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For Dealers, It’s Time to Unlearn the Bad Habits

Posted on: June 19th, 2012 by credit

The automotive industry is rebounding from the recession in 2008 and 2009. According to National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) data, the total dealership sales in 2011 increased by almost $4 million, with the increase in new vehicle sales making up more than half of it. This is certainly good news for car dealers. Moreover, recent studies show that gas prices are falling and automotive lending is loosening up, which make an environment for car dealers that is conducive for making more sales. However, if you don’t see your dealership generating much dealership leads despite the improvements in the industry, perhaps you haven’t done away with the dealership mistakes during the years of recession.

At the onset of the crisis in the automotive industry, dealers have been taking for granted operational and process gaps in their dealerships. There was lack of accountability between departments and systems. For instance, dealers had failed to supervise and monitor their sales team and lead generation and conversion processes, respectively.

Dealers were also into new marketing and lead generation strategies but had been using them wrongly and some, abusively. Each marketing strategy has its purpose and proper usage. Keep in mind that how you use these techniques affect the quality of leads that you’ll generate. For example, many car dealers then didn’t know how to use social media as a marketing tool for their dealership. Social media is more of a word-of-mouth marketing tool than for selling. Many dealers have been so aggressive online, being too focused on making their prospects online turn into sales.

There were also several dealers who have lagged behind in using new and effective lead generation and marketing strategies. While they work with the old tricks, more competitive dealerships have already been reaping their harvest from using the newer techniques, simply because they know where their customers are. Today, customers are online. That is why, you should keep up with the competition among other dealerships who are also online. However, know also that car shoppers access the internet and shop for cars online through their mobile devices. This tells you something about how you should provide your prospects information considering their lifestyle and needs.

As a dealer, it is not just enough that you know how to run a dealership. Read and study about the newest trends like what consumers are looking for nowadays, the fuel economy, what type of cars sell more these days and why, and the like. Make sure that you are updated so you know what you should do to generate more dealership leads in a now recovering automotive industry.

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