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What to Look For in an Auto Lead Provider

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit

Aside from employing Internet marketing strategies to generate auto leads, car dealers can also opt to seek the services of an auto lead provider.  Lead providers or lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can do the marketing efforts for the dealership which often take up most of a car dealer’s time.  Apparently, lead generation companies make it easier for car dealers to run their dealership and allow them to focus more on making more sales.  However, car dealers have to be cautious when selecting the lead provider that they will be working with.  Not all lead companies provide good leads from which car dealers can make money.  Car dealers should ensure that they only work with a reputable lead provider that sells quality leads.

The conversion rate is more important than the price.  Cheap leads are useless if most of them would not convert into sales.  Car dealers should rather buy expensive leads with high conversion rate which will give them a good return on investment.  High converting leads are quality leads.  Car dealers should also choose a lead provider that delivers leads almost real time.  The faster the leads are delivered, the more time and chances a car dealer has in making more sales.  Moreover, if leads are delivered immediately, car dealers would not lose the interest of the leads.  Car dealers should make sure that their prospective auto lead provider sells fresh and recent leads.  Car dealers would also have to ask the lead provider about how it generates leads.  The lead generation techniques used by lead providers and how these are executed affect the quality of leads they generate.  For example, if Internet marketing strategies are used abusively, it will only produce bad leads who are not really interested in buying a car but were just lured to sign up or submit an application form.  These leads would most likely not convert into sales.  Car dealers should also know if the lead provider is getting leads from a third party.  Although this is not illegal, car dealers have to make sure that they check the quality of the leads that the lead provider gets from the third party.

Car dealers have to also make sure that the auto lead provider has a return policy.  This secures them  for instances where they would receive leads with insufficient contact information.  Reputable lead companies are also prone to commit such mistakes.  A good lead provider acknowledges that the blame is on them if the car dealers received bad leads and car dealers deserve their money back.

Before finally deciding on which auto lead provider to choose, car dealers would have to do some research about their prospective lead companies and compare their prices.  Good lead companies really help car dealers rev up their revenues.

How Email Marketing Can Keep an Automotive Sales Lead Alive

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit

An automotive sales lead would sometimes contact a car dealer to enquire about the offers and the car models available.  Car dealers would certainly respond either via email or a phone call.  After the response, the car dealer would never hear anything from the automotive sales lead anymore.  They have no idea what has happened to the lead’s decision.  If a car dealer buys leads from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads, he or she can go back to the information provided by the lead company and contact the lead back.  However, this next step does not guarantee that a lead would turn into a sale after this.  Getting a lead’s decision would sometimes take time and would really require a car dealer’s patience.  However, this should never make them give up on a lead.  Unless the lead has not bought or declined yet, car dealers should not stop pursuing that potential sale.  One of the most effective ways to keep leads alive is by sending them frequent emails.

When writing an email to an automotive sales lead, car dealers should make it sincere and personal.  Sure, auto responders and CRMs can make a car dealer’s job a lot easier, but it will be better if the prospects would feel that they are communicating with a real person.  It is then ideal that whenever not needed, car dealers should do away with auto responders and email response templates.  Email marketing is a good way for car dealers to keep their leads interested in the dealership.  This can also convince them to buy from the dealership.  It is important that car dealers still nurture their leads even if they are confused and undecided because these leads can turn to other dealerships and buy from them instead anytime.

Car dealers can send newsletters and announcements to an automotive sales lead.  The newsletter should not just contain promotion for the dealership and its offers but also some interesting and helpful articles.  It should be both promotional and informative.  Car dealers should also moderate the frequency of sending such materials as the lead might get annoyed with the numerous emails flooding his or her inbox.  Aside from newsletters, car dealers can also send announcements of special offers, discounts, promos, events and new car models available at the lot to the leads.  These messages could be made personalized to sound like directly addressing the lead.  Sending these messages would make leads become more curious or curious again about the dealership’s offers.

Some leads just really take time before they decide.  When a car dealer do not give up on a lead and it eventually decided to buy a car, the car dealer do not lose the sale.

Is Your Dealership Website Converting?

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit


Car dealers promote their dealerships online by employing various Internet marketing strategies.  One of the most employed strategies is the search engine optimization or SEO.  SEO aims to make a website rank high on or appear at the first page of the search engine results to drive more traffic.  This is achieved by using various SEO techniques.  Why is traffic important?  When a website attracts more visitors or drives more traffic, the business has a higher chance of gaining profit.  Car dealers have been so focused on working on the optimization of their websites.  Some of them even spend lots of dollars to make their SEO efforts more competent and more efficient.

However, another factor that also makes the website sell is the conversion rate.  It is the percentage that expresses how much a dealership’s website turns visitors into automotive dealer leads and eventually to sales.  This is often neglected by car dealers.  Car dealers may achieve driving massive traffic to their websites but if the website does not convert that much, the massive traffic will not have much impact on the car dealer’s business.  Thus, car dealers should also put some effort on increasing their websites’ conversion rate.

