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Working On Having an Efficient Automotive Lead Management

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by credit

A car dealer has auto leads now in hand.  Now what?  The obvious answer to this is to turn these leads into sales.  But how will a car dealer exactly do that?  This is where right automotive lead management comes in.  A lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads may be able to deliver sure quality leads to a car dealer.  However, those leads will not significantly help increase the car dealer’s sales at all unless the car dealer will be able to manage them well.  Here are some important things that car dealers should keep in mind when drafting out a plan for their own automotive lead management system.

The first contact with the lead, particularly the response to their query, is crucial.  Car leads are expectant and they would appreciate a quick response.  Thus, car dealers should develop a response system that would quickly attend to the leads’ concerns.  Moreover, if car dealers would slack in responding to the leads, other dealers could steal the car lead’s interest from.  One way by which car dealers can make a quick response is by using auto-responders in emails.  They are programs that automatically sends the sender of the query a message of response or acknowledgment.  However, it is better for car dealers to personally answer queries in their own words whenever they are available to do so.  They can also respond via SMS or phone call.  On their first contact with the lead, car dealers should draw as much information as they can from the lead.  They should be able to get a hold of the lead’s preferences which could help them prepare for the negotiation.

Aside from auto-responders, another great tool for having an efficient automotive lead management is the customer relationship management or CRM software.  There are several CRM software available which are very helpful aids in managing car dealers’ sales relationships.  These software organize leads into a database, alert for any new leads, provide aid for call center service, identify repeat customers, enhance production and customer service, and many more.

Car dealers should also have a system and firm policies on keeping the leads’ personal information private and secured.  They should give their potential customers an assurance that they can keep the information that the applicants will be providing private.

Car dealers can also seek help from lead management companies which are also lead generation companies most of the time.  They usually provide services like lead generation, call center services, and lead sales.  Approved Auto Leads is an example.  It provides call center services to car dealerships which do not have their own call center department.  The staffs of Approved Auto Leads are guaranteed trained for and skillful in the job that they do.  In fact, Approved Auto Leads offer a call center service training for the sales representatives of car dealerships.  Companies like this and others can indeed be of great help to lighten the work load of car dealers.

Internet Automotive Dealership Marketing and Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by credit

Automotive dealership marketing is no longer limited to offline advertising and marketing strategies in the forms of radio and TV commercial ads, jingles, postcards, billboards, trade shows, and the like.  It is more diversified now with the internet as the main platform and tool to make auto dealer marketing more effective and competitive.  The discussion here would be about automotive dealership marketing in the context of the internet and how lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can make it more effective.

Building a good dealership website is the first step for car dealers to start their online campaign for their car dealership.  The website does not have to be complicated and impressive.  As long as it is user-friendly, interactive, informative, and substantial, it would keep on attracting visitors.  Car dealers should make an easy navigation for their website.  When people visit the site, they should not find it hard to find their way to the information they need.  It is better if car dealers would keep the website simple when it comes to navigation.  They should also put as much pictures, videos, graphics and effects as appropriate to make the site interactive.  A website with a good appearance attracts and impresses visitors.  More importantly and above all, car dealers should make sure that their website is informative and substantial.  The dealership website should contain helpful information which visitors could use as resources to help them find solutions and answers to their concerns and questions, respectively.  The website should also contain the company’s profile and contact information, portfolio of inventory, description of offers and other promos, and even car reviews.

The next step would be to promote this site in the world wide web by using search engine optimization or SEO techniques or any other internet automotive dealership marketing strategies that could make the website attract more potential customers.  There are some simple SEO techniques that a car dealer can do for free as a start.  He or she could list his or her dealership website in the different directories online.  These web directories contain all kinds of websites which are arranged and organized according to categories.  People sometimes utilize web directories to easily find what they are looking for.  There are also directories that are exclusively for auto dealerships only or anything related to that.  Car dealers can also start promoting the site by answering questions in Q&A websites.  This is an opportunity for them to show their expertise and share their knowledge to those who are seeking guidance and advice on car purchase.  Through this, they can also build up themselves as credible car dealerships which car buyers can trust.  They can also penetrate the social media which is a powerful platform to promote the dealership website.

