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Simple Ways to Engage Prospects in Twitter

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by credit

Aside from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, the microblogging site Twitter is also one of the most effective social media platforms in capturing prospects and making sales. In the automotive industry, Twitter functions likewise in generating more dealership auto leads and sustaining interest among car shoppers.

In a recent study, Buddy Media found interesting results about Twitter and its function in engaging followers. It then suggested a few ways on how Twitter can better be used for more effective engagement. The following tips are based on its suggestions:

1. Tweet at the best time.

It is important for you dealers to know when is the best time to tweet. The study revealed that weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are the days with the highest rate of engagement. Moreover, tweets are also effective during busy hours that is, 8AM to 7PM, in any day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.

Finding out the best time to provide content in social media, especially that is often done with the intention of attracting more dealership auto leads, is as much important as knowing the best time to make sales calls in telemarketing. You don’t want to just throw content out of the window not knowing where will it land. Make sure that each of your effort counts.

2. Do not overdo tweets.

The study found that more tweets do not necessarily result in more effective engagement. The data showed that a maximum of 4 tweets a day is enough to capture audience. Tweet more and you will most likely lose engagement. In addition, the principle “the shorter, the better” also applies in tweets. The study found that tweets that have less than 100 characters receive engagement 17% higher than longer tweets do.

3. Utilize available resources.

Social networking sites are very capable of capturing prospects for you. You just have to know well how they work and what are they capable of to achieve that end. Twitter has many features that can help you engage more followers. Some of these are hashtags, links, photos, and videos. Hashtags help your tweet, as well as your profile and brand, to spread in the Twitter-sphere. You can also include a link in your tweet. Just make sure, though, that the links work; otherwise, you will lose engagement, as Buddy Media found. Meanwhile, photos and videos always work in grabbing attention and capturing audience interests.

4. Tell them what to do next.

This simply talks about calls to action and this can be easily done by telling people to retweet. Retweets increase engagement rate especially when you tell you directly tell your followers to retweet. However, make sure that your content, or tweet, is worth sharing with others. This could be challenging and you may be needing more creative minds in your dealership. Nevertheless, in social media marketing, do not forget to compel your prospects and your customers to take action.

Writing Effective Facebook Posts to Generate Leads

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by credit

Facebook is one of the most effective social networking sites that dealerships use today to reach out to more potential car buyers and make effective their marketing and reputation management efforts. However, there are many dealers who use the social network site wrongly. For example, content is vital in social media marketing but wall posts of some dealerships in Facebook are problematic—not even effective in generating car dealership leads. If you are also experiencing the same dilemma, take a look at the following principles:


In any case of providing content, the audience is always considered. For example, an editor of a tabloid makes sure that his front page headline is really attention-grabbing as his tabloid competes with the numerous tabloids around it in a newspaper stand. The editor would play with words to catch the attention of his readers. This same principle can be applied to writing Facebook posts. What do your audience look for? What do they need to see in a dealership fan page? What topics or kinds of post interest them? Find these out and you’ll be able to capture audience.


The Internet features speed because users demand speed in acquiring information. This means that even if some people spend long hours being on Facebook, they don’t really have the patience to read long posts. They are more of scanning posts than intentionally reading them. Therefore, your wall posts on your Facebook page must be short. The shorter the post is, the more engagement it gets. Twitter, for instance, does a good job in keeping tweets 140-character-long only. The good thing about being brief is that your audience can quickly get you message without taking too much of their time.


Don’t limit your posts to words only. Remember that Facebook also allows posting of videos, photos, and links. Use these resources to make your dealership Facebook wall more effective. However, make sure to keep all content relevant and appealing. You can post short commercials, interviews, photos of new car models available in your car lot and sales events, and the like.

Call to Action

A typical Facebook post from an ordinary user would not have a call to action. However, since Facebook here is used for marketing purposes, a call to action is necessary. Calls to action tell your audience what to do next after reading your post. Drive them to your other social network pages or dealership website, tell to them to register for a webinar or sales event, or urge them to take advantage of a limited offer.


Facebook is a social networking site and this means that it is meant for interaction. Social media is not meant for businesses to sell but to primarily build relationships with prospects and existing customers. Keeping such perception about social media enables you to formulate strategies that can generate more car dealership leads.

Qualities of a Poor Lead Generation System in Dealerships

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by credit

Although there are some problems and challenges a business like dealerships would normally face, there are obvious and ominous mistakes that dealers do which kill their business. These cause them to either stay in the doldrums or fail. See if you can identify with any of the following qualities of a poor car sales lead generation system enumerated below.


Dealers who are obsessed with filling their dealership websites and social media pages with very nice graphics and acquiring numerous likes and comments can be considered as vain. Such dealers are having too much fun designing their dealership websites and painstakingly choosing the best layout and theme for it. They would make sure that the graphics and other visual effects are highly impressive to the visitors. In social media setting, there are dealers who would pour their car sales lead generation efforts on getting as much attention as they can. Being this vain is obviously a huge mistake.

Strictly Traditional

Some dealers are not willing to diversify their car sales lead generation efforts and still opt to stick with the traditional methods or principles. This won’t get them more profit because they are already way behind the competition. Instead, they have to keep pace with the competition and with the dealers who have already revolutionized their lead generation systems. Start utilizing the available lead generation mediums and tools today. There’s more to direct mails and telemarketing. Learn how to use mobile, websites, and the social media to generate more car sales leads.

