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Communicating with Car Sales Leads Through Dealer Live Chat

Posted on: July 19th, 2012 by credit

Dealer live chat is one of the newest lead generation tool in dealership websites. It offers several benefits for dealers: One is finding out what your leads’ preferences and interests are. Another is being able to provide quick, instant response to leads which car shoppers love. A recent study showed that customers are well-satisfied with a dealership that responds within 24 hours. Being able to respond quickly also avoids losing potential customers. Lastly, live chat is an opportunity for you to invite leads over to your office. Here are some reminders on how you can generate car sales leads effectively through live chat.

1. Keep in mind what a live chat is and what it is not. Live chat is not a promotion or advertising tool. The chat window is not also the place to convince a prospect to buy from your dealership. Use live chat instead to establish rapport with your prospects and to build trust and credibility for the dealership. Also, although live chat resembles some aspects of telemarketing, you should not use it as a commercial tool.

2. Do not forget to ask for the leads’ contact details and other important information. Keep in mind, though, that you should not ask for their information right away before answering their question. Address their concerns and respond to their queries first before getting their information.

3. Excellent communication skills are important in communicating with and winning car sales leads. Do not ask more than one question at the same time. It will confuse the lead. You should also watch the language, tone, and fonts that you are using. Make sure that you sound friendly and willing to help. In addition, be prepared for some negotiation.

4. Make your live chat button obvious. Make sure that the color of the background, or the design, or the other contents of the web page do not eat up the button. Make it slightly big—just enough to be noticed—and use a color that contrasts the background color. Moreover, it is important that you always have an agent on standby so there will always be someone to respond anytime a query comes in.

The success of employing live chat in your dealership website depends on how well you use it, especially in collaboration with your other lead generation efforts. Train also your sales agents on how to communicate well with prospects. You can ask BDC training assistance from lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads to equip your staff and make them more competent.

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