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Things to Do to See Your Social Media Strategy Fail

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by credit

Social media, although widely used as one of the most effective marketing platforms in today’s industries, is still new. Many dealers still struggle in doing it right. There are still cases where a dealership only wasted money on social media marketing efforts that did not turn in good ROI. Your social media strategy can fail in many ways. It is either you need to start or stop doing something. Think about the following pointers:

Build a complicated dealership website. You were successful in encouraging your contacts in social media to visit your dealership website. They checked out your website but asked, “What did we get ourselves into?” Your dealership website has difficult navigation and they are losing their way. Remember that in creating your dealership website, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Is this color right for the eyes? Can I go easily around the site? Am I getting any useful information from this site? Is it helpful for my needs? Evaluate your dealership website now and never lose leads internet again.

Compete with celebrities and other brands in getting the most number of likes, fans, followers, comments, etc. First of all, you are not a celebrity; you are a dealer—a businessman—working to gain more profit. Thus, you don’t need too much attention in the social media sphere. Don’t be so vain trying to get noticed by almost everyone in social networking sites. There are more important things to focus on in social media marketing than getting all the attention. Moreover, more likes, fans, followers, and comments do not necessarily follow good and effective branding. You need to work on this with a more appropriate and effective strategy.

Provide content that is not worth sharing. One way to drive more traffic and to spread the news about your dealership in social media is providing compelling and useful content that is worth sharing. However, if you are just babbling in your articles, having no value at all, it will definitely not get shared. You will only lose the chance of attracting more prospects and even generating more leads internet.

Sell. Just Sell. This is a common mistake committed by dealers. Social media is not for selling but for building relationships with potential and existing customers. Moreover, consumers are wiser now. They know if you are just trying to get them to purchase something or giving them solutions and genuine help.

Dread experiments. Many dealers fail in their social media strategy because they decide to stick with one system and one strategy. This will not get them any farther. Study different dealerships and see how they do their branding, advertising, lead generating, and even conversion. Be experimental and a risk-taker and try employing their techniques and see if they work for you.

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