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Characteristics of a Good Automotive Lead

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by credit


Today, car dealerships are having a hard time selling their cars. This is not surprising because the world is experiencing hard financial times. People are not earning enough and they would rather spend their salaries in other things. However, despite the crisis, there are still people out there who are interested in buying cars.

Car dealerships must not rely on walk-in customers alone, or else they will never be able to meet their monthly or yearly sales quotas. They need to be proactive in looking for customers who are willing to buy cars. This is where the use of an automotive lead comes in.

An automotive lead contains information about people who have bought a car in the past and/or have shown interest in buying a car in the recent months. This information includes the person’s name, age, gender, where he or she lives and sometimes his or her financial history. In order to be of use for the car dealership, an automotive lead has to have certain characteristics so it will translate into a successful sale.

High Price: Value For Money

Car dealerships must realize that good automotive leads do not come cheap. Nevertheless, they should not be intimidated by the high price of auto leads that come from reputable lead generator companies. They should view these leads as an investment that can translate into sales that can help them meet their sales quotas. Some car dealerships might be tempted to buy inexpensive auto leads but if these do not help them make a sale, then the car company just wasted valuable resources in buying them.

Diversity is Good

Car dealerships must also realize that there are different kinds of automotive leads available today. It will not be surprising if they prefer to get customers who have good credit history and have enough money to finance their cars. However, they should also look into people who have no credit history who are also interested in buying cars. It might sound risky but often, this group has the capability to finance their cars but they have not established their credit rating yet. They should also include people who have a bad credit history into the mix. Having a bad credit history does not necessarily mean that a person is not capable of financing a car especially if he or she is finding ways to improve his or her credit score.

Real Time, All the Time

Most importantly, a good automotive lead should be generated in real time. These leads come from consumers who are actively searching for a car that they are willing to buy. This will allow the car dealer to be in contact with the person right away, and the transaction and sale will proceed faster. Remember, an auto lead from a year ago will not be useful for the dealership.

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