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Purchasing Internet Auto Leads from Lead Providers

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers now do not have to make random calls to find auto leads.  With the help of the Internet, car dealers can easily find interested car buyers.  Sometimes, the prospects themselves are even the ones who aggressively approach car dealers through online communication.  Auto leads generated and found in the Internet are called Internet auto leads.

When buying Internet auto leads, car dealers should ask the lead provider about the various lead generation techniques it uses to generate leads.  By this time, car dealers would know how well the lead provider knows the industry he or she is currently in and if he or she is knowledgeable about these things.  Two of the most important lead generation techniques employed by car dealers online are search engine optimization or SEO and email marketing.  SEO techniques are done to increase the page ranking of a website for it to attract more visitors or drive more traffic.  On the other hand, email marketing is an effective strategy to pursue Internet auto leads.  Car dealers should understand that when a lead provider abuses Internet marketing strategies, for example, it would only produce uninterested leads who were just deceived to sign up.

The quality of the leads are also important to consider in purchasing auto leads.  There are several ways by which car dealers can evaluate the quality of leads a lead provider generates.  One of them is by asking the lead provider about how they ensure that they only sell quality leads.  They can ask about the validation or screening process, the delivery time, exclusivity, and the like.  Leads should undergo a screening process first before being delivered to car dealers.  Screening includes verifying data for authenticity and evaluating the qualification of each lead.

It is also wise for car dealers to compare the prices of their prospective lead providers and choose the most affordable yet most credible one.  However, not all affordable leads are quality leads or will convert into sales.  Car dealers should then also consider the conversion rate of the leads they will be purchasing.  They should buy leads with high conversion rates.  However, these leads are usually expensive.  Nevertheless, if they will be buying cheap leads, these would least likely convert into sales because they have low conversion rates.

Approved Auto Leads is a lead provider that has been in the industry for ten years already.  In its experience, its clients have enjoyed the increase in the sales of their dealerships.  This end is not solely based on the lead provider’s effort or on the quality of leads it generates.  Although these are important factors, turning Internet auto leads into sales still requires more from the car dealers’ part.

Generate More Car Sales Leads by Driving Traffic to Your Site at Low Cost

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by credit

Search engine optimization or SEO techniques are supposed to make the website more visible in the search results to drive more traffic to the site.  However, this is not an easy task to accomplish and may even cost car dealers a lot.  If you are just starting to compete in the online automotive industry, consider employing the following low cost and free SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website and generate more car sales leads.

Web directories are depositories of websites arranged according to categories.  Some visitors go to these sites to conveniently find what they are looking for.  You should have your site listed in directories.  There are free and paid listings.  You can start with free listings first and see what happens.  When submitting your site to directories, always remember to supply all the required information and then place your site under the appropriate category.

Putting up a blog is also not expensive and there are also free blog providers.  You can start by posting articles about any topics relevant to automotives.  You can be creative by putting some videos and photos on your blog to make it more appealing to visitors.  Also make it simple and reader-friendly by employing a good layout and a nice theme.  Blogs should be maintained by regularly posting new articles.  To keep the blog alive, it should be maintained by regularly posting new articles.  It is also important that the articles are fresh so visitors always have something new to read.  The blog can generate car sales leads if visitors can find compelling and helpful information in it.

You can also try promoting your site in social networking sites like Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn.  All you have to do is create an account and create a page for your dealership  By doing this, you are enabling people to interact with you and learn more about your offers.  This also gains you more exposure and opportunities to reach out to car sales leads.

Participating in forums can also drive traffic to your site.  However, this should be done carefully as there are many forums which could ban you if they detected you as spam.  To avoid this, keep your comments relevant and make them genuine and intelligent.  It is too obvious if you will immediately direct the conversation to your dealership or mention the dealership name.  Forums with strict policies consider these actions as spam already.  However, since you are talking to real people, you can possibly turn them into leads and eventually into sales if you have earned their trust and were able to convince them to try your offer.  You can earn their trust by sounding like an expert.

As a beginner, you should understand that you will not immediately see the results of your SEO efforts because it will really take time.  However, you should still monitor the traffic driven to your website and the progress of your efforts.


Evaluating Dealership Leads Provider

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by credit

Lead providers like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers accomplish lead generation tasks—from finding to managing them.  However, not all lead providers can generate dealership leads that will help car dealers achieve an increase in revenue.  A good lead provider should be able to generate quality leads.  Quality leads are those that are really interested in the dealership’s offer or services, and have complete and verified contact information.  For car dealers to guarantee a good working relationship with a lead provider, they should thoroughly evaluate if the company is qualified.

When evaluating a lead provider, it is better if car dealers would call up their prospective providers, instead of just relying on reviews and online sources, to clarify and ask things.  Through the phone call, car dealers can ask the provider relevant and important questions to test the reliability of the company.  One of the things they should ask is the data validation process of the company.  This process is important as this is where the authenticity of the personal information provided, especially the contact information, will be tested.  Leads with inaccurate contact information are of no use to car dealers.  This is also where car dealers would know if the lead is qualified or not.  The company’s validation process ensures that they will only be selling their clients quality dealership leads.

