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Starting a Habit of Following Up Car Dealer Leads

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by credit

Studies show that many car dealers, and other businesses, fail to make the most of their leads because they don’t follow them up. One of the reasons is they are not just used to it. If they keep moving toward this direction, they will keep on losing sales which they could have acquired had they pursued their leads further. The following are some tips for effective lead follow-up and if you are one of the car dealers who are not taking follow-ups seriously, you can start developing the habit with these points:

Be Quick

Responding to your car dealer leads quickly is crucial in converting them into sales. Your response time is directly proportional to the likeliness of converting a lead into a sale. Moreover, studies show that consumers value getting answers to their queries fast. Getting back to your leads quickly is important because your competitors are also working fast. If you respond to your leads late, your competitors can snatch the interest of your leads out of your hand.

Provide Information Generously

The car buying process usually takes a long time. Normally, car buyers would not immediately purchase a car from a certain dealership. That is also why developing a habit of lead follow-up is important. Patiently wait for the lead’s decision and when he or she comes back to you to learn more about your offer and dealership, don’t hesitate to give honest and complete answers. Give them the information they are asking for. In order for this to make an impact to your follow-up efforts, train your sales people to have excellent product knowledge.

Utilize Every Medium Available

Giving your car dealer leads a call is not just the only way to follow them up. You can send them promotional messages, newsletters, greetings, and the like via email and direct mail. You can also invite them to join your social media community where they can learn more about your offers and company and interact with other car shoppers. This can also make them more interested about your dealership. If you have the budget, go extra mile and go mobile. Reach your prospects and customers through their mobile devices by sending them text messages and making your dealership website accessible right in their phones.

Motivate Your Sales People

Generating, following up, and converting car dealer leads are not easy tasks that can be done by you alone. You need a team and your sales people are the ones you can rely to to make these efforts effective and successful. Thus, motivate them to generate more leads and close more sales and to do these passionately and excellently by giving them incentives. This way, they will work hard, taking lead follow-up seriously, to make more sales for the dealership.

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