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When Will Dealership Blogging Start Generating More Leads?

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by credit

The answer is simple: when you already know how to do it right. Sometimes, even if you read about experts’ advice on dealership blogging, you wouldn’t still figure out how to do it right. You may sometimes need to experience mistakes to learn best. Experience is really the best teacher and can make you your own expert.

The dealership blog is just a part of your dealership website which is supposed to bring you more auto finance leads and sales. Realize that your blog alone is a powerful tool that can drive massive traffic to your website. However, many dealers struggle with formulating concrete and sustainable strategies to experience the full benefits of their blogs. This hints the need to provide the following tips:

Talk about the industry. You are a dealership and obviously, you’re part of the once-again thriving automotive industry. Your blog should therefore contain relevant information that your readers—basically car shoppers and people seeking auto financing—might find helpful and interesting. Things like automotive news, trends, car buying advice, car reviews, car maintenance tips, and the like are some interesting topics to write about on your dealership blog. It is a blogging sin to write irrelevant content.

Be compelling and engaging. A content marketing study found that dealers usually struggle with writing compelling and engaging content. It is really a challenge but it is not impossible. You can start by writing striking and attention-grabbing headlines. You can engage your readers when your content is something that answers their questions, stirs their thoughts, or provides solutions to their problems. Compelling and engaging content does generate auto finance leads.

Know SEO. This is the technical part of blogging that you must understand. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility in the world wide web. To make your dealership blog drive more traffic to your website, use relevant most searched keywords in your articles. If you are just starting with SEO, you can use SEO tools to help you understand how SEO works in blogging.

Make commenting available and respond. Your blog is also your medium to reach out to car shoppers and auto finance leads. Let the people’s voice be heard by making commenting available. Always respond to them smartly and kindly, even if there will be some readers who would contradict what you wrote. In this way, you are building good reputation for yourself as a dealer and able to establish relationships with prospects in there.

Display social media buttons. Tell your readers to share in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ what they just saw in your blog by providing social media buttons near the comment box. If your readers do share your content, you’ll earn more readers and potential customers in effect. You can also tell your readers to visit your social media pages.

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