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Internet leads How Dealerships Make Auto Internet Sales

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by credit

Anyone can attest the influence the internet has on society.  No other modern invention has dramatically modified the lifestyle and behavior of individuals the way the World Wide Web did.  It certainly has changed the way people do things.  One of the activities that the internet certainly affected is shopping.  More and more consumers are doing their shopping online for goods such as clothing, shoes, gifts and food, just to name a few.  Surprisingly, the internet has also become the tool of choice for shoppers about to make a major purchase, such as prospective car buyers.  This is why dealerships now also make auto internet sales.

Dealerships—even those offline—are able to make auto internet sales through auto leads.  The leads, which are generated online, are those which bring profit to the dealerships.  Leads are actually potential customers.  These customers are not just window shoppers interested in looking at the newest car models available in the market; rather, the leads are serious shoppers.  They are determined to buy a vehicle, and they have spent a considerable time online educating themselves about the vehicle options available to them.  Each lead contains specific details about the potential customer, including personal information and vehicle preferences.

Finding potential customers on the internet is easy because many buyers are online.  There are studies which show that individuals who are seriously planning to buy a vehicle go online first instead of visiting a dealership.  Because many potential buyers educate themselves about cars on the internet, it is not surprising if many of them make the actual purchase in the same place.

Dealerships usually find their potential customers online with the help of auto lead generating companies.  These companies locate the interested car buyers online and obtain their information using a number of marketing techniques and tools.  Afterward, they screen the applications and verify the information before passing the leads to a particular auto dealership.  The online company makes sure that each lead meets the dealership’s requirements before it is sent to the dealer.  The screening and verification process is necessary to guarantee that the leads to be delivered are high quality.  High quality leads are those which have the best chances of converting into auto internet sales.

Naturally, a dealership that wants to make sales on the internet should find a suitable online partner—a lead generating company that would be able to deliver the high quality leads it needs to generate more revenue.  Offline auto dealerships in particular should choose a reputable and trustworthy internet-based company that would help them expand their sales territory.  An ideal online lead generating partner for dealerships is one such as Approved Auto Leads.

Approved Auto Leads is a company that prides itself in delivering high quality and 100% exclusive leads.  The firm does not merely sell leads—it sells leads that have a greater probability of resulting in sales.  Indeed, any auto dealership looking to earn more money online would benefit by partnering with an internet-based company such as Approved Auto Leads.

Auto Finance Lead Generation Quality vs. Quantity

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by credit

Thanks to the Internet, it is now rather easy for auto dealers to generate leads.  Since most consumers can already be found online, car businesses need not look far to locate their potential customers.  All car dealers have to do is use their websites and apply certain marketing strategies to attract the people who can bring them profit.

However, as easy as auto finance lead generation is, there are two factors that often make the process more complicated.  These factors are quality and quantity.  Both are important, but often one is sacrificed in favor of the other.  An auto dealer should aim to get both quality and quantity when generating or buying leads, and this can be made possible by utilizing more than one lead generation strategy.

Quality is relevant in an auto finance lead because this is what determines if a lead will convert into a sale or not.  Quality leads are basically those which a sales associate has the best chances of closing a deal with, and they can be purchased from reputable lead generators such as Approved Auto Leads.  Quality leads are real and qualified—this means that the customers are really seriously shopping for a vehicle and that they are found eligible for auto financing.  If the customers are serious shoppers and are qualified for a loan, they can surely increase the sales of the auto dealer.  On the contrary, junk leads are those which cannot be converted into sales.  The customers are either not qualified to buy a vehicle and receive financing, or they really are not potential customers.  These leads include those that claim that they have never submitted their application.

Quantity is also significant in lead generation.  Of course, the more leads there are, the more chances of selling there is.  If an auto dealer has 400 leads and all but 40% percent are junk leads, then at least it still has 160 quality leads to pursue.  If the dealer generated 1000 leads and only 20% are quality leads, there are still 200 leads that can be converted into sales.

Some lead generation techniques are able to get quality leads in small numbers, while others deliver leads in bulk though the quality is rather questionable.  There is no specific lead generation technique that can guarantee both quality and quantity to an auto dealer.  What should dealers do to make both factors count and increase sales in the process? The trick is to use several lead generation strategies—those that bring in the numbers and those that make each lead count.

To get more quality leads, a car dealer can use its own website to attract potential customers.  The addition of an online application form in the website would surely bring positive results in terms of generating leads.  To double or triple the quantity of leads, auto dealer can take advantage of subscription lists or directories to reach more consumers.  One technique should be complemented with the other to optimize the process of lead generation and make it most profitable.

All About Subprime Leads

Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by credit

People interested in buying a car would often browse the Internet for available and possible loan offers.  However, car dealers may sometimes find these prospects as insufficient in meeting their sales quota.  They would then have to be open to other possible prospects–interested car buyers with subprime credit.

These buyers are interested in purchasing a car.  However, because of their less than perfect credit, they are having a difficulty in finding a good auto loan offer that is affordable to suffice for their car purchase.  Car dealers should be on a look out for these kinds of leads.  Subprime leads are seriously interested in buying a car.  This also implies that they are already waiting for a response once they dropped their information in.

Car dealers can purchase subprime leads from lead companies like Approved Auto Leads.  It is also possible to purchase from banks, credit unions and even from other car dealerships.  These are usually loan applications that were not able to pass the loan company’s criteria.  Car dealers can also search for this type of leads from online loan companies.

In purchasing subprime car leads, car dealers should make sure that they have spent time doing some research on subprime leads and the possible sources from which they can be obtained.  Just like with any other types of leads, these leads also vary in prices and conversion rates.  Car dealers can compare the prices and conversion rates from various lead companies to come up with a good decision.  Cheap leads are not necessarily good buys, neither they can be considered as substandard buys.  The case is also true with expensive leads.  Not all expensive leads are just abusive pricing, neither do they guarantee high conversion rate.  It really takes some wit and wisdom for car dealers to determine which deal is the best one.

