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The Last Things You Want to Do with Your Internet Auto Leads

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by credit

The last thing you want to happen with your internet auto leads is losing them. The painful truth to that is it is possible and it could already be happening in your dealership right now even if you have been converting enough leads. How could you let go of some leads and not know about it? In what ways do you lose internet auto leads? The following points answer these questions and these are the last things you want to do with your leads.

Delay Responses

The need to respond quickly follows the logic that the internet is a fast-paced world and therefore, the demands of its users have to be fulfilled in a quick manner as well. If you don’t get to your leads fast, your competitors will. Studies about automotive internet lead generation still show that there are leads which were never responded to. Moreover, some dealers take several minutes and even hours before they respond to their leads. With this response time, these dealers would not really see their internet auto leads turn into sales.

Give Up on Leads

Leads that has not responded yet with a yes or no to your offer are not yet dead leads. You need to follow them up and keep them interested in your offer. There are several reasons why a lead would not have a definite response immediately. While a lead is still in its decision-making process, take that opportunity to send emails, direct mails, text messages, and the like as follow-up efforts. Following up leads needs patience and diligence on your part. If you remain to be that way until the end, the results will be rewarding.

Be Unavailable Online

As has been pointed out, internet auto leads want quick responses and there’s no quicker response given via live chat. Live chat is among the newest technology now used by businesses in their websites to connect to their leads more conveniently. As long as you always have a sales person online, you’ll get more leads and even more sales than when you were not using live chat. Live chat allows you to attend to your prospects’ queries in real time. However, keep in mind that live chat isn’t supposed to be primarily used to sell but to establish rapport with your prospects.

Hide Important Details

Some dealers are not aware of the adverse effects of some of their strategies on car shoppers. For instance, some dealers hide the car prices in their dealership websites to compel car shoppers to call them up for the price. While this strategy works for them in some way, they should also be aware that many car shoppers get suspicious of a dealership when the prices are hidden. When your leads ask for important details such as car price, specs, reviews, and financing options, make sure that you provide them with honest and accurate answers.

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