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Reminders When Hiring Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by credit

Many dealers often forget how to look closely at auto lead providers when hiring one. As a dealer and a businessman yourself, you should understand that hiring a lead provider is also like choosing your business partner. Auto lead providers take care of a dealership’s marketing efforts and strategies and lead management systems—things that largely make up a dealership’s operation. Therefore, it is necessary that you are always reminded of how to evaluate auto lead providers in the process of hiring one.

Lead Provider’s Legitimacy

First thing to make sure is that you are hiring a legitimate provider. Look up a lead company in BBB’s online database or ask for recommendations from other businesses. Research about the lead provider’s background, including its performance and experience. It is better to hire a provider that has been generating leads for dealerships for more than a couple of years already. Although experience does not really define a lead provider’s performance or professionalism, having more experience still means understanding the industry better. If you only want to generate special finance leads, make sure that the lead provider you will be hiring has an experience in handling such leads.

Delivery Time of Leads

The lead provider must be able to send you the leads they acquire as quickly as possible. Why is this important? Frankly, your prospects do not have all the time to wait for your response. If your response takes too long, they would either listen to your competitor’s offer or simply lose their interest in yours. These would be the last things that you want to happen with your leads. Therefore, make sure that the lead provider you’ll be hiring understands how important it is to send you leads even as soon as the prospects dropped their information in.

Lead Quality and Lead Generation Techniques

Some dealers do not realize it but lead generation techniques have something to do with lead quality. How? Say, your lead provider generates leads for you by using SEO techniques—but they use them abusively. Definitely, your lead provider would not generate quality leads or potential customers who are really serious about buying a car. Why? Some leads could be those who were just deceived by ads and were forced to sign up. Ask your lead provider about how they execute their lead generation techniques.

Comparison of Quotes

Have at least three bids from different auto leads providers and compare them from each other before finally shaking hands with your new business partner. Don’t be too focused on how many leads a company could give you. Rather, look at the conversion rate; the higher the rate, the better. Such leads usually cost more; however, it is better to spend on expensive leads that are most likely to convert into sales than on a lot of leads which conversion is even uncertain.

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