One of the things they could do is encourage visitors to engage with them through communication.  They must provide their complete contact information including their telephone numbers, office address and email address in their Contact Us page.  The numbers should be aptly labeled so that when visitors call, they would be properly directed to the respective office.  Car dealers can also utilize live chat, the new helpful tool in engaging visitors.  Live chat allows visitors to contact the car dealer or a dealership staff for their queries.  This software in itself can also convert visitors to automotive dealer leads.

A car dealership website will also convert more visitors into automotive dealer leads if it has an appealing appearance and easy navigation.  Car dealers should just make their websites simple and easy to understand.  The content should also be interactive, informative and compelling.  The dealership website can be interactive if car dealers would put relevant and engaging photos, videos and other graphics.  They should also not forget to devote a page for their inventory.  The articles should also be helpful to the visitors and not just contain promotion.  Lastly, the content should be compelling to make the visitors take action.

In doing all these, car dealers should never forget to measure their performances by tracking their website’s traffic, rank and conversion rate on a regular basis.  It will also be helpful if they will evaluate their marketing efforts from time to time for further improvement.  If they are considering hiring the services of a lead provider like Approved Auto Leads, they should make sure that the lead generation techniques it employs are effective and appropriate.

How to Get Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit

There are various lead generation techniques available now that car dealers can use to promote their dealerships.  Although Internet marketing strategies have already been more popular and more effective than traditional techniques, there are still other techniques which car dealers can use to generate more leads.  Some offline and traditional techniques still work effectively in generating leads for car dealerships.  Here are a quick run through of some of those techniques that still work, including some traditional ones, in generating leads for car dealerships.

Telemarketing or cold calling still work these days.  However, it is no longer used by car dealers to randomly contact leads and to promote the dealership’s offers and ask if they might be interested.  Today, telemarketing is used supplement new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers often make phone calls to follow up the lead.  When contacting a lead, making a phone call is still more preferred than sending an email because it is more direct and personal.

Referral programs are also still used by some car dealers today.  This is one of the most effective lead generation techniques then as it involves personal and real testimonials.  Car dealers do this by offering an incentive to their existing clients who will be able to make a sale by referring the dealership’s offers to their family, friends or relatives.  The incentive will be a percentage from the sale, also called as commission.

Lead generation companies help car dealers generate more leads in a faster and easier way.  An example of a lead generation company, also called as lead providers, is Approved Auto Leads.  Lead providers are experts in executing marketing efforts to generate leads for car dealerships.  They test the authenticity and eligibility of lead they collect before delivering it to the car dealers.

Car dealers can also employ search engine optimization or SEO strategy in their websites.  This is the process of making a website appear at the first page of the search engine results to gain more exposure and attract more visitors.  When a car dealer’s website drive more traffic, it is more likely to make sales out of the visitors directed to it.  There are several SEO techniques that a car dealer can employ to drive more traffic to their website.  The dealership website also serves as conversion machine of visitors to leads and eventually to sales.

Not all traditional and offline lead generation techniques are ineffective.  Car dealers should still explore other marketing efforts other than Internet marketing strategies.  When both offline and online lead generation techniques are mastered by a car dealer, there is no question to how much leads he or she can generate.

How Lead Generation Services Help Car Dealers

Posted on: March 9th, 2012 by credit


When marketing in automotive industry grew with the advancement of technology, lead generation companies have also emerged.  These companies provide lead generation services for car dealers to help them increase their revenues.  Approved Auto Leads is an example.  Lead generation companies, sometimes called lead companies or lead providers, have made the job of car dealers easier by taking off a huge part of their work load which is finding auto sales leads.  Car dealers often neglect this task before when they spent more time on finding leads through traditional lead generation techniques. With the help of lead generation companies, car dealers can now focus more on pursuing leads and turning them into sales.  Car dealers can also acquire more auto sales leads with the help of a lead company rather than with their own efforts only.  They can even completely leave the lead generation task to the lead providers.  Here are other reasons why car dealers should consider hiring the services of a lead generation company.

Car dealers will only receive a certain number of leads at a specified time if they purchase from a lead generation company.  This is an advantage because they would be able to prepare on managing the leads when they come at the expected time and number.  When car dealers purchase auto sales leads from lead providers, they can choose how many leads they are willing to subscribe for; thus, the flow of leads is controlled.  Because of this, it is also easier for car dealers to manage and work on the leads especially if they have an efficient lead management system.  On the contrary, when they generate leads on their own, they could sometimes suddenly encounter an influx of leads which could be difficult to handle.

Lead providers have also made it simple for car dealers to contact leads.  Good lead companies provide comprehensive contact information along with other personal details of the lead.  They also screen the leads before delivering to car dealers.  In the screening process, the information acquired are verified and the qualification or the eligibility of the prospect is checked.  This saves car dealers time on having to qualify the leads one by one.  They can now immediately proceed to turning them into sales.

In summary, lead generation services allow car dealers to focus on making sales out of the auto sales leads, easily manage the leads and manage their finances.  All these advantages boil down to a greater advantage which is increase in revenues.  Car dealers have more chances of making sales when they acquire more leads.

Approved Auto Leads also offers lead management services, call center trainings and services for other businesses, lead sale and more.  Its ten years of experience suggest how lead generation services can rev up a business’ revenue.  Car dealers would just have to carefully select the best lead provider to maximize the benefits of lead generation services.

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