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Automotive Mobile Marketing: Where to Start?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by credit

You don’t need statistics to know that mobile phones have become necessities for most people now. People bring their mobile phones with them anywhere they go. Some can even access the internet through their smartphones. So, why not reach out to potential car buyers through their mobile phones? If you are planning to start your automotive mobile marketing campaign to acquire more automotive dealer leads, here’s a quick overview.

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS, or what we refer to as text messaging, is deemed as the easiest way to communicate with prospects. It is also more cost-effective than direct mail marketing. You can also send a message to potential customers worldwide. Through text messages, you can promote your dealership, announce your upcoming sales events and webinars, communicate more calls to action, and inform potential customers about promos and special offers in a quick and brief manner.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

As the name suggests, MMS does not only include text but also music or sounds, videos, and photos. Dealership messages sent as MMS encourage participation, interaction, and engagement with prospects more. MMS has become more popular since mobile phones with color screens were released in the market. Today, with the popularity of smartphone use, MMS is more possible.

Mobile Websites

As mentioned earlier, many mobile subscribers access the internet through their smartphones. This is a great opportunity for dealers to bring their dealership websites to more potential customers by making them available on mobile phones. However, mobile phones have limitations; like your dealership website might not be compatible for viewing in mobile phones. Therefore, you need to create a mobile version of your website to make it accessible to mobile users. In creating a mobile version, use smaller pages, simpler web page designs, and provide information briefly.

QR Codes

QR codes or quick response codes are 2D bar codes that when scanned by a camera of a smartphone, the user will be taken to a landing page. This is an easy way for dealers to communicate to potential customers and acquire more automotive dealer leads as QR codes can reach both offline and online prospects. QR codes can be attached to business cards, direct mails, posters, web pages, coupons, and the like.

Mobile marketing can be used both for sales and service purposes. Dealers can sell their car models and services through promotions and special offers communicated through one of the mobile marketing forms mentioned above. In the same way, they can also cater to their existing customers by responding to their requests for service and setting appointments through text messaging.

Why and Why Not Purchase Automotive Trigger Leads?

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by credit

When a person is considering a car purchase,  he or she would pull out his or her credit report from a credit bureau.  The credit report is a major requirement for a car loan approval so that lenders will see if the loan applicant is qualified or not.  It is also the most crucial requirement because it contains the credit score which determines if the credit is good or bad.  The credit score tells the lender whether or not to approve the application and how much interest rate should be given to the borrower.

The credit inquiry done by either the borrower or a dealer or a lender results in auto trigger leads.  Credit bureaus can sell a borrower’s information, who just recently pulled out his or her credit, to car dealers thus, being termed as a trigger lead.

A trigger lead can be both beneficial and money-wasting to car dealers.  Car dealers can get auto trigger leads immediately—in an instant.  There is also a guarantee that these leads are fresh and recent because the leads’ credit inquiries happened within 24 hours.  Because of this, there is more time for car dealers to pursue these leads and turn them into sales.  Trigger leads are also affordable and are usually priced at the maximum of $1 each.

However, trigger leads may not be that effective in increasing the revenue of a car dealership.  They have a high rejection rate rather than high conversion rate.  Trigger leads are often inattentive to car dealers’ calls.  This is because they do not have an idea on how other car dealers got their information.  Take note that the borrowers did not apply in these car dealerships which are now trying to sell them their offers.  The borrower, then, may be puzzled and would not entertain the car dealer or sales representative.  Car dealers are also limited to some marketing strategies that they can only do to reach out to a trigger lead.  Most of the time, they can only do cold calling or telemarketing to close a deal.  Reaching trigger leads through email may not be possible at times because the email addresses are not usually provided.  On the other hand, contacting them through email may take longer before they get a response.

Buying trigger leads depend on the needs of a car dealership.  If a car dealership has an aggressive sales  team, they can be successful in stealing the lead and then close the deal.  Otherwise, they would just be wasting money for not successfully turning trigger leads into sales.  Moreover, if they also have an aggressive subprime team, they can make a rebound on the rejected leads and turn them into sales.  In general, the secret to getting auto leads say yes to a car dealer’s offer is having a quick and the right kind of response.

Generating Automotive Sales Leads

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by credit

The automotive industry has been more and more competitive especially in generating automotive sales leads.  There are two ways by which auto leads are generated now.  One way is when car dealers generate them with their own efforts and the other one is by purchasing them from lead generation companies.

Car dealers can generate automotive sales leads themselves either through conventional ways or Internet marketing strategies.  The conventional ways include telemarketing or cold calling, advertisements and referrals.  Cold calling is done by calling the prospect customer and offering the deal right there and then.  Although there have been many cases where these calls are turned down, many were still proven that this strategy actually work.  Advertisements through television commercials and print ads is also obviously conventional.  Although this is in less contact and interaction with the leads, they are effective in making the dealer’s offer noisy and sometimes, eventually public.  Dealerships also create referral programs where existing buyers can earn some sort of commission when they refer the company to others.  This indeed generates more leads while giving the buyers some sort of incentive.

These marketing strategies are done by dealers who believe that direct contact with the client is better and that these traditional strategies are more reliable.

Aside from traditional methods, car dealers generate automotive sales leads for themselves through Internet marketing strategies, which could still be quite new to some but are already proven effective.  The strategies include email marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, social media marketing, link building, and more.  The good thing about this type of marketing is it makes something viral.  If car dealers want a faster process for generating auto leads, they could try doing some of these strategies.

Car dealers also purchase automotive sales leads from lead generation companies. These companies do not only provide lists of prospect customers but some of them make sure that their clients get quality and comprehensive lists. Car dealers should look for these companies who only provide quality leads. This method of lead generation is much easier compared to the conventional and online methods where dealers have to really work it.  After lead companies forward the lists to their clients, it is an easy road ahead for the car dealers. They would just have to call the people included in the list. Moreover, good lead companies provide lists of people who applied for a loan most recently. This means that these people need a car and are most likely to purchase one.

Purchasing leads from lead companies are originally purposed to boost up the sales of the dealerships. However, dealerships should be aware of the lead companies who practice mediocrity. It has to be ensured that the lead company that will be chosen would really help the company and not pull it down instead.

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