The Always-Too-Excited Sales Person

Being aggressive in sales is good as it puts you in an advantage in the competition. However, being too excited to make more sales, as in taking advantage of each and every opportunity, can be out-of-place especially with today’s technology. For example, many dealers have the wrong notion about social media. They think that it is a sales tool. The truth is, it is not. It is rather a place where you can build relationships with prospects and customers, establish good reputation, and foster customer loyalty. Increase in sales come as an effect of an excellent social media marketing efforts instead.

Empty Words

Content is vital in internet marketing strategies particularly in social media and SEO. Poor content would consist of irrelevant graphics and topics, wrong choice of keywords, pure promotion, and spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that all types of content in your dealership websites, blogs, and social media pages are relevant to your prospects’ needs and interests. Learn how to use keyword research tools which can provide for you lists of most searched keywords that you can use for your articles to drive more traffic. Content must not also be purely promotional; your prospects need information. And lastly, and the most basic of all, make sure that your content is free from grammatical and spelling errors by proofreading it before getting it published.

Starting a Habit of Following Up Car Dealer Leads

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by credit

Studies show that many car dealers, and other businesses, fail to make the most of their leads because they don’t follow them up. One of the reasons is they are not just used to it. If they keep moving toward this direction, they will keep on losing sales which they could have acquired had they pursued their leads further. The following are some tips for effective lead follow-up and if you are one of the car dealers who are not taking follow-ups seriously, you can start developing the habit with these points:

Be Quick

Responding to your car dealer leads quickly is crucial in converting them into sales. Your response time is directly proportional to the likeliness of converting a lead into a sale. Moreover, studies show that consumers value getting answers to their queries fast. Getting back to your leads quickly is important because your competitors are also working fast. If you respond to your leads late, your competitors can snatch the interest of your leads out of your hand.

Provide Information Generously

The car buying process usually takes a long time. Normally, car buyers would not immediately purchase a car from a certain dealership. That is also why developing a habit of lead follow-up is important. Patiently wait for the lead’s decision and when he or she comes back to you to learn more about your offer and dealership, don’t hesitate to give honest and complete answers. Give them the information they are asking for. In order for this to make an impact to your follow-up efforts, train your sales people to have excellent product knowledge.

Utilize Every Medium Available

Giving your car dealer leads a call is not just the only way to follow them up. You can send them promotional messages, newsletters, greetings, and the like via email and direct mail. You can also invite them to join your social media community where they can learn more about your offers and company and interact with other car shoppers. This can also make them more interested about your dealership. If you have the budget, go extra mile and go mobile. Reach your prospects and customers through their mobile devices by sending them text messages and making your dealership website accessible right in their phones.

Motivate Your Sales People

Generating, following up, and converting car dealer leads are not easy tasks that can be done by you alone. You need a team and your sales people are the ones you can rely to to make these efforts effective and successful. Thus, motivate them to generate more leads and close more sales and to do these passionately and excellently by giving them incentives. This way, they will work hard, taking lead follow-up seriously, to make more sales for the dealership.

Get Real Leads by Showing Real People

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by credit

With today’s trend in marketing dealerships, generating sales leads, and even closing sales, the internet has been playing a vital role. Aside from being rapid in sharing information, the internet also features anonymity, the state of being unknown. Dealers can always hide their real names behind an alias and some of them event tell their salespeople to do the same. They communicate with an automotive sales lead without a real name and a real face. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Keeping it this way may work fine in some dealerships. However, there are already many cases where showing online car shoppers the real people behind a dealership attracts more prospects and closes more sales. If you want to rev up your automotive sales lead acquisition and conversion, start showing your prospects real faces.

Engage in conversations. This is a basic in social media marketing. Social media is all about interaction and conversations. Check your social media channels regularly and post videos, photos, and any relevant and interesting content. Answer your followers’ or fans’ questions, reply to comments, or join in discussions. Stay active in your social media channels and keep them lively. Make sure that they are always interactive.

Post real photos. Your prospects would trust your dealership more if they see that there are real things happening in your dealership. Post photos of your events, staffs, and even of yourself. You can also share photos of happy car buyers or winners of your promos. Moreover, you and your sales people should also show your real faces on your social media channels by making your own photos your profile pictures. This way, your followers would know that they are interacting with real people.

Focus on building reputation and relationship than attracting more leads and making more sales. As has been pointed out earlier, keep in mind that social media is primarily for interaction. Therefore, concentrate on establishing your dealership’s brand as credible and reputable. Work also on building rapport with your prospects and existing customers. If you focus too much on sales, you would either lose more leads or fail in your automotive sales lead generation efforts through your social media channels.

Showing your audience online that your dealership is indeed made up of real people impacts how they look at your dealership. Believe it or not, it does so much for your reputation, gaining more trust from potential car buyers. It also helps foster customer loyalty by keeping your customers updated with the affairs in your dealership and developing a stronger relationship with them. Making your social media presence automated may indeed save you a lot of time and energy. However, ponder on the cons of this decision and weigh them against the benefits of going manual and real.

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