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Can You Still Use Direct Mail to Generate Car Sales Leads?

Posted on: May 29th, 2012 by credit

Although direct mail marketing is considered one of the traditional lead generation techniques, it still proves to be effective in generating car sales leads in this Internet-dominated age of marketing. In fact, one of the industries it’s serving well is the automotive industry.

There are two main components of direct mail marketing that can make or break your campaign. These are the direct mail piece and the mailing list. In other words, the piece of paper that contains your offer and your target market are crucial in making your direct mail campaign successful.

Your direct mail piece can be easy to create. You can hire a direct mail company to do everything for you—from creating the pieces to sending them. You can also choose to design the pieces and write the content on your own. In any event, make sure that your pieces, which serve as your medium in spreading the word about your dealership, are attention-grabbing, interesting, relevant, and valuable.

There are some things to consider in order to do that. One is the form. Mail pieces can come as postcards, letters, flyers, invitations, and the like. Remember that the form of your direct mail piece affects the response rate of your prospects. Another thing to consider is your offer. Is your offer competitive enough for your prospects to take notice of? Is it worth their time and attention? Make sure that your offer is compelling enough to convert your prospects into car sales leads. Don’t waste your money on printing direct mailers that carry dull offers. Your mail pieces should not also be just ads. Make it valuable. Include some helpful information. Add also a personal touch to catch your prospect’s attention.

The other component of direct mail marketing, the mailing list, is also as important as your direct mail piece. You can buy a mailing list or keep your own, but in any way, make sure that you are targeting the right people. To have an effective and highly targeted direct mail marketing campaign, narrow down your list of prospects so that you will only mail interested and capable potential car buyers. Create customer profiles and make sure that your offer is relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyle. Otherwise, they would just junk your mail.

Getting your prospects read your mail is not enough for your campaign to be declared as successful. Follow-up is also an important aspect of direct mail marketing. Send them emails or make some phone calls. Direct mail marketing is a long-term campaign that doesn’t immediately yield impressive results after one mailing. In order to effectively generate car sales leads through direct mail marketing, keep the things discussed above in mind.

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