Another point of evaluation is the lead generation techniques used by the lead provider.  Car dealers should work with lead providers that know what they are doing, especially the techniques they use to generate dealership leads.  They should also make sure that the lead provider rightly implements lead generation techniques to produce quality leads.  On the contrary, if a lead provider abusively employs SEO techniques, for example, by using deception or other tricks, they would just generate leads which were compelled or deceived into taking action.  Such leads are not considered as quality and have a very little chance of being converted into sales.

Car dealers should also make sure that the dealership leads sold to them are not sold to anyone else including non-competing third parties.  Why?  It is because leads might get disappointed with how their information were obtained by others who they did not contact.  The tendency is that they will blame the car dealer for divulging their information which the lead provider actually did.  Some lead providers sell the same information they sold to car dealers for added profit.  However, the implications of this transaction is bad.  Before finalizing partnership with a lead provider, car dealers should ensure the exclusivity of the leads they will be purchasing.

In conclusion, car dealers should only work with lead providers who generate quality leads.  Otherwise, seeking the services of such company would not help them at all.  Car dealers should then carefully select the best lead provider by following the aforementioned guidelines.

How Do Car Dealers Acquire Car Dealership Leads?

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit


Old methods of lead generation for car dealerships include mass-mediated techniques such as radio and television commercial ads, billboards, and jingles.  These techniques are no longer used by car dealers today as the online-based lead generation techniques have become more popular and have also been proven more effective.  Although finding leads have become quite less of a challenge for car dealers because of the new and easier ways of generating car dealership leads, car dealers still have to employ these techniques skillfully and effectively.

Attractive offers such as affiliate programs and incentives can attract more prospects.  Through affiliate programs, car dealers open their doors to people who want to partner with them.  The program invites anyone to earn extra income with the dealership by selling and promoting the dealership’s offers.  The affiliate does not have to be an existing client of the car dealer but should be capable and skillful in marketing the dealership.  The concept is almost the same with referral programs except the person in this program must be an existing client and would only recommend the dealership to his or her circle of influence.  Both programs are commission-based, which makes it attractive to car dealership leads.  Giving gifts or freebies as incentives could also convince prospects to take action in exchange for the item.

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers acquire car dealership leads.  They practically take the entire lead generation tasks of car dealers including marketing efforts, lead sale, lead management and sometimes call center services.  Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective means to acquire car dealership leads.  This is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to drive more traffic to the dealership website by improving its exposure in the search engine results.  SEO tasks may be tedious and time-consuming but they definitely generate leads for the dealership.  Lastly, car dealers can find leads in an aggressive and competitive environment such as the social media.  With social media, car dealers can reach out to billions of potential customers in a very short span of time.  SEO techniques are also applied in this platform.  Social networking sites like Facebook have strict policies on marketing practices but if car dealers would execute marketing strategies properly, they can successfully generate auto leads from these sites.

Other lead generation techniques that car dealers use to acquire a good number of leads are cold calling and email marketing.  These are now important to car dealers when pursuing leads.  All marketing strategies should be executed appropriately so car dealers can successfully generate leads with them.

How to Generate More Car Dealer Leads With SEO

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit

Search engine optimization or SEO is the most utilized Internet marketing strategy by businesses.  It enhances a website’s exposure in the World Wide Web by making it rank high among the search results of search engines.  A website will attract more visitors when it appears on the first page of the search results.  Car dealers have been using this strategy also as more people are now turning to the Internet, and not to newspapers or commercial ads anymore, to find what they need.  This strategy is an effective lead generation technique to acquire more car dealer leads.  However, car dealers have to properly learn the techniques to make more sales out of their dealership websites.

When creating a website, car dealers should consider what a visitor would want to see on a car dealer website.  They should never forget to provide their complete contact information, inventory of the available car models at their lot, frequently asked questions, and testimonials which are all helpful in driving more traffic to the site.  Car dealers should also make their websites interactive by putting relevant videos and photos.  The website should also have quality content.  A blog incorporated in the dealership website which contains relevant information that could help potential customers will help attract more visitors.  The articles should be fresh and informative.  The right keywords should also be used in the articles to effectively drive traffic.  One example of a very good content for a dealership website is auto reviews.  Auto reviews are one of the most searched information by interested car buyers.  If a dealership website has this, people would visit the site for the information.  These visitors could eventually be converted into car dealer leads.

SEO can also be applied in social media.  In fact, this is the most aggressive and one of the most effective platforms to execute SEO techniques.  Social media is composed of networks of people and is characterized by the concept of sharing information.  This kind of environment is definitely a fertile ground for car dealers to promote their dealership.  Moreover, the information shared in social media can spread like wildfire and can reach a tremendous number of people in just minutes or even seconds.  There are several SEO techniques used specifically for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Car dealers have to learn how to properly execute various SEO techniques to successfully drive more traffic to their site.  It will certainly take time before they will see the results.  In the meantime, they can seek help from lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads to make this task easier.

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