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Trigger Leads are Advantage, But Not All the Time

Posted on: June 26th, 2012 by credit

Trigger finance leads are information of people who have pulled out their credit reports from credit bureaus for the purpose of applying for a car loan. The very act of pulling out the credit report makes a person a trigger lead. Credit bureaus sell these leads to lenders and dealers but with only limited information. Typically, credit bureaus only provide the applicant’s name, telephone number, address, and some information relevant to the lender’s or dealer’s criteria.

If you noticed, only the telephone number of the applicant is provided by credit bureaus. They do not provide the mobile number and email address of the person. This what makes closing trigger leads highly competitive, but at the same time exciting. Your sales staffs would not have any other choice to reach the leads but to call them up—immediately. Otherwise, your competitors will get to them first. Your sales team, therefore, must be aggressive enough to get the attention of your trigger finance leads. If they get this right, you have a sure sale. However, trigger leads could also be nuisances in another perspective.

Remember that you’re not the only dealership who knows about trigger leads. Apparently, your competitors know about them too and they could be more aggressive than you are. The problem is when they try to get in the way while you try to convert your hard-earned leads into a sales. Think of this scenario: You are wondering why a prospect who has just called you and was so interested in your offer suddenly never called again. You would then find out that a competitor reached out to your prospect as they found out that he just pulled out his credit report. That would be devastating. So, how are you going to stop loosing your leads to your competitors who have become like almost experts in closing trigger leads?

One, talk to your leads upfront. Respond immediately after they have sent their query in. Warn them about other dealerships who might call them up and try to convince them to get their offers. In many cases, people blame lenders and dealers for giving out their information to other companies whom they haven’t talked to. You should avoid this from happening to you by informing your leads about such dealers and telling them not to entertain them.

Two, keep them interested even at your first contact with them. It is not that easy to do but you have to work toward making them satisfied with your offers that they would not want to consider other options. Lastly, be aggressive in closing your finance leads. Always keep in mind the various types of competitors you have around you. Train your sales department to be competitive in this area.

Basic Concepts in Internet Automotive Lead Generation

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by credit

Leads internet generation is the process of acquiring sales leads through the use of various internet marketing strategies. Generating leads using the internet has grown in popularity and made the automotive industry more competitive, especially as it recovers from the recent recession. Here are some terms and concepts that are important to understand especially for new dealers who are just beginning to build their dealership’s presence online.


Blogs are essential in online dealership marketing. Your dealership website should include a blog page where your visitors could find helpful information. The content of your blog must be informative rather than promotional. This means that although keeping a blog is part of your internet marketing strategy, its main purpose should not be to promote. Providing fresh, quality, genuine, and useful content for your visitors will build an image of your dealership that is trustworthy and credible. A dealership blog also helps a lot in driving more traffic to your site.

Keyword Research

This is an important skill to learn when marketing your dealership and generating leads online. Keyword research is done by using an online tool or software to find out what keywords are commonly keyed in by users in search engines. Once you obtained a list of these keywords, use them in your content—photos, videos, and articles—in your dealership website or blogs. The keywords and the content always have to be relevant to your business. Also, observe the regulations set by search engines in using most searched keywords in your content.


SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving your dealership website’s visibility in search engine results pages, making it appear as one of the top results. The end result would be an increase in traffic as people see your website right away as one of their search results. Some of the techniques used are directory listing, link building, forum marketing, and anchor texts. SEO does not yield results overnight. Although you would have to invest time, money, and effort, you will eventually reap a rich harvest from your SEO campaign. This is one of the most important and basic leads internet generation techniques that you have to learn, and perhaps master, in order to firmly establish your online presence.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are where your visitors will be directed when they click on an ad or link. These are essential in winning your visitors and turning them into leads successfully. Landing pages do not have to be grand but they just need to be simple enough not to confuse your visitors and to effectively cause them to take action. Moreover, they have to be engaging so as not to lose your prospects who are already in the verge of turning into sales.

When More Leads is Not Necessary to Make Profit

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 by credit

It is understood that dealerships like yours have to meet a particular quota of number of leads you should generate. There may be times when you have been acquiring enough, and perhaps sometimes even so much. However, you cannot expect that this will always be the case in your and other dealerships. There are times when you will only be acquiring fewer leads, especially if you are just relying on internet leads, depending on the season. There’s something that you have to know then: when and why do people not look for cars and car financing.

What should you do to make up in such seasons? A good solution could be making some adjustments in the sales process, which includes increasing the conversion rate. Here are some tips.

On your first contact with the auto loan lead, try to sound like you are excited to tell them that they are qualified for a loan. Tell them immediately what type of car and how much loan amount they are qualified for. In this way, you are creating a positive tone, making them feel that they are already approved. Moreover, keep in mind that on your first call, you are not to sell them a car or a financing program. Make it a point to convince the auto loan lead to come over to your dealership. In other words, he goal of the first call is to make an appointment with the lead.