Another thing that car dealers should consider in purchasing a subprime auto lead is the exclusivity of the leads.  It is useless if the lead company would also sell the same lead to other car dealers.  Car dealers then should make sure that a lead company do not sell the same leads sold to them to other dealers nor resell the leads to them.  There is also no point if the lead is just a resale.  The deal might be closed already or the prospective car buyer is not interested anymore.

Although there is risk in dealing with subprime car buyers, purchasing subprime leads can greatly help car dealers in meeting their sales quota.  Moreover, these leads are really interested in buying a car despite their damaged credit.  This implies that they even have higher conversion rates, by estimate, than regular car leads have.  They are more likely to entertain the car sales representative’s call and listen to what he or she has to offer.  Aside from that, car dealers are able to give hope to these interested car buyers.  Because of their subprime credit, they find it hard to get approved in car loans.  If car dealers would entertain subprime car leads, not only do they give hope to these people but they are also able to open more access to subprime auto leads.


Special Finance Leads – What Auto Dealerships Need to Succeed in Business

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by credit

At present, there are many auto dealerships that are finding it hard to succeed in business.  Because of the current state of economy, sales are lower compared to the past few years and there are less people coming in the showrooms of auto dealers.  While succeeding in business at this time is definitely challenging, it is not impossible.  Auto dealerships that manage to thrive despite the bad economy would attest that special finance leads make all the difference, and that these are what makes them profitable during the economic slump.

Special finance leads refer to potential customers or prospective car buyers who do not qualify for an auto loan.  More often than not, the reason why the individual is deemed ineligible for auto financing is his or her credit situation.  People with bad or damaged credit usually do not get approved for auto financing because they are considered too high a credit risk.  This kind of lead contains details about the individual who is unable to get a loan to purchase a vehicle, including the name, address and contact information.

Special finance leads make auto dealerships successful because these allow the dealers to make more money.  It does not matter if the dealership sells brand new or pre-owned vehicles; if the car business makes use of this specific kind of leads, there is bound to be profit.  It is a fact that many of the individuals who are interested to buy a vehicle do not have the money to make the purchase in cash; consequently, most of them are also credit-challenged, and this could be due to the weak economy.  With the number of people affected by the economic downturn, anyone can guess just how many potential car buyers out there are not qualified for traditional auto financing.

Auto dealerships which do not offer special financing naturally alienates a considerable number of borrowers who are determined to buy a vehicle.  On the other hand, auto dealerships that offer special financing has the advantage of getting more customers because credit is no longer a problem.  Indeed, having such leads enable the auto dealer to accommodate more customers, which would then result in more sales.  Of course, before more sales can be had, the auto dealership must first create a special finance program that would lead more customers to them.  First, the dealership has to find lenders that specialize in special financing, those which are willing to lend money to people with less than perfect credit.  Second, the dealership has to find a source of special finance leads, that which can direct the dealer to the right customers.

There are many special finance lead providers online that auto dealerships may consider as their lead source, but not all of them can contribute to the success of the business.  The lead provider that can best help the dealer be successful is that which sells real and high quality exclusive leads.  One such provider is Approved Auto Leads.  This lead company generates only genuine and exclusive special finance auto leads, and choosing them as a lead provider would be a good move for any auto dealer.

Choosing the Right Source of Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by credit

It is no secret that car dealerships depend on auto leads to help them in business.  The most successful car dealerships are those that utilize leads.  The success is mainly due to the fact that the leads direct dealers to customers that are really in search of a car and car financing.  With auto leads, there is no need for dealers to waste their time and efforts on individuals who would not bring them revenue; they merely pursue those who are already interested to make a purchase, give them an offer and close the deal.

Any car dealer would say that auto leads can be easily found on the Internet.  Those who are looking to rent or buy leads can simply go online and find numerous sources of leads to choose from.  The wide selection of auto leads would seem to be a boon for car dealers, but in reality, what it presents is a challenge.  A car dealer must check out all available options in terms of auto lead providers and select the best one.  Car dealers must know that not all auto lead providers online would help the business thrive.  It is up to them to choose the right source of leads for car dealerships among the lot.

To find the best provider of leads for car dealerships, car dealers should avoid auto lead generators that offer poor quality leads.  Leads which are used, stuffed, and recycled are of poor quality.  Leads whose origins are unknown are also of poor quality.  Many auto lead providers do not really generate their own leads: some simply buy the leads from another source (often an advertising network) then re-sell them to car dealers.  They sell the leads without knowing where it came from or how it was obtained.  Meanwhile, there are auto lead generators that pass on customers who are not really planning to buy a car or may not have even applied for a car loan.  The style of these lead generators is that they convince people to provide their information by offering them the chance to win prizes or by giving them discounts.  When the car dealer does contact the lead, it will soon be known that the lead will not result in a sale.

It must be noted that there is no way for a car dealer to immediately know if the leads to be sold to them are of poor quality.  This is because those online firms that offer to generate leads for car dealerships will always claim to sell good quality leads and will not disclose their shady practices, if they have any.  However, car dealers can save themselves from the misfortune of purchasing poor quality leads by doing a background check on the chosen auto lead provider prior to the purchase.  It is best to choose an auto lead generator which has been in the industry for many years, and one which receives favorable or positive feedback from clients.  One such auto lead provider is Approved Auto Leads.  The company has been in the business for more than a decade, and its client car dealers can attest to the quality of leads that it has been selling for years.  Indeed, Approved Auto Leads can be  considered as the right source of leads for car dealerships.

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