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Evaluating Facebook Marketing Behavior: Are You a Hypocrite?

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by credit

By observation of some dealership marketing experts, Facebook is one of the misused tools in social media marketing. Many dealers are not generating more finance leads and car sales leads through Facebook because they are doing it wrong. The novelty of social media being a marketing platform perhaps contributes to the way many dealers misunderstand social media. Go and evaluate your Facebook marketing tactics for your dealership now. Check out the list below:

Like Me Back…Please.”

You are begging for likes if you like a page and send a message to the owner of that account to say, “Like me back…” This is definitely not a good marketing tactic for your dealership. Think about it: Why would your so-called prospects like you back? Were you helpful to them? Did you do something great for them? Demanding likes is not acting like a professional marketer. Think again: If your prospects grant you likes without you asking them, because they sincerely like you and your dealership, they could even become finance leads or car sales leads or even sales eventually. Being sincere in your marketing efforts in Facebook will earn you sincere potential customers as well who are genuinely interested in your dealership.

Being Talkative for Attention

There are several articles online that talk about dealerships’ vanity in social networking sites. There are dealers who want to get as much attention as they want. Even if you don’t admit it, you are vain if you babble in your status updates. Irrelevant questions, photos, videos, and even quotes are considered as just babbles because you don’t actually care about people’s responses. You just want to get noticed by creating some noise. As a dealership, you don’t need to hoard attention just so people know that you exist in Facebook. You can do this with more appropriate, professional, and ethical marketing strategies.

Sending Personal Messages Randomly

This is a big mistake. Your prospects would hate you and your brand for sending them all-promotional and spammy messages. First, your recipients would be alarmed with the fact that you were able to contact them even if they did not contact you. Second, they treat such messages as nuisances. And third, this will just lose than earn you prospects. Instead, decide on your target market and reach out only to them. You are a dealership so you must cater to car shoppers, car enthusiasts, and people seeking car financing. Do not just select your market randomly. Be intentional when reaching out to potential customers.

Facebook and social media in general are not used so a business can be more popular. Social media marketing experts say that social media is for businesses to establish relationships with prospects and existing customers and not get famous or to sell. Consider what the experts are saying and you’ll see significant improvements in your Facebook marketing efforts.

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