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Writing Effective Facebook Posts to Generate Leads

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by credit

Facebook is one of the most effective social networking sites that dealerships use today to reach out to more potential car buyers and make effective their marketing and reputation management efforts. However, there are many dealers who use the social network site wrongly. For example, content is vital in social media marketing but wall posts of some dealerships in Facebook are problematic—not even effective in generating car dealership leads. If you are also experiencing the same dilemma, take a look at the following principles:


In any case of providing content, the audience is always considered. For example, an editor of a tabloid makes sure that his front page headline is really attention-grabbing as his tabloid competes with the numerous tabloids around it in a newspaper stand. The editor would play with words to catch the attention of his readers. This same principle can be applied to writing Facebook posts. What do your audience look for? What do they need to see in a dealership fan page? What topics or kinds of post interest them? Find these out and you’ll be able to capture audience.


The Internet features speed because users demand speed in acquiring information. This means that even if some people spend long hours being on Facebook, they don’t really have the patience to read long posts. They are more of scanning posts than intentionally reading them. Therefore, your wall posts on your Facebook page must be short. The shorter the post is, the more engagement it gets. Twitter, for instance, does a good job in keeping tweets 140-character-long only. The good thing about being brief is that your audience can quickly get you message without taking too much of their time.


Don’t limit your posts to words only. Remember that Facebook also allows posting of videos, photos, and links. Use these resources to make your dealership Facebook wall more effective. However, make sure to keep all content relevant and appealing. You can post short commercials, interviews, photos of new car models available in your car lot and sales events, and the like.

Call to Action

A typical Facebook post from an ordinary user would not have a call to action. However, since Facebook here is used for marketing purposes, a call to action is necessary. Calls to action tell your audience what to do next after reading your post. Drive them to your other social network pages or dealership website, tell to them to register for a webinar or sales event, or urge them to take advantage of a limited offer.


Facebook is a social networking site and this means that it is meant for interaction. Social media is not meant for businesses to sell but to primarily build relationships with prospects and existing customers. Keeping such perception about social media enables you to formulate strategies that can generate more car dealership leads.

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