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Why Investing in Car Loan Leads is Worth It

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by credit

Not everyone can afford a car and with the current financial situation of most people across the globe, buying one is not that easy anymore. That is why, many have been into getting their car financed by taking out a loan. This is good news for car dealers and loan institutions. It means that there are more sales opportunities for them as people continue to seek financing for their own cars.

With this trend, car dealers should only have little to no hesitation when it comes to investing in car loan leads. Investing in generating, nurturing, and converting car loan leads is worth it, mainly because they give your dealership a boost in your sales and revenue. Another reason is lead generation techniques are now more advanced and aggressive which makes acquiring quality leads more possible. Here are some of the common and effective online lead generation techniques which you can use or lead providers like Approved Auto Leads use to generate leads.


Search engine optimization or SEO is an Internet marketing strategy that seeks to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results pages, increasing your website’s rank by driving more traffic to it. Various SEO techniques are used to meet this end. The most common ones are link building, anchoring texts, article writing, blogging, and directory listing. Some SEO techniques are free while some require payment. In order to have a successful SEO campaign for your dealership website, you need to give it your time and effort.

Social Media Marketing

The social media has been a popular and effective platform for an aggressive approach to marketing. Social media itself is an aggressive tool that spreads information quickly and reaches billions of people in just a short while. Unlike with SEO, social media marketing requires more interaction and engagement with your leads. It is through building a relationship with them, even in an online setting, will your prospects see you as a credible dealer. Thus, social media marketing also requires time for you to monitor and maintain interaction with your prospects.

Video Marketing

Video-sharing sites are also used to promote businesses. You just have to create an account in these sites and upload videos that promote your dealership. However, videos should not just contain pure promotion but it should also have some valuable content. People would certainly not want to watch a video that only talks about your dealership. Generate car loan leads by engaging people to your creative and informative videos, eventually causing them to consider your dealership as one of their options for car purchase and financing.

Reminders for Buying Leads

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by credit

Buying leads from a third party provider is indeed more convenient for car dealers and other businesses. Lead generation involves implementation of various marketing strategies which should be done on a regular basis. Balancing this with other dealership tasks, like dealership advertising and lead conversion, is a struggle for many car dealers. Sometimes, car dealers spend so much time on generating leads in expense of other important tasks. Although buying leads requires them to shell out extra cash, having a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads take off a heavy work load is still such a relief. However, dealers like you should have to keep some important things in mind when buying leads.

1. Make sure the lead provider can help you.

Since you want to achieve success in your dealership, it is just important that you work with a reliable and competent lead generation company. Not all lead providers work their best in generating leads for their clients. So, spend some time researching about your lead provider—their track record, BBB rating, years of experience, complaints filed against them, and the like. A lead provider with more years of experience in the industry is most likely credible. Moreover, find out if your lead provider is also getting leads from a third party. If so, ask them about how they make sure they are getting quality leads.

2. You should only buy quality leads.

Quality is a very important factor to consider when buying leads. Quality leads are those that are fresh, most likely to be converted, and have complete contact information. Lead providers produce quality leads if the leads they have generated undergo a screening process before being delivered to their clients. The screening process involves information verification and lead qualification. Quality leads are also produced if lead generation techniques were appropriately and strategically executed. Ask your lead provider about the various techniques they use and how they do them.

3. Leads must be delivered fast.

Buy leads from a lead provider that sends you leads quickly. This is important because if leads are not delivered fast, you will lose the interest of your prospects. Moreover, your competitors could get to them first. Your lead provider should understand this and be able to deliver you leads as quickly as possible.

4. Be more concerned about the conversion rate than the price.

When you buy leads, make sure that they will most likely convert into sales. Keep in mind that the price of the leads and their conversion rates always have to do something with each other. High converting leads are usually expensive while those that have low conversion rates are cheaper. In any event, focus on the leads’ capability of boosting your sales. Leads are a good investment especially if you know you are buying good ones. Moreover, it is also useless to buy leads that would not convert at all.

Using PPC in Generating More Automotive Leads

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by credit

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing strategy that aims to drive traffic to a website by publishing ads in websites and search engine results pages. From the name itself, pay-per-click, advertisers here pay publishers for every click that their ads get. In other words, advertisers pay for their website’s traffic. The cost per click is sometimes at a flat rate or bid-based. Like search engine optimization or SEO, keywords are also important in PPC marketing. Advertisers should use keywords in their ads that are relevant to their prospects’ behavior and needs.

PPC marketing is proven to be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. It indeed drives traffic to a website and generates leads for businesses. This is also true with car dealerships. Many dealers now have been investing in paying traffic for their dealership websites by displaying PPC ads.

