted on: January 16th, 2012 by credit


Automotive internet leads are what auto dealers need to succeed in business.  These leads are actually customers who are looking to buy a vehicle and financing for the vehicle in question.  Contained in each lead are crucial information about a prospective car buyer, including the name, address, contact details and even the vehicle preference.  The possession of such lead puts an auto dealer in an good position: the dealer has valuable information about a potential customer and the salesperson can immediately contact the customer to make an offer and hopefully close a deal.  Without a doubt, having these leads brings any auto dealer a step closer to generating more revenue.


What auto dealers should realize is that to succeed in business, the automotive internet leads that one purchases must be of good quality.  If the leads are not of good quality, they cannot convert to sales,  which is exactly what every auto dealer aims for when they purchase leads.  Good quality leads can only come from a good quality source, and this is why it is very important for auto dealers to be careful when choosing an online lead generating company that would supply them with what they need.


What is a good quality automotive internet lead? A quality lead is that which is fresh and updated, genuine and exclusive.  Once the customer files the application, it should be immediately screened and sent to the auto dealer.  No other dealer must have access to this particular lead for it to have a better chance at sales conversion.  The quality lead is never old, used, recycled or stuffed—any of the aforementioned would be useless for an auto dealer because there is no chance for these to be converted into sales.            


It is a fact that the Internet is full of opportunities—good and bad alike.  In cyberspace, people can make a profit through business just as scammers can profit from other people’s business.   It is easy for any online lead generator to claim that they can deliver a large sum of leads to clients, but not all can swear by the quality of their leads.  This is why it is important for auto dealers to select the lead generating company they are dealing with.   Auto dealers must choose an auto lead source that utilizes the Web to find only good quality automotive internet leads that would certainly bring them more profit. 


The lead source, or the online lead generating company, that an auto dealer must choose is that which is established or has been in the industry for years.  The longevity of the business can already serve as a testament to the quality of leads it provides to its clients.  A quality lead source also receives positive feedback from its clients.  If a lead generating company enjoys the continuous patronage of its clients, it means its products and services are much more than satisfactory.


One quality lead source that auto dealers can get their automotive internet leads from is Approved Auto Leads.  With more than ten years in the business and more than a handful of satisfied clients, there is no doubt why Approved Auto Leads is considered a prime choice among other online lead generators.

Marketing your dealership through the Different Types of Advertising

Posted on: January 16th, 2012 by credit


Automotive leads equal SUCCESS !!!

For a car dealer to increase its sales, it must continuously work on improving its products and services to best serve clients. This is usually done by offering a new model and new auto services. When the improvements are done, the next step to take in order to boost sales is to make those improvements known to the public. This is done through auto marketing. Auto marketing is the act of introducing products like car models or auto services to the public with the aim of making sales. It makes use of traditional and new media advertising. This means that companies like car dealers market their products in ways including television, radio, print and  internet advertising.

 Car dealers which do not have a marketing arm or wishes to simply seek the help of experts hire the services of a lead generation company. Hiring such company ensures that the money dealers will be shelling out for auto marketing through advertising will be worth it. Such company provides leads to dealers to increase their sales. Leads can be identified as car buyers who have been approved with their application.

As mentioned, a lead generation company generates leads in different ways including advertising. The traditional type which includes television, radio and print, is the most familiar. When interested buyers spot a commercial either of the three media and they have access to the internet, they can enter their information on the website mentioned on the ad. The company evaluates the applications and if approved, the applications are endorsed to car dealers who match their criteria. The downside with this type of auto marketing is that there is no assurance that the desired market of the dealer saw, hear or read the  advertisement. Moreover, it does not assure an instant lead. Even though interested buyers caught the advertisement, there is no immediate response if they do not have present access to the internet. Traditional advertising is also much more costly because TV, radio or print ads require payment not only for the length of the advertisement but also for its frequency. This means that car dealers pay for the advertisement each time it airs.

The other type of automarketing through advertising is new media advertising. Expert lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads make use of the internet to acquire more leads. This is the preferred medium of lead generation companies because interested buyers are just a click away from the website. An internet advertisement links buyers to the website and they are ready to fill out online forms. It does not take much time and effort. This means that companies can immediately acquire more leads and evaluate them. Compared to auto marketing through traditional advertising, lead generation companies do not have to wait for customer response with internet advertising. They have plenty of time to acquire quality leads for client dealers.

Car dealers buy leads to boost their sales. Lead generation acquire more leads through online ads  and it is for this reason that internet marketing and advertising will continue its rise and popularity.

