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Ever Wondered Why You Don’t Make Much Sales Out of Your Auto Finance Leads?

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by credit

There are many reasons why you are not making much sales out of your auto finance leads. However, just enumerating them would not help you get better in converting your leads into sales. You need to discover at which part you are slacking off and do something about it. To help you start with, here are some common mistakes in handling auto finance leads which you might also see yourself doing.

First is choosing quantity over quality. Wherever marketing strategy these two apply, it is a mistake to focus too much on producing more without checking the quality of what is produced. For example, whether you are buying leads from a lead generation company or generating them on your own, you, just like many car dealers, have the tendency to concentrate more on generating more leads than checking if they are of good quality. Keep in mind that no matter how many leads you have, you will not get the expected result of more auto finance leads converting into sales if you have been generating bad leads.

Secondly, you are not making that much sales because you might be pulling off marketing strategies that offer your prospects no value. Whether you realize it or not, it is more effective to give out promotional newsletters, for example, to your prospects if they contain information that could be helpful to their needs. Your dealership website could be lacking content as well. An effective content that could drive traffic to your site is reviews of various car models.

Thirdly, you might be practicing poor marketing strategies. For example, your landing page could be dull that it has no power to even keep your prospects interested until they heed your call to action. You might also be using SEO techniques abusively. Keep in mind that the way you carry out any marketing technique influences the quality of the auto finance leads you will be generating. If you want quality leads that convert into sales, use marketing strategies wisely and appropriately.

Lastly, another possible reason why your leads are not turning into sales is the lack of follow-up. It is not just enough to generate quality leads and contact them the first time. You need to work on them constantly until they make a decision. According to a survey, leads convert after 90 days. This means that car dealers like you should really spend time and effort following up your leads until they finally close.

As a final note, investing in dealership marketing also means investing your time and effort to make every strategy successful in bringing you more sales. It does not happen overnight; you have to work your way up.

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