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Automotive Lead Generation – Don’t Take Content for Granted!

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by credit

Many dealers do not realize it but the content of your dealership website or blog can greatly impact your automotive lead generation efforts, especially if you do it right. Whatever form of content marketing (blogs, social media, articles, white papers, ebooks, etc.) you are employing to generate car sales leads, consider the following basic principles in doing content marketing and learn how to do it more effectively.

The Topic

Finding a topic to write about is one of the most challenging aspects of content marketing as sometimes, fresh and interesting topics seem unavailable. Keep in mind that topics should always be relevant. Some great topics to write about for car shoppers are car reviews, automotive news, auto industry trends, tips, and information about the technical aspects of car buying.

Topics must be relevant and interesting because your goal in writing for car shoppers is to establish connection with potential customers. Thus, content must appeal to their needs and interests. Find out what car shoppers consider as hot today by talking to some of your leads, reading conversations of car shoppers and buyers in forums, and monitoring consumer behavior by subscribing to studies.

What Keywords?

The use of keywords may not be necessary in print and broadcast advertisements, but when you do it online, keywords become an important part of your content. Come up with a roster of most searched keywords through the help of a keyword research tool. Use these keywords in your articles. In this way, you will drive more traffic to your website, which could bring more leads and eventually turn into sales.

The Good Content

First thing that should be established here is your content should be non-promotional. Although you use content as an automotive lead generation tool, car shoppers would hate, or even not be interested at all, to read promotional materials. You will capture leads more when you give them information instead, which brings another characteristic of a good content: educational. Make sure that your readers will certainly get something useful from your articles. Articles must be simple and concise. Use only simple language and keep the articles short. Car shoppers do not always have all day to read a lengthy article. Lastly, a good content is something worth of being shared with others. This means that your content must be so good that your readers would love to share it via social media.

As Catchy as Odd

Make your content eye-catching by using attention-grabbing headlines and engaging graphics. Attach relevant photos, videos, infographics, or charts and tables to complement your article and to make them more interesting and understandable. In most cases, this is where you need to squeeze your creativity more.

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