Car dealers can also utilize the capability and expertise of lead generation companies in carrying out these automotive dealership marketing efforts.  Approved Auto Leads does not only take care of increasing the car dealer’s sale but it also is an expert in executing marketing strategies to generate quality leads for the dealership.  Lead generation companies are helpful aids to car dealers especially if this aspect of the business is already eating up their time for closing deals, which is likewise important.

What Kind of Auto Leads Should Car Dealers Purchase?

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers buy purchase auto leads to help them rev up their production and increase their sales.  However, this will only be possible if car dealers are buying the right kind of leads from a good lead generation company.  They should make sure that they only purchase quality leads.  Quality spells for car leads that converts into sales and are exclusive, fast and verified.  These are the characteristics that car dealers should look for in car leads before purchasing them from a lead provider.

Quality car leads converts into sales.  Car dealers can ensure this by buying leads with high conversion rate.  Although these may cost more than leads with low conversion rate, these will surely contribute to the growth of a car dealer’s sales.  Car dealers should always go for high-converting leads even if they are quite pricey.  With this, they would not have to keep on repeating orders frequently on leads with low conversion rate.

Quality leads are have real exclusivity.  This means that when the purchased auto leads are exclusive, car dealers are assured that they are not sold to other dealerships.  Exclusivity of leads can also be seen when the leads are not resold to a car dealer.  If a lead is just a resale, it was used by other dealerships already and would not be useful for another car dealer anymore.

Quality auto leads are also marked by freshness and are delivered fast.  Good lead generation companies would deliver leads to their clients fast.  This is an important feature that a lead generation company should possess.  Leads should be delivered as quickly as possible so that car dealers would have more time to close more deals.  Moreover, getting leads the soonest time possible also maintains the interest of the leads in the car dealer’s offers.  A good lead generation company should have an excellent system in ensuring that leads are quickly delivered to their clients.

Quality auto leads undergo a screening process.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads they are about to purchase undergo a screening process before they are delivered to car dealers.  The screening process include verification of the lead’s information to see whether they are authentic or not.  The screening process itself is to pre-qualify the applications.  This is the most systematic way to ensure that a car lead is of quality.

Approved Auto Leads screens every lead that enters their system and makes sure that they are authentic and qualified applicants.  A prospective customer would fill out an application form in Approved Auto Leads’ website.  Then, its system automatically assess the application for approval.  If it is qualified, the lead will be delivered to the client if it matches the client’s criteria for car leads. Approved Auto Leads is an example of a good lead provider which is committed to helping their partners increase their sales by providing the right kind of auto sales leads.

Efficient Auto Lead Generation Techniques Boost Car Sales

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit

The marketing aspect in automotive industry has advanced with technology.  Indeed, there are new forms and ways by which car dealers can represent their businesses in the market.  Traditional auto lead generation techniques such as, TV and radio commercial ads, billboards, referrals, and the like can still be used.  However, reality tells us that they are not that effective anymore in grabbing people’s attention.  New lead generation techniques involve the internet which makes everything fast, convenient, cheap and effective.  It also reaches a vast number of people.  Doing internet marketing strategies well and properly will definitely ensure a boost in a car dealer’s sale.

Telemarketing or cold calling is an old form of reaching out to prospect car buyers.  Even if in the internet age already, this auto lead generation technique still proves to be effective.  However, its purpose is slightly different now.  Car dealers give their auto leads a phone call for follow up purposes.  It is different from before when car dealers would have to randomly call people and find an interested car buyer from there.  Today, the leads being contacted have an initial negotiation with the car dealer already.  It is now also recommended that a phone call to a lead should not be all about promoting the offer and urging the lead to take it.  Car dealers should instead try to give alternatives to the lead who is, most of the time, having quite a lot of concerns that hinder him or her from making a decision.  Despite this change in how telemarketing is used, this technique is still effective in reaching out to prospective car buyers.

