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Simple Ways to Generate Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by credit

Generating dealer leads can actually be simple and easy. Performing lead generation tasks should not have to be paid, and sometimes even expensively. Dealers like you can start with it for free. The following are examples of simple techniques you can do to generate dealer leads for yourself.

One is blogging. If a typical teenager who has no source of income of his own yet can blog about his life and drive traffic, so can you. You can start with creating a free blog by using one of the free software online and start blogging about your dealership. Make your blog informative rather than promotional. Write about helpful tips, news, reviews, and the like. Upload relevant photos and videos to make your blog creative and interesting. To drive traffic to your blog, research about the most searched keywords related to your blog and use them on your articles.

Another is social media marketing. No matter how new it may sound, you can do it on your own by utilizing the free features of social networking sites. For example, in Facebook, you can simply create an account and then a fan page of your dealership to build your presence in the said social networking site. In your fan page, post updates about your dealership like new car models in your car lot, latest promos and special offers, and new services available. Also, keep in mind that it is not going to work if you would not interact with people. When users comment on your posts, send you a private message, or like your posts, respond to them and start building a relationship with them, who, sooner or later, will be your dealer leads.

Another simple but effective lead generation technique is direct mail marketing. Unlike creating a blog and a fan page, this may require you to shell out some cash. However, among the dealership marketing strategies today, this is one of the most cost-efficient. You can start your direct mail marketing campaign by designing your own mailer, writing its copy, and even printing it on your own. You don’t really have to hire direct mail services at first. You could also start mailing on a local scale. For an effective direct mail campaign, make sure that your copy is compelling and that you target the right prospects.

Lastly, you can also plan your own dealership sales event, which is really effective in bringing in more dealer leads. This may demand a larger allocation from your budget but if you pull it off right, you’re going to experience good ROI in the long run.

On the other hand, if you have the budget to hire a lead provider like Approved Auto Leads, it is still the most convenient and effective way to go. However, make sure that you work with the best one.

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