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How to Effectively Use Live Chat to Win More Automotive Dealer Leads

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by credit

Dealerships online have thought of a way to communicate with their prospects more easily, which also makes their dealership website more profitable. Employing an online program such as live chat has become popular among dealership websites today. It allows visitors to communicate with the dealership immediately if they have queries. In the same way, dealers can also turn them into sales right there and then. To maximize the advantages of live chat, keep the following tips.

Be available.

Make sure that there is always a sales rep on duty to respond quickly to visitors. The concept of live chat promotes immediacy and convenience. Thus, make sure that your use of live chat is serving that purpose well. Don’t keep your prospects waiting. If the sales rep is away from his desk, there has to be a responder that would inform the prospect that the representative is away and will be back shortly.

Be proactive.

Don’t forget to get the information of prospects who are contacting you. Do this early in your response. Get their full name, employer name, address, contact numbers, and other important information that you will be needing to keep in touch with them. It is also important to know their preferences on cars and understand what they need.

Be honest.

Never lie about your dealership just to win automotive dealership leads. Rather, answer all their questions honestly. Never ignore questions. If you are not sure how to answer one, just tell them that you’ll get back to it next time. Give them useful information instead of selling them cars and other products right away. However, you can still boast about your dealership’s strengths and track record.

Be persistent.

Although dealership live chat is conducive for you to instantly turn automotive dealership leads into sales on the spot, you cannot expect that it will always happen. Always be prepared then to persistently do follow-ups. After your first contact with a lead through your live chat program, follow through with other offers and promotional materials by sending them emails, direct mails, or by calling them sparingly. Remember also that you have to convince them to come over to your on-site dealership.

Be friendly.

Live chat can be likened as the modern telemarketing. However, you use written communication in live chat and not oral. Nevertheless, you still have to be friendly and watch the tone of your responses. Train your sales reps to communicate well with prospects. In addition, live chat is a very effective tool to establish rapport with your prospects. Make the conversation interactive and fun, but productive.

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