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Understanding and Using Trigger Leads

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by credit

Car buyers become trigger leads once they pull out their credit reports from the credit bureaus. Car dealers can buy these leads from banks, credit unions or lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads. Why do they still have to buy trigger leads aside from the other car leads? How do these help them increase their sales? When a car buyer pulls out his or her credit report, it means that he or she is already in the process of buying a car. It also implies that he or she is an interested car buyer and a sure prospect for car dealers. Such car buyer is indeed a hot lead.

Trigger leads are also fresh as lead generation companies would only collect those that have made transactions with credit bureaus within 24 hours. Since these leads are already interested car buyers, they have high conversion rate; they are more likely to be converted into sales. This is in contrary with other car leads that are not all guaranteed to be hot leads.

However, these leads also have high possibility of rejection. It is because car dealers can always come across leads that have bought a car already or would simply not entertain other calls. If a car dealer is too late, he or she does not have any chance anymore to turn the lead into a sale because a purchase has already been made. Moreover, some leads would not entertain any calls or sales talks from anyone other than the ones they have contacted. Trigger leads also usually wonder how other dealerships got their information and would opt not to entertain the call for safety reasons. Others sometimes even get mad at lenders, blaming them for spilling out their information without their permission. Car dealers then should be really quick in contacting the leads to successfully make sales out of them.

Other than being fast, car dealers should also practice right and skillful sales techniques in handling such leads. They should call them immediately upon receipt. Car dealers should remember that the leads are already in the process of buying a car. Any later response would cost them potential customers especially that they can already decide anytime sooner. Car dealers should also be good in convincing the prospects to at least consider their offers. Trigger car leads can only be cold called most of the time as lead generation companies do not usually provide other contact details than the phone numbers. Lastly, car dealers must have an aggressive sales department to successfully turn trigger car leads into sales.


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