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Increasing Your Internet Car Sales Through a Stronger Dealership Website

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by credit

You dealership website is the online counterpart of your on-site dealership. This means that you must give as much importance to it as you give to the on-site dealership. Moreover, your dealership website can also operate the same as your on-site dealership. You can actually turn it as your sales machine to increase your internet car sales. Making it stronger is just the key.


There must be a blog incorporated in your dealership website to give your visitors some useful materials to read when they drop by. The content must be relevant, timely, fresh, genuine, and helpful. Find out what interests your prospects and the things they most likely want to learn about. Content like news, car reviews, and tips capture the interest of your prospects. Publish content that are compelling and engaging and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Proofread all written content before publishing them.

Keywords play an important role on written content. Research the most searched keywords relevant to car buying, car financing, and the like and use these keywords in your articles. This way, you will drive more traffic to your site, making it more visible in the world wide web, and eventually increase your internet car sales.

Interesting and relevant photos and videos also make your website more appealing.

Digital Showroom

You cannot just tell people to go to your site for the sake of driving traffic to it. Make sure that when they get there, they will see and get something important from it. Your inventory page serves as your virtual car lot. It must showcase all the car models available in your on-site dealership. Understand that the way you present your inventory can greatly impact your prospects’ buying decision.

What then should your potential customers see in your digital showroom? Show various angles of each car model. Provide accurate description and complete specs. Indicate the car prices as well. Some car shoppers get suspicious about a dealership when the prices are hidden. Enumerate also other products and services that you offer.

Calls to Action

Although you should not overdo calls to action, make sure that they are everywhere where they should be. Calls to action such as “Get free quote now!”, “Compare prices”, “Find your next car”, and “Live Chat” are some of the must-haves calls to action. Calls to action are necessary as they compel your potential customers to take action on what they just have seen in your website. Do not also forget to display your social media buttons wherever appropriate.

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