Remember this: In order to avoid dilemmas in handling leads, never pull out a credit report or submit a loan application to lenders unless you were able to meet the lead in your dealership. Have them visit your site first before proceeding further with the loan application process.

Aside from increasing the conversion rate of your leads, you can also boost your marketing efforts. Promote competitive offers such as discounted car prices, lower interest rates, incentives, and promo deals. Use the available and timely resources to promote your dealership products. In the internet, use social media or email to spread the word about your dealership. You can also use traditional marketing efforts like direct mail marketing and auto sales events. These would not only generate you more leads but they can also turn into sales.

You should not lose hope when people seem to have not much interest in auto financing. In fact, subprime borrowers are resurfacing and are taking loans even if they are charged at premium. The reason is simple: With the economic crisis affecting household incomes, people need to secure their jobs, and in effect, their income. In order to do this, they’d need a car.

How to Effectively Use Live Chat to Win More Automotive Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by credit

Dealerships online have thought of a way to communicate with their prospects more easily, which also makes their dealership website more profitable. Employing an online program such as live chat has become popular among dealership websites today. It allows visitors to communicate with the dealership immediately if they have queries. In the same way, dealers can also turn them into sales right there and then. To maximize the advantages of live chat, keep the following tips.

Be available.

Make sure that there is always a sales rep on duty to respond quickly to visitors. The concept of live chat promotes immediacy and convenience. Thus, make sure that your use of live chat is serving that purpose well. Don’t keep your prospects waiting. If the sales rep is away from his desk, there has to be a responder that would inform the prospect that the representative is away and will be back shortly.

Be proactive.

Don’t forget to get the information of prospects who are contacting you. Do this early in your response. Get their full name, employer name, address, contact numbers, and other important information that you will be needing to keep in touch with them. It is also important to know their preferences on cars and understand what they need.

Be honest.

Never lie about your dealership just to win automotive dealership leads. Rather, answer all their questions honestly. Never ignore questions. If you are not sure how to answer one, just tell them that you’ll get back to it next time. Give them useful information instead of selling them cars and other products right away. However, you can still boast about your dealership’s strengths and track record.

Be persistent.

Although dealership live chat is conducive for you to instantly turn automotive dealership leads into sales on the spot, you cannot expect that it will always happen. Always be prepared then to persistently do follow-ups. After your first contact with a lead through your live chat program, follow through with other offers and promotional materials by sending them emails, direct mails, or by calling them sparingly. Remember also that you have to convince them to come over to your on-site dealership.

Be friendly.

Live chat can be likened as the modern telemarketing. However, you use written communication in live chat and not oral. Nevertheless, you still have to be friendly and watch the tone of your responses. Train your sales reps to communicate well with prospects. In addition, live chat is a very effective tool to establish rapport with your prospects. Make the conversation interactive and fun, but productive.

The Role of Social Media in Turning a Car Sales Lead Into a Loyal Customer

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by credit

The deal went smooth. Your sales staff did well. The customer was happy and it was a good sale. But not many dealers would really care about their post-purchase relationship with their customers. What should happen after the sale?

Social media has gained popularity as a helpful and effective tool in generating leads, promoting dealerships, and establishing relationships with prospects. However, it can also work the same way in promoting customer loyalty. The results of a recent study done by online-based providers of automotive marketing solutions and car information showed that social media, especially Facebook, plays a major role in the car buying process.

There are two major factors that affect the after-purchase response of a customer. They are experience with the dealership and experience with the vehicle. If a customer is happy with the dealership’s service and with the vehicle that he bought, it is most likely that he will continue his relationship with the dealership—avail other services, purchase a new vehicle in the future, or recommend the dealership to others. However, there is also a great effect when customers are not satisfied with their car purchase experience.

In the study, a small percentage of the respondents said that they do post negative reactions and comments on Facebook when they are not satisfied with their car purchase. The fact that such car buyers exist implies that people talk about their car purchase experience in social networking sites—whether good or bad—which could affect your dealership positively or negatively.

What is this to you now? Just like what has been pointed out, people who happily bought a new car would turn to social media to share the good news—or the bad news. This very action of car buyers is an effortless word of mouth marketing on your part. According to the study, more than half post something about their new car on Facebook. Thus, if customers are happy, you get instant promotion for your dealership as your customers talk about you and their new car.

There could be other good things social media and customer loyalty could bring your dealership. But what’s the secret of gaining customer loyalty after a car sales lead turn into a happy sale? The study concluded that it is all about building trust during the purchase phase of the car buying process and immediately after that. Establish lasting relationships with your customers. Remember that if customers are satisfied with your dealership, they wouldn’t feel the need to consider other options. They’ll stick with you. Moreover, having loyal customers brings you repeat purchases. Therefore, it is never a waste to invest time, money, and effort in building a strong relationship with a car sales lead when you know it’ll eventually yield great results.

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