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Truths About Trigger Leads

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by credit

What are auto trigger leads? These are information of people seeking financing for a car purchase. Some credit bureaus sell them to dealers like you. This act is not illegal but there are some drawbacks of resorting to trigger leads to boost your dealership’s sales.

One, many prospects hate cold calls and you have no other way to contact them but through giving them a call. Why? Although credit bureaus are permitted to sell consumer credit information, they can also give limited information. In most cases, a trigger lead is sold with just the complete name, address, and contact number of the person. The email address is often not included. Thus, cold calling the leads is your only way to reach out to them. However, as has been pointed out, prospects do not like receiving random sales or promotional calls. Moreover, they might get furious about the fact that you were able to contact them without them giving their information to you first. As a possible effect, your lead generation and conversion processes might get ruined. It could also smear your dealership’s reputation.

Two, responding to trigger leads require aggressiveness and speed which your salespeople should have. Since these leads come from credit bureaus—from people who have inquired about their credit rating—these people most probably have started shopping for cars and financing already. Thus, the goal is to get to them first. Upon receiving the leads, your salespeople should be proactive in dialing the numbers immediately, determined to get the sale.

Three, you can lose your customers to trigger leads. Consider the point discussed in the preceding paragraph. If you are buying trigger auto leads, you need to be aggressive in order to get to the lead first and close the sale. Looking at it in a different perspective, whether or not you are buying trigger auto leads, you can be a victim of those who do. They buy information of people who recently pulled out a copy of their credit report and cold call them as soon and as quickly as possible. If you are not aware that such competitors exist and you have a poor response time, you will definitely lose your soon-to-be customers to those trigger-lead-buying dealerships.

Interestingly, the reason why some dealers still buy these leads despite the drawbacks is because these leads are definitely fresh and the people behind them are genuinely interested car shoppers. In a general sense, convincing them to take your offer is easier. They want to buy a car; they are looking for financing opportunities; and you get to them with a nice offer that they also like. That definitely makes the sale. It works this way for some dealers and that’s why they keep on buying.

However, deciding to buy trigger auto leads depends heavily on your priorities in your dealership. Is reputation more important than acquiring fresh and quality leads? Should creating more sales be pushed through despite prospects at the other end of the line yelling at you? Weigh the pros and cons heavily and make an informed decision. Do not be convinced solely by success stories. What worked well with others might not always work the same with you. But do not get easily discouraged. It also pays to explore and experiment on various strategies.


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