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How Social Media Helps in Automotive Lead Generation

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by credit

Social media is a new platform and tool for businesses to advertise and carry out marketing efforts. Your lead provider should not miss out on this marketing tool which has become important for businesses, including automotive dealerships, in keeping up with the competition. Here is how important social media is in automotive lead generation.

Spreads the Word

Post a blog entry on your website. For people to notice and read it, you have to work your way for it and your website to gain traffic. That will definitely take time, unless your website has already been established in the high ranks of search engine results pages. Try posting the same content in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn and it will get noticed by thousands of audiences in just a matter of minutes. Try it. Post an interesting car ad on your dealership’s Facebook account and wait to see it acquire likes and comments in less than an hour. It could even perhaps be shared by some users. Social media can make an information viral as it spreads quickly across a vast span of audiences across the globe. Thus, social media helps not only in promoting your dealership but also in driving traffic to your dealership website.

Finds the Leads For You

Technology has indeed developed in a very awesome way. You and your lead provider do not really have to work so hard now just to find leads. Social media had, in a way, transformed how automotive lead generation is done. By using social networking sites to find leads, you can simply use search tools and key in relevant keywords that could lead you to your prospects. You can even set an alert for every new query that comes in. An example of this amazing tool is the Twitter Advanced Search tool. It allows you to narrow down your search to tweets containing relevant queries for your dealership that came from a specified distance from your location. Although not a social networking site, the concept of Google Alerts also greatly helps in finding leads.

Helps You Build Relationships

Social media, from the name itself, is all about interaction—relationship. Since building relationships in doing business is important, that makes social media an important tool for automotive lead generation. Just like a typical teen who is active in various social networking sites, be active also in posting comments, answering questions, reacting to comments, and relating with other users. It is not even far from possible to turn leads into sales right there and then. Don’t waste this opportunity and make sure that your lead provider is maximizing social media platforms to generate leads for you.

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