The Benefits of Auto Internet Marketing through Lead Generation Companies for Car Buyers and Dealers

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Millions, if not billions, of people make use of the Internet for different reasons. Some download music, stream videos and some do online shopping. Whatever purpose people may have for browsing the Internet, they spend a huge amount of time doing so. Companies or corporate vendors use this fact as an advantage to make more sales. They put on advertisements on various websites for people to view.

Other than advertisements, companies also make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make them rank in search engines so people can immediately go to their websites and view their products. Companies like car  dealers who know how auto internet marketing works hire the services of lead generation companies. Lead generation companies act as a link between buyers and dealers. They make it easier for corporate car vendors to make sales by providing them with interested buyers who are ready to buy cars immediately. When interested individuals check on their ads, they give their information and the lead generation company evaluates each interested individual. When deemed qualified, the individual becomes an approved auto lead and is endorsed to the car dealer with marketing criteria. The car dealer then calls the lead to make a sale.

What are the benefits of using auto internet marketing? There are a lot of benefits for both the buyer and seller when it comes to auto internet marketing. For buyers, it saves them much time and effort. Potential car buyers who do not have the time to look into several dealer websites can visit a lead generation company website instead to give their information and have the company be the one to find them a dealer that can provide their needs. Another benefit of buyers in auto internet marketing is the assurance that they will get what they want. Since lead generation companies endorse buyers to dealers which strictly match their criteria, buyers can be assured that they will get the car and rate they want.

For dealers or sellers, one of the benefits is saving time and money. Dealers who seek the help of lead generation companies in  automotive internet marketing are spared the time and money spent only on traditional advertising which does not deliver as much potential buyers as lead generation companies do. The money intended for advertisements can be used for purchasing approved auto leads which give that extra push needed by dealers for potential buyers to purchase cars immediately. Furthermore, since lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads only take payment for the leads they can provide a dealer, no amount of money is wasted. Another great benefit of dealers is higher return on investment (ROI). Since lead generation companies provide leads that will make sales provided the car dealer finishes the job well, dealers are sure to boost up their sales, thus getting a higher ROI.

Due to the continuous innovation with technology, auto internet marketing has been a popular choice for corporate vendors to widen their market and boost their sales. Moreover, with the aid of lead generation companies, target sales can be realistically met.

Auto Leads – Directing Auto Dealers to Their Target Market

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit

Any company or business that offers products and services has a specific target market.  For instance, makers of cosmetics and beauty products definitely has the female population as their target market.  Meanwhile, those that sell workout equipment and exercise-related merchandise seek to promote their products and attract the attention of health conscious individuals as well as fitness buffs, which make up their intended client base. Of course, auto dealerships want to reach out to all prospective car buyers because these individuals make up their target clientele.  Who else would visit car dealerships if not those people who are planning to buy a car?      

Naturally, the marketing strategy of a business or company must consider its target market.  If an auto dealer wants to sell cars, it must determine who the prospective customers are and promote to them.  Auto leads do exactly this: these enable car dealers to know who are planning to purchase a vehicle and get financing for the said vehicle, efficiently directing auto dealers to their target market.  The leads are actually the prospective customers themselves.  Information about the prospect such as name, address and contact details come in the form of a lead, and this is what is sold to and purchased by auto dealerships.

Many years ago, auto dealers had to promote to the general public, not only their target market.  Prior to auto lead generation, auto dealership marketing was limited to traditional advertising.  Car dealers had to post advertisements in print media, television and radio to catch the attention and pique the interest of prospective car buyers.  Basically, it was a general approach to find a particular group of people—the car buyers.  Dealers had to spend a hefty sum in hopes of convincing the car buyers to visit their showrooms and check out their inventories.  With auto leads, there is no need for car dealers to promote to even those who are not planning to buy a car.  When dealers buy the leads, they are directed only to people who are really determined to make a purchase.  The lead generation companies do the screening for them and sell them only those that meet their requirements.

Each lead generator uses a set of techniques to find out who are those that are interested to buy a car, and then get their personal information.  Lead generating companies all have a network of contacts and car dealerships, among many others, that they utilize to locate prospective car buyers.  Most of the time, lead generation companies do the hard work, but there are also times when they need not do the seeking.  There are car buyers who give their information directly to lead generators, saving the latter time and money.  Car buyers who do this do not have the luxury of time to shop around for a car, so they speed up the process by going directly to the lead generators.  This way, they can receive offers from auto dealers without having to visit the dealerships themselves.

Approved Auto Leads is a lead generating company that truly helps car dealers find the customers they are looking for.  They sell only updated and exclusive auto leads to car dealers, therefore giving the latter better chances to close a deal and make a sale.  Hence, buying leads from Approved Auto Leads would no doubt direct any auto dealer to the people that would bring profit.

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