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Can Direct Mail Still Generate Automotive Leads For Me?

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by credit

You may be asking this question now as you notice that your direct mail campaign isn’t giving you enough automotive leads. There may be several contemporary and effective marketing strategies that have sprung up today in the automotive industry, but direct mail marketing remains effective in generating automotive leads for dealers. However, you will not experience this if you have been doing it wrong all this time. Check out the following direct mail marketing mistakes and see which sounds familiar.

First is being overly obsessed with the visuals or graphics of the mail pieces rather than their content. Some dealers care too much about how the mail pieces look than how effective they are in putting their message across. This is definitely a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with making each mail piece visually appealing. However, your content is integral in the success of your direct mail campaign. You can make the layout simple—even not using too much colors and photos—and still grab the attention of your prospects. How? Simply write a compelling and striking message. Layout doesn’t really play a big role in direct mail marketing campaign, but content does.

Second mistake would be producing mail pieces that do not really say anything. There are no offers, benefits, or information included. The mailers are purely promotional or purely informative. Moreover, the message is dull as well as the visuals. There is lack of emphasis on the main idea so the prospect couldn’t get the real message right away. With all of these, your direct mail marketing efforts are sure to be in vain. It would not generate automotive leads at all. Why? Your prospects do not get anything from the piece of paper you sent them. Make sure that your mailers contain a message that is promotional, informative, and compelling at the same time. This is quite a challenge but remember that your mailers are your mouthpiece.

Making your message personal also has a different impact on your prospects. If you are sending letters, address your prospects by their names. Use their interests, lifestyle, and nature of job to make your message and offer relevant. Making your mailers personal adds to the likeliness that your prospects will respond to your message.

Last in this list is having a wrong view of the mailing list. The mailing list is a fundamental component of direct mail marketing. Perhaps, some dealers are focused on the quantity instead of the quality of each item listed in the mailing list. When you buy a mailing list, make sure that each entry has complete contact information and is updated.

As a final note, some dealers still use direct mail marketing to generate automotive leads. However, the strategy may seem ineffective and obsolete if you are not doing it right. Pull off direct marketing well and you will surely reap great results.

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