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You Can Still Make Sales Through Effective Telemarketing

Posted on: April 29th, 2012 by credit

Telemarketing is one of the most effective traditional lead generation techniques. Even with the popularity of the Internet-based lead generation techniques today, which are deemed to be more effective and cost-efficient than traditional techniques, telemarketing remains an essential part in the process of converting car dealer leads into sales. This is something that you should give attention to when working your leads. You should understand that your part of converting the leads into sales is crucial in increasing your revenue. Here are some tips on how you can effectively use telemarketing to make sales.

You may have heard of the cliché that people today are living in a fast-paced world. It is true; that is why you have to keep up by responding to car dealer leads quickly. You should not forget your competitors who can immediately steal your potential customers away if you are too slow. You cannot afford to be late as the leads can likewise easily turn to other options. Being quick will prevent you from losing the interest of the leads and increase your chances of making sales.

When the phone is picked up, do not forget to introduce yourself and the company you are representing. Prospects would hate it if you start talking about your offer right away. Begin with a little background about the company first and try your best not to sound like you are just after converting the prospect into a sale. Verify the identity of the lead first through the information that he or she has provided. You would want to make sure that you are talking to the right person and that he or she is not bogus. Be conscious of your tone and the way you express yourself. Be friendly and sincere.

Make good offers to the leads that they cannot resist. However, there are times that a lead would have too many concerns that hold them back from making a decision immediately. In such cases, offer alternatives and let them know that you are trying to help. Try to get their preferences also by asking the right questions. If possible, modify your offers to suit their needs. It is also important that your sales representatives know your products and services well to do effective telemarketing.

Lastly, strive to invite car dealer leads over to your dealership. They might not always agree with the idea as many of them could be too busy and on a tight schedule. However, it is ideal to negotiate with them and finalize the deal in a personal setting. This is also a good way of knowing who your prospects are and building a relationship with them.

Points for Evaluating Auto Lead Providers

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by credit

Lead generation and conversion tasks are tedious and could sometimes be overwhelming. Many auto dealers struggle with doing all the tasks well with the little time that they have. In most cases, they neglect one aspect while overdoing another. This imbalance is common especially when only the auto dealers and their team do the job themselves. However, auto lead providers like Approved Auto Leads can provide solutions to make the job of dealerships easier. They can take the bulk of the workload like lead generation tasks, allowing dealers to focus more on making sales. However, not all lead providers can help; dealers have to select the best one.

Is it reputable?

Not all auto lead providers perform well. There are those that eventually turn out to be abusive and even fraudulent. Some are not just able to provide a good service or incompetent. That is why it is important for dealers to pick out the best auto lead provider. One way is by evaluating its reputability. Dealers can check out the Better Business Bureau or BBB database to see if their prospective provider is registered. The higher the rating, the better. Dealers should also know since when a lead provider has started operation. It is better to work with a more experienced provider than with a newly established one. Dealers can be sure that they are experts on what they do and that they can provide quality service and right solutions if any problem arises. They can also read reviews and forums to learn more about a lead generation company.

How do they generate leads?

It is just important that dealers know how their lead provider generate leads. The way lead generation techniques are used affects the quality of leads that could be generated. Some effective lead generation techniques that a good lead provider should be using are PPC or pay-per-click marketing and SEO or search engine optimization. These are the most effective strategies in driving traffic to a dealership’s website. In order to generate quality leads through these, lead providers should not use them abusively. Dealers would not want to be sold with leads that are not really interested in buying a vehicle. If their prospective lead provider gets leads from a third-party, they should make sure that it knows how to check the quality of the leads they get.

Do they have a screening process?

Approved Auto Leads screens leads before delivering them to dealers. All lead providers should have the same process in ensuring the quality of leads they give their clients. In the screening process, all the information that a prospect provided are verified for legitimacy and accuracy. The leads will also be pre-qualified against the criteria for qualification of their dealer clients. If the leads are screened, it will be easier for dealers to manage the leads. They would not also have to do verification and qualify the leads themselves. It also eliminates bad leads or those that have incomplete or fake contact details. It is important that a lead provider employs a screening process to provide quality leads.


Successfully Making Sales Out of Internet Auto Leads

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by credit

You have already received the internet auto leads you have ordered from the lead generation company. The company has assured you that they have delivered quality leads. The question is: how will you turn this leads into sales now?

Internet auto leads need a more aggressive approach. Remember that everything in the internet is fast-paced. The leads have easily browsed through and sent their information in to various options online. They are now expecting an immediate response for their queries. You should be able to keep up with this demand to turn them into sales. On the contrary, if you are too slow, your competitors will surely get to them first or the lead will turn to other options instead. Even if you have ordered exclusive leads, keep in mind that there is still competition as leads often have other options besides you. Give a quick response by using auto responders or training your sales reps to be aggressive and proactive.

