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Effective Auto Marketing with Lead Generation Companies

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by credit

Lead generation is the process of gathering information of potential customers by capturing their interest through various marketing strategies with the aim to increase the revenue of a business.  Lead generation in auto marketing has been more competitive as the Internet gave rise to new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers have learned to use these new methods and found them more effective than the old methods.  Consequently, many car dealers now do way with the traditional lead generation techniques such as, television and radio commercial ads, billboards, and jingles as they keep up with the new trend in auto marketing.  Traditional lead generation techniques are now considered by many as ineffective and obsolete.

Lead generation tasks are not easy and they may be overwhelming for car dealers.  They could even neglect spending time on closing deals.  In this case, car dealers can ask help from a lead generation company.  Lead generation companies practically shoulder auto marketing tasks such as implementation of lead generation techniques, cold calling, and the like.  Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that utilizes effective lead generation techniques to generate quality leads for its car dealer clients.  It also provides call center training for the sales staffs of car dealerships.  Lead generation companies also offer appointment setting and sometimes, lead management.

Availing the services of a lead generation company could rev up a car dealership’s sales.  Not only do car dealers get to focus more on converting leads into sales but they also enjoy other advantages of lead generation services.  With help of a lead generation company, a car dealer would be able to manage his or her leads well.  Since lead deliveries are controlled, car dealers will also be able to handle all leads because there is only a certain number of leads coming in per month.  Leads provided by lead generation companies can be considered hot leads because they have already shown interest in the car dealer’s offer by submitting their application.  Car dealers can directly contact these prospects, especially the most important ones.    Moreover, with a comprehensive information of leads in hand, they can even customize loan offers to meet a lead’s needs.  This gives them a higher chance of closing more deals at the end of the day.  The greatest advantage of lead generation companies is the increase in revenue of car dealerships.  Approved Auto Leads has been in this business for ten years and it has helped a lot of dealerships to achieve progress in their sales.  Indeed, auto marketing can be more efficient and competent with the help of lead generation companies.

Effective Automotive Lead Generation Techniques Car Dealers Might be Missing Out

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by credit


Since the Internet has radically moved the way car dealers do automotive lead generation, car dealers have more lead generation techniques now which are more effective and fast-paced.  However, even if these techniques will indeed rev up a car dealership’s revenue, car dealers would still have to wisely pick the most effective techniques and pull them off well.  Here are some of  the effective techniques that car dealers might be missing out on trying.


Car dealers can now have a helper in carrying out lead generation tasks.  Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads offer services such as telemarketing, lead generation, lead management and call center services.  They make the job of car dealers easier by selling them leads.  Car dealers can handle all the leads they acquire from the lead companies because they only come in at a certain number.  They can also focus more on turning these leads into sales than on finding them.  The latter becomes now the job of lead generation companies.


Car dealers can also explore other automotive lead generation techniques by offering incentives or special offers to their leads if they purchase from them.  This could be in a form of gift certificates, freebies, gadgets, attractive auto loan promos and discounts, and the like.  The goal of this technique is to draw the attention of potential customers to the car dealership’s offers.  However, car dealers should avoid making these offers too good to be true or hoax.  Neither of these would attract prospects but would rather taint the image of the car dealership.


Another effective technique is the search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the most fundamental process applied in most Internet marketing strategies.  However, there are still car dealers who get intimidated with the newness of this strategy and would not want to deviate from the conventional.  SEO techniques are effective as they reach more potential customers in the Internet.  The car dealer should have a simple and functional dealership website which is capable of turning visitors into leads.  One of the effective but unpopular SEO techniques is directory listing.  There are online directories which are depositories of all sorts of websites.  These are visited by surfers when they are looking for something.  Car dealers should have their site listed in these directories to gain more exposure and attract more visitors.  Car dealers should not also get intimidated with how SEO techniques are applied in social media.  These could be really new things for car dealers who have been in the industry for quite some time already.  However, they are easy to learn and understand and, sooner or later, dealers will come up with their own strategies.


Car dealers should not miss out on the ability of these automotive lead generation techniques to bring them more profit.  It will not hurt if they will explore other marketing strategies for the profitability of their dealerships.  They should just not abuse these techniques and keep it legal.

Why and Why Not Purchase Automotive Trigger Leads?

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by credit

When a person is considering a car purchase,  he or she would pull out his or her credit report from a credit bureau.  The credit report is a major requirement for a car loan approval so that lenders will see if the loan applicant is qualified or not.  It is also the most crucial requirement because it contains the credit score which determines if the credit is good or bad.  The credit score tells the lender whether or not to approve the application and how much interest rate should be given to the borrower.

The credit inquiry done by either the borrower or a dealer or a lender results in auto trigger leads.  Credit bureaus can sell a borrower’s information, who just recently pulled out his or her credit, to car dealers thus, being termed as a trigger lead.

A trigger lead can be both beneficial and money-wasting to car dealers.  Car dealers can get auto trigger leads immediately—in an instant.  There is also a guarantee that these leads are fresh and recent because the leads’ credit inquiries happened within 24 hours.  Because of this, there is more time for car dealers to pursue these leads and turn them into sales.  Trigger leads are also affordable and are usually priced at the maximum of $1 each.

