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Social Media for Automotive Dealership Marketing

Posted on: May 15th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers before were setting up tarpaulins and balloons in their lot as part of their marketing strategy. However, tarps, balloons, billboards, radio and TV ads, and the like no longer work that effectively anymore. Car dealers have turned to the Internet to spread the word about their dealership. They even have become social, using social networking sites to reach their potential customers. If you are not on it yet, you should consider starting your automotive dealership marketing campaign through social media already. The following guidelines will be helpful.

You should understand that social media marketing is not just all about advertising your dealership online; it is also about interaction. Many car dealers make the mistake of trying to sell online. No wonder they have been losing prospects. More than selling, you should be establishing connection with your prospects. Interact with them by participating in conversations in forums, question and answer websites, and the like. Respond to their comments and messages. When doing social media marketing, you can perhaps deviate from your sales rep nature and bring out that friendly and helpful car dealer in you instead. You can do this by providing helpful information in your social network accounts instead of sharing too much about you and your dealership. Why does social media marketing has to be done this way? It is because people have a negative impression of advertising already. They are simply just tired of it.

Moreover, your Facebook page or Twitter account, for examples, should contain quality content. Aside from helpful write-ups, post videos and photos as well that would complement the value of your dealership’s presence in social media. In this way, you can effectively establish your credibility and engage customers. For emphasis, do not talk about your dealership as well as your products, promos and services so much because people are tired of too much advertising already. Instead, give your prospects quality content that could answer their questions or solve their problems.

There are still many ways by which you can use social networking sites for your automotive dealership marketing campaigns. However, many car dealers do not still realize the impact that this new automotive dealership marketing technique can have on the success of their dealerships. Car dealers should realize that their potential customers are online and that their competitors are already where the customers are. Car dealers who are shunning the idea of promoting their dealerships online are definitely missing a lot on improving their businesses.

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