Internet auto leads, just like any other types of leads, also like to receive personal responses than automated. It is ideal that you make the leads feel that they are talking to a real person and not just to a computer. Making your responses personal impacts how your prospects will relate to and trust you. How about auto responders and other customer relationship management or CRM tools? These are still helpful, though. However, you should make the responses yourself as much as possible. Do away with auto responders if you are available to entertain queries.

Your communication skills also affect the lead conversion process. How you communicate with internet auto leads can make or break the sale. When talking to prospects, make sure that you understand their needs. People like talking to sales reps and dealers who show genuine concern in helping them meet their needs more than those who only want to make a sale. Do this by answering their questions honestly and providing alternatives and other helpful information. You will gain the trust of your prospects if you build a relationship with them this way. It is also important to get their preferences by asking the right questions to modify your offers, if possible, to suit their demands and get them patronize your dealership.

In summary, quick and personal response and effective communication with leads seem trivial, but they are fundamental in the lead conversion process. Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can indeed guarantee and truly provide dealerships with quality leads. However, for their efforts to have a significant impact on a dealership’s success, dealers should do their part in effectively converting the leads into sales through excellent lead management and employing effective sales techniques.


Maximizing Your Dealership’s Online Presence Through Auto Internet Marketing

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by credit

You have been online for more than a couple of years already but your dealership website seems not to be picking up that much traffic. The reality is there are a lot of auto dealers like you in the world wide web and getting noticed really require much auto internet marketing efforts. Your dealership website needs to have more exposure in order for you to make more sales. Here are some online marketing strategies you can use.

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing strategy used to drive more traffic to a website. Advertisers here pay website owners when visitors click on their ads. These are text ads that occupy not much space in search engine results pages, websites and blogs. Advertisers have to use the right keywords in their ads so they will most likely appear if they are relevant to a visitor’s search. You can drive more traffic to your site if you can come up with the right kind of ads and partner with the right PPC network. Your chances of making sales increase when you have more people visiting your website.

Another effective auto internet marketing strategy is SEO or search engine optimization marketing. This is also widely used by businesses to drive traffic to their websites. There are many SEO techniques that you can use to improve the exposure of your dealership website in the search engine results pages. One is through keyword research and writing keyword-rich articles. Just like in PPC marketing, you should be able to use the right keywords in your content to drive more traffic. Write articles for your website and use the most searched keywords that are relevant. Another SEO technique is creating blogs. The purpose of this is to provide helpful and useful information for your visitors to help them somehow meet their needs. If visitors find your website useful and credible, they will keep on coming back to it and you can eventually gain their trust. Link building, is a more tedious and technical SEO technique. An example of this is dropping links to forums and blogs but it should be done strategically but not abusively.

Lastly, social media marketing is an aggressive way of promoting your dealership online. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter send information to a massive audience in just seconds. Maximize social media marketing by introducing new models, services and promos, building relationships to potential customers, and providing helpful information. Moreover, when doing auto internet marketing through social media platforms, make sure that your pages are interactive. People want their questions answered so take the time to respond to their comments. It is by this way that you can make your pages and blogs interactive and build relationships.

Building a nice website for your dealership is not enough. You need to rise above the tight and fast-paced competition in the online automotive industry by getting noticed among others. You can indeed make your dealership more profitable by performing effective auto internet marketing strategies like the ones mentioned above.

Understanding and Using Trigger Leads

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by credit

Car buyers become trigger leads once they pull out their credit reports from the credit bureaus. Car dealers can buy these leads from banks, credit unions or lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads. Why do they still have to buy trigger leads aside from the other car leads? How do these help them increase their sales? When a car buyer pulls out his or her credit report, it means that he or she is already in the process of buying a car. It also implies that he or she is an interested car buyer and a sure prospect for car dealers. Such car buyer is indeed a hot lead.

Trigger leads are also fresh as lead generation companies would only collect those that have made transactions with credit bureaus within 24 hours. Since these leads are already interested car buyers, they have high conversion rate; they are more likely to be converted into sales. This is in contrary with other car leads that are not all guaranteed to be hot leads.

However, these leads also have high possibility of rejection. It is because car dealers can always come across leads that have bought a car already or would simply not entertain other calls. If a car dealer is too late, he or she does not have any chance anymore to turn the lead into a sale because a purchase has already been made. Moreover, some leads would not entertain any calls or sales talks from anyone other than the ones they have contacted. Trigger leads also usually wonder how other dealerships got their information and would opt not to entertain the call for safety reasons. Others sometimes even get mad at lenders, blaming them for spilling out their information without their permission. Car dealers then should be really quick in contacting the leads to successfully make sales out of them.

Other than being fast, car dealers should also practice right and skillful sales techniques in handling such leads. They should call them immediately upon receipt. Car dealers should remember that the leads are already in the process of buying a car. Any later response would cost them potential customers especially that they can already decide anytime sooner. Car dealers should also be good in convincing the prospects to at least consider their offers. Trigger car leads can only be cold called most of the time as lead generation companies do not usually provide other contact details than the phone numbers. Lastly, car dealers must have an aggressive sales department to successfully turn trigger car leads into sales.


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