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Getting Special Finance Leads From the Right Provider

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by credit

Special finance leads are a way for car dealers to meet their sales quota and make more sales. It is also a cheaper way for them to acquire more prospects. However, dealers have to make sure that they are buying special finance leads from the best provider.

First, car dealers should make sure that their prospective lead provider is already experienced in providing special finance leads for at least 5 years already. It must have a proven track record and a good reputation in the industry. Car dealers can request for a list of its previous clients as references. They can also check the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to further assess the reliability of their prospective lead provider. Things that they can find in BBB’s database are BBB accreditation, company review, BBB’s rating, and a summary of complaints of the lead provider. It is important that car dealers deal with a professional and reputable lead provider.

Second, car dealers should also know the various lead generation techniques that their prospective lead provider employs. This is also necessary in evaluating a lead provider because the way lead generation techniques are used impacts the quality of leads that will be generated by those techniques. If those techniques are used abusively and inappropriately, they would produce bad leads. Car dealers should also know if the lead provider buys special finance leads from a third party, which is often the case for this type of leads. Car dealers have to ask about how they make sure that they are getting quality leads from the third party.

Third, a good lead provider must have a screening process where the leads they obtain are verified and pre-qualified before delivering them to their clients. Approved Auto Leads is an example of a lead generation company that employs a screening process. If a lead provider pre-screens leads, car dealers can be sure that the leads they will receive are most likely of quality. They would not also have to spend time on qualifying the leads. Car dealers should not forget to ask their prospective lead provider about this.

Finally, car dealers must choose a lead provider that has no unreasonable and unnecessary fees and charges. There are many lead providers who have abusive terms and rates. To avoid such providers, car dealers should take some time comparing offers from different lead providers. They should remember not to go beyond their budget.

Car dealers must only buy special finance auto leads from the best lead provider. They can experience more success in their dealership if they are working with the right partner.


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