Car dealers can also generate leads efficiently with the help of auto lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads.  They would just have to buy auto leads from them and also let them do the marketing efforts.  However, car dealers should make sure that they only partner with a reputable lead generation company which certainly provides quality leads.  With the help of these companies, car dealers can spend more time on closing deals.  Lead companies rev up a car dealership’s production and also increase its sales.  Approved Auto Leads has been in the business of helping car dealers increase their revenues for 10 years now.  It stays committed to providing its partners with auto leads that will surely turn into sales.

Another way by which car dealers can do auto lead generation well is through search engine optimization or SEO.  This is a process in internet marketing where a website’s ranking in the search engines is enhanced to attract more visitors.  When car dealers learn this well, they can be sure to have a breakthrough in their sales.  However, they have to perform the SEO techniques they employ rightly.  Otherwise,  they would only generate bad leads.  SEO techniques are most effective when applied to writing articles for the dealership website, posting car dealership ads in different websites, and social media marketing.

Sales Challenges with Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by credit


Closing deals and boosting the sales seem to be the most challenging aspects of a car dealership business now.  The task of finding leads can be left with lead companies like Approved Auto Leads.  Turning leads into sales include convincing them to take the offer, promoting, responding to queries, and the like.  These are the tasks that car dealers have to learn to do skillfully to win the sales challenges of closing auto internet leads.

Communication skills are important in turning auto internet leads into sales.  Car dealers should be able to have the right choices of words both in oral and written communication.  Being skillful in this aspect will prevent misinterpretation and confusion between car dealers and their leads.  Car dealers should also understand leads to be able to communicate with them well.  Most auto leads would not want  to hear or read an all promotion sales talk from a car dealer.  There is one recommended attitude that car dealers should put on when communicating with the leads.  Instead of having a pure sales approach, they could show themselves to be someone who is willing to help interested car buyers find a solution to their needs, problems or concerns.

Responding to the leads’ queries is also a challenging task.  Car dealers should understand that auto internet leads are all expectant of a response from any car dealerships they have applied to.  Moreover, potential car buyers did not only submitted their information to one car dealership.  They often diversify their options applying in other sources.  Thus,  it is important for car dealers to respond to the queries as fast as they can.  This is what makes it challenging.  Before any dealerships ring the lead’s phone, a car dealer should have already done it first.  There are several ways by how car dealers can respond to them quickly.  In emails, they can use auto-responders which automatically sends a message to the sender of a query.  They can also rev up their sales team in answering calls fast.  Furthermore, it is also ideal that car dealers use the same medium  with which the lead contacted them to respond to their query.  This is the surest way of getting to them.  Moreover, car dealers should keep in mind that they do not have to try to sell immediately at their first contact with the prospects.  Instead, they should make it a goal to get their preferences first and know what kind of car buyers they are.  This helps them prepare for the negotiation and keeping them by not turning them off with an upfront sales approach.

Another challenge is doing follow up effectively.  Car dealers would not lose prospective customers  if they know how to do follow up effectively.  They can follow up auto internet leads by giving them a phone call or by sending them email messages.  Car dealers can make a phone call if the lead has not been responding to their emails anymore.  A phone call is for them to know the lead’s concerns and not to urge them to take their offer.  The purpose should be to find out what bothers them and give alternatives or solutions.  Meanwhile, car dealers can do follow up via email by sending the prospects informative and promotional newsletters, announcements on special offers, new car models, discounts or events, and the like.  In this way, car dealers are able to keep the lead interested by reminding them of their dealership’s offers and deals.

It is also a challenge for car dealers to have the lead come over at their office.  Most of the time, leads would not agree because if inconvenience and unavailability.  However, it is better that car dealers communicate with the prospects personally.  This also benefits car buyers if they meet with the dealer personally.  This ensures security and authenticity of the identities of two parties.

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