To effectively generate automotive leads through PPC marketing, dealers not only have to know the right keywords to use but should also be able to create compelling text. Do not just advertise your dealership website by putting up ads. Make your ad trigger your prospects to click on it by engaging them. How would you do that? Create a compelling text. Remember that PPC ads are just like snippets which occupy little space in websites and search engine results pages. Thus, you can only tell so much to your prospects so tell them immediately what they need to do.

PPC marketing is like inviting someone to come over at your place. Once your guest agrees to visit you at home, you would want your house to be at its best, wouldn’t you? In the same way, if you are successful with creating a compelling text and making your prospects click on your ad, welcome them with a pleasant landing page. Displaying an ad that captures prospects is not the end of your PPC marketing campaign. Keep them and convert them into sales by creating a competent landing page. Therefore, put effort in creating and designing your landing page to successfully convert automotive leads into sales. Make them do another thing that is, to purchase from your dealership.

Indeed, PPC marketing is an effective lead generation technique for your dealership. If you are hiring the services of a lead generation company, like Approved Auto Leads, to generate leads for you, make sure that they are also knowledgeable in this kind of marketing strategy which not only promotes your dealership but also captures prospects.

How to Capture More Auto Internet Leads

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by credit

The Internet has been helping a lot of businesses generate more revenue. In the automotive industry, it has led dealers to turn online and even get social to promote their dealerships and acquire more sales. Auto internet leads have indeed been a competitive edge for car dealers. However, some are not maximizing the power of the Internet in generating leads and turning them into sales. Below are some tips on capturing more auto internet leads effectively.

While the Internet gives car dealers the competitive edge in the market, it also makes the competition tighter and tighter. To capture more internet leads and rise above the competition, you should learn from what your thriving competitors are doing. Know how and where they are getting their leads from. Observe their strategies and behavior. For example, if a dealer is acquiring more prospects in doing forum marketing, you might want to try it for your dealership as well.

Aside from observing your competitors’ moves, look at your prospects’ behavior, too. Behavior here refers to the attitude and response of your prospects toward your marketing efforts. What are the websites they usually go to? What pages in your website do they usually spend more time visiting? Do they enquire about your dealership by filling out your form? Do they respond to your emails, social media posts, or direct mails? Study and analyze your prospects’ attitudes and response and tailor your marketing efforts according to their behavior. In this way, you will be increasing your chances of capturing more auto internet leads.

Since you are capturing leads from the internet, make sure that your internet marketing strategies are appropriate and efficient. One of the most effective marketing strategies in the internet is SEO. The key to pulling off a successful SEO campaign is knowing and using the right keywords. Master this technique by doing more research about the most searched keywords related to your business and use them strategically, appropriately, and legally in your content. Maximize their usage by even renaming your photos with a relevant keyword. Do this and speed up your improvement in being more visible in search engine results pages.

Lastly, be valuable. Do not just generate leads for merely promoting your dealership. You would not capture more leads with this sole reason. To add value to your marketing efforts and dealership, provide your prospects some benefits like helpful information that could even address their concerns. By doing this, you are not only being valuable but you are also winning their trust and building your credibility. Remember that your content is directly communicates with your prospects so, make sure that they are effective.

Remember that auto internet leads need more aggressive approach. If you are able to do the aforementioned tips rightly, you could expect improvement and better results for your dealership.

Bad Credit Auto Leads Are Valuable Too

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by credit

Auto dealerships need to meet a certain amount of sales in order to stay in business. They will not be able to do this if they rely solely on walk-in clients. To look for potential clients, they often rely on auto leads so they can market their products to them. However, these auto leads are sometimes focused only on a specific group of people, namely, people who have good credit scores.

The economy is terrible these days. According to FICO, a huge number of Americans have poor credit scores. People who have poor credit scores cannot get auto loans through traditional means. However, this does not mean that these people are no longer interested in buying cars. It does not also mean that they do not have the capacity to pay for a new car. On the contrary, people with bad credit can get their auto financing from lenders that specialize in dealing with people like them. There are a number of reasons why a person has a bad credit score and in most cases, people with bad credit do whatever they can to change this. Auto dealerships must recognize that there is a gold mine among Americans with bad credit. They can look for these people by using bad credit auto leads.

Auto dealerships can hire companies that specialize in generating bad credit auto leads. These companies have a huge database of people who bought cars before or are interested in buying cars in the near future. Companies that specialize in these kinds of leads usually get their information from bad credit auto loan lenders. These companies can also provide other information such as age, gender and location as well. If auto dealerships combine both regular auto leads and bad credit auto leads, they can reach a bigger audience which translates to a higher profit margin for them. They should not be wary of getting people with bad credit as their customers even if at first it seems like a bad idea. People with bad credit are still potential customers and once they get funding from a lending institution, they are more than willing to buy a car.

When hiring a lead generator company, auto dealerships must make sure that these bad credit auto leads are generated in real time and are not outdated. A quality auto lead is usable and can guarantee a sale. They can look for bad auto lead generator companies online.

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