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Advantages of Lead Generation Services in Auto Marketing

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by credit

Aside from lead conversion, lead generation is another challenging task for dealers especially when they only have the traditional techniques to use. However, dealers today can simply hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads not only to generate leads for them but also to promote their dealership by using various auto marketing strategies. Here are some ways by how lead generation services help dealers a lot.

Lead generation services give dealers an easy access to hot leads. In general, lead generation companies employ a screening process where they make sure that the leads they generate are of good quality. Leads are good if they are from people who are interested in buying a vehicle. Pre-screened leads spare dealers from having to qualify leads and verify all the information provided by the prospects. Moreover, these are already people who are most likely to turn into sales which dealers can acquire effortlessly.

Dealers will also have more time to spend on converting leads into sales if they hire lead generation services. They will not have to put much effort in generating leads in expense of other important tasks. Lead generation companies can take that bulk of work off from the dealer’s shoulders and allow them to just focus on making more sales.

Dealers can also have a more controlled and accurate budgeting. When buying leads from a lead generation company, they can specify the number of leads that they only want to receive in respect with their budget, controlling also the influx of leads in their database. They can also choose the price per lead and pay only for the leads they receive. The return policy of lead generation companies guarantees a money-back for the bad leads that the dealer might accidentally receive.

Lead generation services also help dealers target prospects more effectively. In contrast with telemarketing where dealers have to cold call random prospects and have a high chance of being rejected over and over, lead generation companies can target a specific market. Dealers can specify the geographical and demographic scopes of the prospects they want their auto marketing efforts to zero in.

For the most part, aside from making a dealer’s auto marketing campaigns cost-efficient and more effective, lead generation services help increase a dealership’s revenue. Since dealers can deal with hot and targeted leads, there are more chances of them to make sales out of such leads.

Getting Special Finance Leads From the Right Provider

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by credit

Special finance leads are a way for car dealers to meet their sales quota and make more sales. It is also a cheaper way for them to acquire more prospects. However, dealers have to make sure that they are buying special finance leads from the best provider.

First, car dealers should make sure that their prospective lead provider is already experienced in providing special finance leads for at least 5 years already. It must have a proven track record and a good reputation in the industry. Car dealers can request for a list of its previous clients as references. They can also check the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to further assess the reliability of their prospective lead provider. Things that they can find in BBB’s database are BBB accreditation, company review, BBB’s rating, and a summary of complaints of the lead provider. It is important that car dealers deal with a professional and reputable lead provider.

Second, car dealers should also know the various lead generation techniques that their prospective lead provider employs. This is also necessary in evaluating a lead provider because the way lead generation techniques are used impacts the quality of leads that will be generated by those techniques. If those techniques are used abusively and inappropriately, they would produce bad leads. Car dealers should also know if the lead provider buys special finance leads from a third party, which is often the case for this type of leads. Car dealers have to ask about how they make sure that they are getting quality leads from the third party.

Third, a good lead provider must have a screening process where the leads they obtain are verified and pre-qualified before delivering them to their clients. Approved Auto Leads is an example of a lead generation company that employs a screening process. If a lead provider pre-screens leads, car dealers can be sure that the leads they will receive are most likely of quality. They would not also have to spend time on qualifying the leads. Car dealers should not forget to ask their prospective lead provider about this.

Finally, car dealers must choose a lead provider that has no unreasonable and unnecessary fees and charges. There are many lead providers who have abusive terms and rates. To avoid such providers, car dealers should take some time comparing offers from different lead providers. They should remember not to go beyond their budget.

Car dealers must only buy special finance auto leads from the best lead provider. They can experience more success in their dealership if they are working with the right partner.


Why Your Auto Leads Would Not Convert

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by credit

Converting leads into sales is not easy and many car dealers are having a hard time doing so. There are several reasons why an auto lead would not convert. However, if the problem is with you as the dealer who is mainly responsible for turning leads into sales, you may need to take time looking into your lead conversion system.

Many dealers are too focused on the quantity than the quality of leads. They would choose cheap leads so they can buy more leads, which they think bring them more chances of making sales. However, most cheap leads have low conversion rates. No matter how many leads you have bought, they would not bring you more sales if they are not of good quality. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. It is then better for you to spend on expensive leads with high conversion rate which are more likely to turn into sales.

Quality leads are basically those that are most likely to convert. They have complete contact details and are from people who are really interested in buying a vehicle. In order to generate quality leads, do a market research before launching any marketing campaigns. This will help you determine the right marketing strategies to employ to effectively attract prospects. Use also various marketing techniques appropriately and not abusively. You can also hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads.

