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Why Thou Art Not Blessed With Internet Auto Leads From Social Media

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by credit

Social media is one of the most powerful lead generation platforms today. With this fact, you may be expecting that it has to give you, then, more internet auto leads. But you are not getting enough and you might be wondering what’s wrong. Perhaps, you are doing social media marketing the wrong way. Here is a list of social media mistakes and see if you can relate with any of them.

Selling Than Interacting

In case you haven’t realized it yet, social media is for interaction—whether in the hands of a dealer or a typical teenager. Social media is not primarily designed to be a marketplace. Therefore, use it according to its first purpose that is, to interact with people online. Many businesses fail in their social media marketing efforts because they’ve got the wrong focus: selling. In fact, some people get turned off when they realize that a business entity in a social networking site is just trying to acquire as much customers as it can. Internet auto leads would not come flowing in to your dealership with this approach. Make interaction the priority and engage with prospects and customers online.

Getting Too Much Attention

Do not be so vain wanting to get many hits, likes, followers, and comments. Many businesses pour out much of their marketing efforts and tricks just to get noticed online. This is not why you have chosen to be social. Focus on your target market and nurture relationships with potential customers and foster loyalty among your existing customers. You don’t need much marketing gimmicks to do this, as much as you don’t need too get all the attention in the social media sphere.

Little Content

This is an obvious mistake. Do not be misled that social media does not need content. It does. The best way to build relationships online is to be a helping hand to the car buying public. Give them helpful resources and information that might answer their needs. Post quick tips, news, or links to your blogs. Make sure that the topics you write about are always relevant to your prospects’ interests and needs.

Being a Copycat

Perhaps, this is something that you need to wake up from. Don’t just copy what you notice is working well in your competitor’s social media campaign. The truth is, what works best for them may not work the same with you. Find out, with your own experiments, what works best for you. Just copying from someone else’s strategy would not be a great effort that could result in great results.

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