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SubPrime Leads are the way to Future sales

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by credit

The automotive industry has taken and enormous hit over the past 24- 36 months. That being said lending has all but dried up for most dealers. With the market all but gone for the typically dealer that relies on TV, Radio, or billboard advertising. The attention quickly turned to what areas of advertising work best in this market. Internet automotive leads have allowed many dealerships the ability to enter into the sub prime market with little to no risk. However it must be said that not all Internet leads are for bad credit customers. We offer all types of car leads. They leads range from New car leads  all the way to sub prime leads.

Dealers today no longer have to take the “spay and pray” approach in marketing the dealership.  Tv advertising is going to get your message across to the masses and in fact when they are in the market for a car they might consider you.  Radio advertising is going to attract those customers in the car rushing to lunch or soccer pratice. Billboards only work in high traffic area, the amazing fact is all of these advertising mediums are for broad marketing, with the internet leads you are directing your advertising dollars to more of a ” sniper” approach. It is a fact that 85% of all car buyers will access they internet to do research before they make their final decision. What you are getting when you purchase internet leads is contacting that customer before they start to visit dealerships  you become the point of information for them versus the person in whom they hide informaition from. If in fact you provide these customers with accurate and honest information you can have a customer for life.





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