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Why Your Auto Leads Would Not Convert

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by credit

Converting leads into sales is not easy and many car dealers are having a hard time doing so. There are several reasons why an auto lead would not convert. However, if the problem is with you as the dealer who is mainly responsible for turning leads into sales, you may need to take time looking into your lead conversion system.

Many dealers are too focused on the quantity than the quality of leads. They would choose cheap leads so they can buy more leads, which they think bring them more chances of making sales. However, most cheap leads have low conversion rates. No matter how many leads you have bought, they would not bring you more sales if they are not of good quality. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. It is then better for you to spend on expensive leads with high conversion rate which are more likely to turn into sales.

Quality leads are basically those that are most likely to convert. They have complete contact details and are from people who are really interested in buying a vehicle. In order to generate quality leads, do a market research before launching any marketing campaigns. This will help you determine the right marketing strategies to employ to effectively attract prospects. Use also various marketing techniques appropriately and not abusively. You can also hire the services of a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads.

Another reason car dealers fail to convert leads into sales is having a poor lead nurturing system. Lead nurturing is an important part of the lead conversion process. It is where dealers are supposed to keep their leads alive. Some signs of poor lead nurturing are lack of follow-up and an impersonal approach. Do follow-up through emails, phone calls, or mailers. Create an efficient system, including a schedule for each task, for this. Make it also personal. Address the prospects by their names and send them messages that are relevant to their needs, jobs, or interests. Keep in mind that unless an auto lead has already made a decision, do not stop reaching out to that prospect.

Lastly, a slow response is a major factor of lead conversion failure. Remember that you are in a tight competition and you need to get to your prospects first before your competitors do. Make your response quick through auto responders or by just being at your desk to respond to every queries you receive. Another reason a quick response is important is leads can easily turn to other options if they lost their interest in your dealership as you took so long before getting back to them.

Lead conversion indeed requires time and a considerable amount of effort in order to succeed. Take note of the tips mentioned above and start effectively converting your leads into sales now.



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