However, trigger leads may not be that effective in increasing the revenue of a car dealership.  They have a high rejection rate rather than high conversion rate.  Trigger leads are often inattentive to car dealers’ calls.  This is because they do not have an idea on how other car dealers got their information.  Take note that the borrowers did not apply in these car dealerships which are now trying to sell them their offers.  The borrower, then, may be puzzled and would not entertain the car dealer or sales representative.  Car dealers are also limited to some marketing strategies that they can only do to reach out to a trigger lead.  Most of the time, they can only do cold calling or telemarketing to close a deal.  Reaching trigger leads through email may not be possible at times because the email addresses are not usually provided.  On the other hand, contacting them through email may take longer before they get a response.

Buying trigger leads depend on the needs of a car dealership.  If a car dealership has an aggressive sales  team, they can be successful in stealing the lead and then close the deal.  Otherwise, they would just be wasting money for not successfully turning trigger leads into sales.  Moreover, if they also have an aggressive subprime team, they can make a rebound on the rejected leads and turn them into sales.  In general, the secret to getting auto leads say yes to a car dealer’s offer is having a quick and the right kind of response.

Basic Things About Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by credit


Car buyers would often need a car loan to make a car purchase.  Upon loan application, they would first be asked to fill the application form in with necessary personal information.  The information they have provided are then included in the lender’s or car dealer’s database for record.  These are called auto dealer leads.  Therefore, auto dealer leads are information provided by car loan applicants, or to put it simpler, they are information from prospect car buyers.

There are different types of auto leads.  Special finance leads are information about borrowers who have subprime credit scores and would only qualify for bad credit auto loans.  Used car leads are those who are taking a car loan for their used car purchase.  New car leads are those people seeking a new car loan.  There are also two types of leads depending on how they are sold.  Exclusive leads are sold to one client only.  This allows a car dealer monopolize on the deal and there is a higher chance for him or her to close the deal.  The other type is the non exclusive leads.  The leads here are sold to other dealerships thus, creating a more competitive environment for car dealers.

Car dealers can get auto dealer leads through a lot of ways.  Telemarketing is one of the most effective traditional lead generation technique that turns in real sales.  Another effective technique is through referral programs.  Car dealers here give their existing customers an incentive if they are able to bring in a potential car buyer to the car dealership who eventually became a sale.  Car dealers can also get leads from the Internet through the use of the different Internet marketing strategies.  Internet lead generation is the newest technique in generating leads.  Aside from that, another new way to generate auto leads is availing the services of lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads.  They not only do the marketing aspect for the car dealership but they also collect the leads generated by their marketing efforts and sell these to their car dealer clients.

Buying auto dealer leads can do so much for car dealers.  Approved Auto Leads, a lead generation company established for ten years now, has helped its clients increase their sales.  They make the work of car dealers easier by taking  lead generation tasks off their shoulders.  They can do it properly and professionally.  Car dealers now can concentrate their time and effort in turning leads into sales.  Unlike before, they do not have to consume most of their time in finding and chasing after leads.

How Lead Providers Bring Consumers Closer to Auto Dealers

Posted on: February 18th, 2012 by credit


Auto dealers depend on lead providers to help them create sales.  Because people seldom walk into the dealership showrooms these days, dealers have to seek the buyers themselves.  They are able to do this with the assistance of lead companies, or those that generate the auto leads.  It is the task of lead generators to bring the consumers closer to the auto dealers.

Leads are actually potential customers—their names and other crucial information are contained in a lead.  The leads are sent to the dealers, which would then pursue them in hopes of closing a deal.  Since dealers have the prospective buyers’ contact information thanks to the lead, they can easily reach the buyers and make an offer.

The main responsibility of lead providers is finding those individuals who are determined to make a purchase.  However, they do not merely locate the consumers.  They also obtain the information needed by dealers such as the name, contact details as well as the vehicle preference.  After they find the prospective buyers and get their information, they have to review the applications before sending them to the appropriate dealer.  Lead generators do not send all the leads they get to their client dealers.  They make sure that the customer is within the dealer’s specified region or area and that he or she matches the dealer’s requirements.  If both qualifications are met, the lead provider would then send the leads to the dealer.  This is how lead companies close the gap between the buyers and the sellers.

Lead companies use a variety of ways to locate prospective auto buyers.  Most of the techniques utilize the Internet.  Using the Internet to find potential customers is very effective since most consumers are already online.  When a consumer needs a product or a service, he or she usually goes online to find it with the help of the search engines.  It is said that at present, most auto buyers do their shopping online, and this is the reason they no longer visit the dealer showrooms.  They only drop by the dealerships when they already have made a decision and are ready to take the chosen vehicle for test drive.  Since the buyers look for their purchases on the Web, it would be sensible for lead providers to look for the buyers in the same place.  This is the reason most lead generation companies are based online, including Approved Auto Leads.

The lead providers that dealers often choose are those that sell real time and exclusive leads, and Approved Auto Leads is such provider.  Real time and exclusive leads are preferred by dealers because these have greater chances of sales conversion.  They are fresh and updated; because no other dealer has access to such leads, the dealer that got the leads have better chances of closing the deal.  Hence, Approved Auto Leads does not merely bring the consumers closer to dealers; it also guarantees better sales.

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