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How Not to Lose Leads in Live Chat

Posted on: August 16th, 2012 by credit

Live chat is one of the newest technologies that is widely used now by businesses in their websites and the automotive industry is one of its patron. Live chat is easy: A salesperson simply has to stay online to provide quick answers to incoming queries. A prospect sends his message and gets an answer immediately. However, not all dealerships experience the full benefits of live chat. Perhaps, they’re doing it all wrong resulting in poor internet lead management and lead conversion. Here is a quick guide in using live chat programs to effectively generate and convert car loan leads.

Never sell right away. Live chat is not designed to immediately turn a lead into a sale. It is not purposed to make selling that convenient for businesses. If you persuade the lead to take your offer in the early part of your conversation, there is a tendency that he or she will lose interest. Most shoppers do not like being sold to immediately. Instead, focus on providing them the information they need and in building rapport.

Ignoring questions is a huge mistake. Definitely. You are using live chat to respond to car loan leads quickly and ignoring their questions just doesn’t make sense. If you don’t understand the question, don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions to clarify what does the prospect mean. If you don’t know how to answer the question, tell the lead that you will get back to him shortly. With this intention, it is important then for your salespeople to be knowledgeable about your loan programs, car models, and other products and services.

Be conscious of your tone. Live chat is like telemarketing, except that you communicate with the prospect through chat. Nevertheless, you still need to be conscious of how you sound like with the words that you use. Make sure that you always sound friendly and willing to help.

Do not ask for contact information immediately. Although it is important that you never forget to ask for the lead’s contact information before you end the conversation, asking for it too early could have a negative impression on the prospect. Prospects won’t start chatting with you with small talk. Most, if not all, would ask their question right away. You need to attend to that first before getting to your other agenda.

Be persistent. It is totally wrong to think that the end of your conversation with the prospect is the end of the sales process. On the contrary, it is just the beginning. Since you already have the prospect’s contact information, send them promotional emails or call them up. Be persistent in following them up until they make a decision.

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