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Qualities of a Poor Lead Generation System in Dealerships

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by credit

Although there are some problems and challenges a business like dealerships would normally face, there are obvious and ominous mistakes that dealers do which kill their business. These cause them to either stay in the doldrums or fail. See if you can identify with any of the following qualities of a poor car sales lead generation system enumerated below.


Dealers who are obsessed with filling their dealership websites and social media pages with very nice graphics and acquiring numerous likes and comments can be considered as vain. Such dealers are having too much fun designing their dealership websites and painstakingly choosing the best layout and theme for it. They would make sure that the graphics and other visual effects are highly impressive to the visitors. In social media setting, there are dealers who would pour their car sales lead generation efforts on getting as much attention as they can. Being this vain is obviously a huge mistake.

Strictly Traditional

Some dealers are not willing to diversify their car sales lead generation efforts and still opt to stick with the traditional methods or principles. This won’t get them more profit because they are already way behind the competition. Instead, they have to keep pace with the competition and with the dealers who have already revolutionized their lead generation systems. Start utilizing the available lead generation mediums and tools today. There’s more to direct mails and telemarketing. Learn how to use mobile, websites, and the social media to generate more car sales leads.

The Always-Too-Excited Sales Person

Being aggressive in sales is good as it puts you in an advantage in the competition. However, being too excited to make more sales, as in taking advantage of each and every opportunity, can be out-of-place especially with today’s technology. For example, many dealers have the wrong notion about social media. They think that it is a sales tool. The truth is, it is not. It is rather a place where you can build relationships with prospects and customers, establish good reputation, and foster customer loyalty. Increase in sales come as an effect of an excellent social media marketing efforts instead.

Empty Words

Content is vital in internet marketing strategies particularly in social media and SEO. Poor content would consist of irrelevant graphics and topics, wrong choice of keywords, pure promotion, and spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that all types of content in your dealership websites, blogs, and social media pages are relevant to your prospects’ needs and interests. Learn how to use keyword research tools which can provide for you lists of most searched keywords that you can use for your articles to drive more traffic. Content must not also be purely promotional; your prospects need information. And lastly, and the most basic of all, make sure that your content is free from grammatical and spelling errors by proofreading it before getting it published.

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