Another reason car dealers fail to convert leads into sales is having a poor lead nurturing system. Lead nurturing is an important part of the lead conversion process. It is where dealers are supposed to keep their leads alive. Some signs of poor lead nurturing are lack of follow-up and an impersonal approach. Do follow-up through emails, phone calls, or mailers. Create an efficient system, including a schedule for each task, for this. Make it also personal. Address the prospects by their names and send them messages that are relevant to their needs, jobs, or interests. Keep in mind that unless an auto lead has already made a decision, do not stop reaching out to that prospect.

Lastly, a slow response is a major factor of lead conversion failure. Remember that you are in a tight competition and you need to get to your prospects first before your competitors do. Make your response quick through auto responders or by just being at your desk to respond to every queries you receive. Another reason a quick response is important is leads can easily turn to other options if they lost their interest in your dealership as you took so long before getting back to them.

Lead conversion indeed requires time and a considerable amount of effort in order to succeed. Take note of the tips mentioned above and start effectively converting your leads into sales now.


You Can Still Make Sales Through Effective Telemarketing

Posted on: April 29th, 2012 by credit

Telemarketing is one of the most effective traditional lead generation techniques. Even with the popularity of the Internet-based lead generation techniques today, which are deemed to be more effective and cost-efficient than traditional techniques, telemarketing remains an essential part in the process of converting car dealer leads into sales. This is something that you should give attention to when working your leads. You should understand that your part of converting the leads into sales is crucial in increasing your revenue. Here are some tips on how you can effectively use telemarketing to make sales.

You may have heard of the cliché that people today are living in a fast-paced world. It is true; that is why you have to keep up by responding to car dealer leads quickly. You should not forget your competitors who can immediately steal your potential customers away if you are too slow. You cannot afford to be late as the leads can likewise easily turn to other options. Being quick will prevent you from losing the interest of the leads and increase your chances of making sales.

When the phone is picked up, do not forget to introduce yourself and the company you are representing. Prospects would hate it if you start talking about your offer right away. Begin with a little background about the company first and try your best not to sound like you are just after converting the prospect into a sale. Verify the identity of the lead first through the information that he or she has provided. You would want to make sure that you are talking to the right person and that he or she is not bogus. Be conscious of your tone and the way you express yourself. Be friendly and sincere.

Make good offers to the leads that they cannot resist. However, there are times that a lead would have too many concerns that hold them back from making a decision immediately. In such cases, offer alternatives and let them know that you are trying to help. Try to get their preferences also by asking the right questions. If possible, modify your offers to suit their needs. It is also important that your sales representatives know your products and services well to do effective telemarketing.

Lastly, strive to invite car dealer leads over to your dealership. They might not always agree with the idea as many of them could be too busy and on a tight schedule. However, it is ideal to negotiate with them and finalize the deal in a personal setting. This is also a good way of knowing who your prospects are and building a relationship with them.

Points for Evaluating Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation and conversion tasks are tedious and could sometimes be overwhelming. Many auto dealers struggle with doing all the tasks well with the little time that they have. In most cases, they neglect one aspect while overdoing another. This imbalance is common especially when only the auto dealers and their team do the job themselves. However, auto lead providers like Approved Auto Leads can provide solutions to make the job of dealerships easier. They can take the bulk of the workload like lead generation tasks, allowing dealers to focus more on making sales. However, not all lead providers can help; dealers have to select the best one.

Is it reputable?

Not all auto lead providers perform well. There are those that eventually turn out to be abusive and even fraudulent. Some are not just able to provide a good service or incompetent. That is why it is important for dealers to pick out the best auto lead provider. One way is by evaluating its reputability. Dealers can check out the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to see if their prospective provider is registered. The higher the rating, the better. Dealers should also know since when a lead provider has started operation. It is better to work with a more experienced provider than with a newly established one. Dealers can be sure that they are experts on what they do and that they can provide quality service and right solutions if any problem arises. They can also read reviews and forums to learn more about a lead generation company.

How do they generate leads?

It is just important that dealers know how their lead provider generate leads. The way lead generation techniques are used affects the quality of leads that could be generated. Some effective lead generation techniques that a good lead provider should be using are PPC or pay-per-click marketing and SEO or search engine optimization. These are the most effective strategies in driving traffic to a dealership’s website. In order to generate quality leads through these, lead providers should not use them abusively. Dealers would not want to be sold with leads that are not really interested in buying a vehicle. If their prospective lead provider gets leads from a third-party, they should make sure that it knows how to check the quality of the leads they get.

Do they have a screening process?

Approved Auto Leads screens leads before delivering them to dealers. All lead providers should have the same process in ensuring the quality of leads they give their clients. In the screening process, all the information that a prospect provided are verified for legitimacy and accuracy. The leads will also be pre-qualified against the criteria for qualification of their dealer clients. If the leads are screened, it will be easier for dealers to manage the leads. They would not also have to do verification and qualify the leads themselves. It also eliminates bad leads or those that have incomplete or fake contact details. It is important that a lead provider employs a screening process to provide quality leads.


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